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The numbers don't lie

We lost $33M in the month of April and had to draw $200M from our line of credit. This buys us a few more months. At this rate we are all toast by December, our burn rate of cash is way too high to sustain the business.

This is pretty much it, folks. Unless a miracle happens, we'll be done before the end of the year. The numbers are clear on this... I suggest you act accordingly and be prepared with a new job lined up by then. If you are still clinging to hope by then and have not been actively searching for a new job...well, then it's on you.

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r.i.p. windstream

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I don’t follow some of what you’re saying.

“Olds” and “bees”, for instance —you installing a bee hive? Is our future in beeswax sales?

Can you explain the rest?


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Been saying this for years now. Do your job and learns to do it. Learn the Gr303 sheets and what they mean. Do your JOB Zane you’ll know what to DO! TOny Thomas and his baked-bean-teeth way of doing business might sustain him in the short term but in the long term he is not going to be able to sustain the dental bills from not brushing or giving raises or GPON. GOTTA migrate all the olds to bees. Know what I mean! I make coffee flavors. And I am a GR a weird dude you know what I mean.

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Good advice

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