Thread regarding Walmart layoffs

Ready for the changes??

Shareholders meeting is over.... made everyone feel good.

Now lets give the employees the bad news!!

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Please download our app or I can take you personally to the Kleenex aisle for all the crying y'all doing on here!!!!!

Getting fired because you....

S U C K! Get humble and realize it's only in your fairy tale world that you or they are the best at their job......the ones that really are in that class have CLASS and don't have to self proclaim it.

Yeah.....hit me with your personal attacks and replies, " but you're on here". It's to be that probably first honest person to give you life's unsaid truth YOU deserve.......S--- it!!!!

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The good news is you may keep your job if you kiss enough butt, just watch what you do/say. The store I work at has started letting people go for some very stupid reasons.

With the intro to more to the floor, some department managers have been coached out the door for "lack of job description" "poor performance" (when that department manager was the highest performing DM).

I know that is not out of the normal for this company, what is the other stores out there doing?

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The bad news is you work at Walmart, can't get much worse than that...

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Which is....?

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