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Does everyone in your store know about this website?

I know all of my co-workers know about it and some post here quite often. Sometimes I wonder what MGT must say about it. They tell us it's all lies, haha.

We know better.

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"We were told NOT to post on here. BN knows who posts.

More management LIES."

Just a heads up, they might if you aren't using a VPN. I've pointed this out in other threads. If you are a person of interest, they will go to great lengths to identify you, and they will contact web hosts for your IP information.

That said, you'd have to be doing something blatantly illegal (and more importantly, worth their time to prosecute) and none of you have said anything approaching that as far as I can tell.

LP is mainly concerned with their track record, so they won't waste their time on penny ante stuff like internet gossip.

In conclusion, however, you really should all be using a VPN in this political climate, especially if you are very politically outspoken online. You don't want to end up on a list.

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MGT has a really rotten attitude now, things will never get better and everyone should know about this site because they will NEVER tell you the truth!

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We were told NOT to post on here. BN knows who posts.

More management LIES.

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My dtore has no clue

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