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This is on IBM's board - link below - they are laying off SAP developers (obsolete skills) ---

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Reducing SAP support is a bad idea, Large corporations are 100% tied into SAP, trying to do even little things like enhancement packs or heaven forbid an S4 migration of an up an running system is a huge undertaking, it's VERY disruptive. DevOps and silly web apps are nice and they make for exciting power points, but they don't run a business or close quarters.

I think SAP will regret this decision, as will IBM.

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Prob is competing with people from India who can afford to work for 1/4 less due to the cost of living. They rotate here, work six months, go back and live like kings where houses cost 5k and you can feed a family for 50 bucks a month.

ABAP, SQL, JAVA, are also old code going the way of the dinosaur. Coding is less important now with applications doing the heavy lifting.

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In my opinion, an abap developer with deep industries knowledge is very marketable.

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