Thread regarding Western Digital Corp. layoffs

Do you think WD is in its last days?

The "right sizing" has virtually become uncontrollable hemorrhaging. They are so disorganized that I've heard stories of folks getting cut and rehired before the ink dries. Those not getting laid off are just jumping ship while they can still swim.

The whole thing reeks of desperation. The kind of desperation you would frankly expect from a company whose only business is storage yet plays 3rd and even 4th string to companies who make storage products as an after thought.

Some of the posts in the "blogs" that ham up WD and try to spead this sense of success and even some of the posts here feel more like executive assistants on a mission than real employees.

Every story told in the town halls about over production and industry-wide challenges sound more like a child's excuses for not doing their homework than "transparency".

We already learned from the "great reccession" that no company is "too big to fail".

I know the writing on the wall is bad, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's close-the-doors-for-good bad.

Anyone else starting to get these feelings?

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In 2020, WD is one year closer compared to today to the due time of paying mountains of debt (~ 11B). With the current cash flow and continued burning cash from NAND JV, pls convince yourself that it is a sure thing that WD can refi the debt, or else.

Close your eyes and wait for next year - that the WD leader tema’s Strategy. Good luck!

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Folks who got laid off are not able to move on. Coming here to spew negativity and fear.

Take the opportunity to become better and move ob.

Storage is forever.

Spinning rust generates ton of dolla.

The glory would retun.

Time for change in leadership & staff has arrived.

Keep up the good work.

Lets nail these naysayers by 2020.

'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate (haters gonna hate me)

Baby, Its just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

shake it off, shake it off

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Well said

WD is full of fancy jargons, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence with nothing to show.

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If somebody told you five years ago that WD+HGST hard drive business will be falling behind Seagate, you would have stared at the moon and thought they were crazy. Yet under the current WD executive team, that had actually happened.

If somebody mention that WD could possibly close its door or forced to sell, people will might also think that is crazy. Well, if under the same WD executive team, it could happen.

WD is full of fancy jargons, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence with nothing to show. Otherwise why it is falling so far behind? We use one object to describe these fancy words: donkey’s sht - it look really shiny from outside but it is actually sht inside.

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Doubt WD will close its doors. Flash is about halfway through its down cycle, once it recovers, it won't be such a drag on the bottom line.

More likely, the executive team will be replaced. The Board doesn't seem to be very active, so I would be surprised if that happened.

I expect poor results for at least the next two quarters (now that Seagate with its 9-platter cPMR 16TB drive shipping). WD needs to ship MAMR or something to compete. COO is on record saying they will ship an 'energy assist' drive this calendar year. Don't see how that will happen, but I have no privileged knowledge either.

Look for something better would be my advice.

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