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is there actually anyone left working at freddie?

is there actually anyone left working at freddie?

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Your comments are on an anonymized forum open to all readers of the world wide web. As such calling out other commentators as 'trolls' is more a reflection on you then others. And sorry, but Freddie old-timers will always carry the stigma of 2008. If you believe otherwise, you are really tone deaf. Also, you did no one any favors with affordable housing. That was the entire purpose of your organization, unless you want to tell us otherwise. Please feel free to. I won't call you a troll.

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My comments as a Freddie employee are only meant for other
Freddie employees who may be on the fence about whether or not to take the severance package. It is a generous package and those who can make it work for themselves and their families should take it before layoffs come.
We know what we've been thru as Freddie employees and we don't appreciate being called delusional and corrupt by people trolling the internet who know nothing.
Also, you should thank us for making your comfortable home affordable and for your 30-year mortgage.

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That's very poignant Grant...but you make it sound as though Freddie was victimized. Let's face it, Freddie was a cesspool of corruption that led to one of the most horrible downturns in American Financial history. The 'oldtimers' were hand-in-glove with it. So I would say for all the angst and economic distress you caused your fellow Americans, you 'oldimers' are actually getting paid for a lousy job. The rest of the Americans, Freddie forced into distress - they didn't get any packages. So please, at least be grateful, instead of using this revised delusional narrative of what happened to Freddie.

The Good and the Hardworking - Freddie barely has had any in a long time.

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Yes there are still a lot of
Good, decent, hardworking people at Freddie Mac
Over 6k at last count.
We stuck it thru the Restatement,
Leyland and David's firing,
The tragic loss of our young and much loved CFO,
The crash and burn of Freddie stock that left many employees with hundreds of worthless shares,
Bad publicity, public embarrassment and ridicle,
Conservatorship debacle,
Congressional harassment and neglect,
Termination of our annual bonuses,
A revolving door of senior leadership,
The loss of our sacred pension plan,
Yep, we're still here, because dispite all this tumult, we still believe in the Company's mission,
And finally, we get some good news that will allow us old timers exit with some of out dignity intact.
Those of you undecided, make the numbers work,
Take the package.

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