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Corporate should be concerned

Let's take that figure again of 1,800 software "engineers" working their hearts out in Corp center in Seattle. At a very conservative $125K cost/head, that is $225 million annually for labor. I have no idea if this includes project managers and other overhead, just going with that 1,800 figure from the post on Blind from some apparent insider.

The last time management got p-ss-d off and blew the place up, there were major failures of projects, a complete loss of direction, out of control costs, as shown in the horrific PayPal integration debacle.

Management is p-ss-d about other things now, they have said so in public via the press and the releases, failure to execute.

Just what are they getting for their $200+ million/year. Corp people are IT. You're not creating anything new, you're integrating someone else's code in useful but not groundbreaking ways.

You are outrageously overpaid, especially you resumes who conned Nordstrom into paying you $200K or more with RSUs. You're basically on vacation in this gig, taking advantage of the desperation of a dying retail establishment.

For God's sake, Erik, take a blowtorch to this group. They are eating your seed corn, and when it is gone, they will say gee too bad, nothing could be done, as they move on to the next field.

What do 1,800 people do all day?

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