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I was an Avaya tech once.

I get it. Believe me. I was an Avaya tech once. You can't beat them so you either join them or find another job. Which is what I did. I was fed up with working with a bunch of folks who couldn't care less about the company, or the customers, or even their fellow employees, they we're out for one thing and one thing only, themselves. I was young, willing to travel and learn, so I found another job. When I feel like getting nostalgic I read these blogs. Amazing how nothing has changed at Avaya. Actually sounds like it's gotten worse.

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The industry has changed. Was a time when you could slide over to a customer or BP. Now the BP's are laying off techs. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Regrets? Maybe. Should have hung around longer joined them and turned native. 401K would be happier.

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I am just a few months shy of 25 years. Too late to walk away empty handed. I just hope I'll see 25 for my pension. I had a few chances to jump ship back in better times, but chose to stay because things were actually pretty good at the time. Kicking myself in the a-- now. Hindsight is always 20/20. Where I live the job market is pretty depressing, so I hang on. You're right about people not caring, but most of that is top down now days. Mostly because we seem to be extremely top heavy. Lots of one man GCAs out here.

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