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"most tech companies are not laying off technical talent"

Are you really this naive? A lot of companies layoff/push out the bottom 10% yearly, this includes Microsoft. Not always done by fiat but via performance improvement plans aka PIPs.

Please point me to this Utopian company of yours that guarantees a job for life with no performance evaluations, layoffs, reorgs, etc.

"If you work for a company that isn't laying off people then turn over is 100% voluntary attrition"

No, that's called attrition. attrition by definition is voluntary, dim-wit. Turnover is the combo of both. Most Companies affect a "layoff" by PIPs.

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Way to name call and attack....that totally validates your argument

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There is no way msft is pip’ing the bottom 10%. No way. Thats amazon, brah.

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