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CTS/ITS needs new leaders

Leader RIFs or resignations have been focused on the business side management chain. Little done to hold accountable those who caused significant damage to the development engine in the company through unnecessary reorganization, obstructing progress and general lack of transparency. These “leaders” are either maliciously bad or grossly incompetent. Failure after failure should have resulted in their firing but only one was held accountable- a woman. The good ol boys network is alive and well in a company that advertises diversity.

Hopefully new COO will remove the first few layers in CTS/ITS. Perhaps then, this massive ship can be righted. RG and his henchmen should be fired for cause.

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Every day some basic functionality is failing.

Outlook cannot connect to the Office365 cloud.

The exec who made the decision to move it to the cloud must have received a very large bonus.

Suddenly, your Citrix desktop freezes. Not even keystrokes are recognized.

Suddenly you can't connect to a server by hostname. The Citrix enviroment somehow

cannot perform DNS lookups.

Databases, Servers grind to a snails pace again for no apparent reason.

Applications that routinely connect to server XYZ cannot connect.

Somebody pulled a cable or fiddled with a router.

You open a ticket in ServiceNow (ServiceMaybe or ServerNever would be a better name)

Your ticket wound up with the "wrong" help desk.

Then it is assigned to the wrong queue.

Then it is finally assigned to the right group yet nobody works on it for days or weeks.

Tickets are closed due to "time limit" Yes, a time limit! That means that because

nobody bothered to do any work on it at all or enter anything in the ticket, the system

supposedly just closes the ticket and you have to start all over again (see above)

If you are foolish enough to call the help desk about an open ticket, you will be spammed by ServiceNow with bogus Incident tickets that are automatically created when you call in about an existing ticket - these bogus tickets are then closed as soon as you hang up the phone and it makes the ServiceNow ticket closure rate and volumes handled look spectacular!

The Exec id--ts in charge see these fake #'s and praise themselves for offshoring

to such brilliant and efficient (and cheap) so called workers who in reality like the execs

should not be anywhere near a computer or an office.

The middle management is no better. They do not respond to emails, they don't even

understand what the half dozen or more groups beneath them actually work on.

Direct Managers are a toss-up. Some may be ok , other are more useless than the exec's

and middle managers, since they are incompetent at both the technical level and have

zero ability to even manage themselves (like showing up for their own scheduled meetings)

Turn Around? Think again! The only turn is the nose dive into obilivion.

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I’m not sure this is a ship that can be prepared. Those at the top are out of touch with how a company needs to run now and in the future. They have lost touch with how to change and function with a new generation. Anyone who would like a future and a positive one, needs to leave.

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