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Following CapRock Communications (part of Harris Corp. www.thelayofff/harris), laying off a substantial number of senior people in recent months, coupled with a series of high profile resignations, with the Perth Australia operation alone losing their Top Field Tech, IT Engineer, Accountant, Logistics Controller, and two senior managers in a matter of months. It is apparent that the CapRock (Harris Corp.) strategy for 2012 (now that they have the the combined Oil and Gas market share of CapRock Communications and Schlumberger's satellite services division, and with only one Global competitor left in the Offshore Communications Market (RigNet)), is to slash cost out of the business and refocus on the Military market.

With the recent job losses from CapRock Communications, Cyber Integrated Solutions, the RF Division and now Broadcast, the total recent job cuts at Harris Corp will be between 2,000 to 2,500 employees.

An example of where CapRock Australia / APAC seems to be cutting costs is by going to the Indian Call Center Model, hiring Indian call center staff (such as Remesh Anbanantham) - with no satellite / coms, or oil and gas experience and putting them in charge of managing major accounts such as BHP (along with 20 or so other accounts), to replace the senior account managers that have resigned. Only a handful of major accounts are handled by the next level up Yag(nesh) Rajendran. This group then report into Muneam Ali - believed to be of Pakistani decent, who refers to himself (and likes to be referred to) as: 'the King of Asia'.

However the Harris Caprock Communications Indian call center approach in Australia hasn't impressed BHP iron ore, as it appears Harris Caprock Australia just lost their longest standing and best client, along with the multi-million dollar IROC (Integrated Remote Operations Center) project, to a relative newcomer and much smaller competitor.

This is lesson perhaps for other companies, that cost cutting and outsourcing in a competitive and demanding market, is likely to produce a decline in customer satisfaction and a loss of business, producing the opposite effect to that intended.

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