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We are working very short staffed.... Getting a raise is very hard..... Nobody has any idea when the raise will come. Might take a year, two, three - nobody at ONEOK knows...

We are already underpaid compared to other companies in the area, everyone will agree...

Things are getting worse since John Gibson retired as CEO.

Nobody in management will address the obvious, people close their eyes, pretend issues do not exist...

Layoffs, we continued to cut staff and tell us that we were “over staffed”.

When people make mistakes because they are overworked and exhausted...

They blame the employees for making minimal mistakes when they get burned out instead of addressing the issue which is being understaffed.

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Just nosing around, looking at several oil and gas companies I'm familiar with, or that I, or my spouse, have worked for, ONEOK being one of them. "Our" experience with ONEOK was relatively short, but filled with fond memories of some very good people and an interesting company, trying to grow it's "footprint" in the industry. I know that times in O&G are hard, and the posts I've read, herein, imply that ONEOK has not been exempted from difficulty. Want all who may read this to know that our best wishes are with all of you, and that as difficult as things may seem at any given moment,... the one constant in our universe is "change",... it WILL get better. Stay safe. Support one another. And, as cliche as it may sound,... always look at the bright side of Life. (Okay,... that was from Monte Python. But, it's still a good idea.) Here's to better times for all.

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