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The worst management I have seen at district and regional level - The company is not investment focused, their solution to a struggling...

The worst management I have seen at district and regional level

  • The company is not investment focused, their solution to a struggling building is to manage payroll to a point where profits are maintained with the previous years average census,this typically results in job elimination of people they need to actually keep the building profitable and the spiral starts... Instead of say.... identifying the problems and investing things like on employee development, bringing in extra people to make sure no balls are dropped and the building is running at the top of its game.

Other things that take place in a struggling building... this is sort of what happens. Top Management pushes on regional management.Regional Management gives half truths about what is actually happening based on the half truth's given to them by the people in the building.

The Admin's and regional management than discuss (smoke and mirror) initiatives that are in place. When they can not explain something they resort to Points Fingers downward. Top Management than convinces them to take a correctional course. To please Top Management Regional Management over commit to the results they can actually achieve; and without regard to the fact that their limited resources are already taxed just to complete things that are actually important... Regional Management still sends off a bunch of knee jerk reaction e-mails prioritizing quantifiable tasks completed on "smoke and mirror initiatives" they can report as progress. This causes tasks that are important to be neglected and perpetuates the problem. This is why the more corporate gets involved at facility level the worse things get.

  • They abuse and provide no work life balance to "salary" employees... Know in advance they EXPECT well over 40 hrs. Try 60 to 70, even than you will not be able to complete all the things they assign you to get done... and if ever you do they will just load on more.

There is no honesty in communication - there are so many half truths and over commitments with no follow-through that there is no way upper-management has an accurate picture of what is actually going on below them. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

The company is grossly inefficient many tasks require the same data entry in as many as 8 places... Sales calls for example (Schedule Appt. document it in Calendar, Document in ASP, document in SAMS, Document in HCAM, go to Appt. and Take notes in appt (no laptop), type notes to put in SAMS, document in ASP, Document in HCAM , document millage.) Now the best part about all this is the documentation is built around reporting to management, not how useful it is to organize build business.

Advice to Senior Management – Improve work life balance & stop abusing salary exemptions

Put more effort on developing your employees

Invest in improving your efficiency start with automating all the reporting that needs manually entered into excel documents.

Re-evaluate the Admissions Director Position - decide what you actually want them to do

and don't overload them with other tasks that take away the focus of what you actually want them to get done.

Reduce employee workload SIGNIFICANTLY!! I would estimate some of your positions are assigned up to 2.5 times what can actually get accomplished in a day. I wonder how all the work they don't get done affects your profitability.

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I really liked this post. All I do at work itbto fill all sort of tools and of course you always have to be available for the actual customer service. I agree that entering the same information in various types of reports that go from computers-->hand written-->computers is not efficient. Here we are in 2017, obviously we didn't make it trough with the current model. I know some buildings had being sold to different companies and HCR ManorCare is trying to keep only the most profitable buildings.

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