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@Anonymous3007 The leases on the abandon sites are not over with. Upper management likes to spin a story about cutting site cost by closing and saving money, when they say that they aren't referring to the rent on the site. The cost is due to not paying the salaries to the people that don't move. Example San Diego to Mountain View. Another example of this will be seen later this year with San Francisco. People from Mountain View are already leaving because they don't want to work in San Francisco. The leases for Brisbane, Mountain View and San Mateo (Arrogate Knowledge) are not up yet. The Denver data center has a similar story with an empty building being in Louisville close to the existing Louisville site. I'm telling you all of this at great risk to my identity. These things aren't widely known, but enough is enough. Neustar isn't the company the corporate cheerleaders would have you believe it is. Money is vastly mismanaged at Neustar. I've seen millions of dollars go missing in budgets. Millions of dollars! Think about that for a moment. How many jobs could be saved by better money management and not spending money on empty buildings? If the answer is at least one isn't it worth it to try? Neustar exec management will tell you that they care about you and your job but Lisa said it best when she said to the Mountain View folks, "If you are here to get paid, then you are here for the wrong reason". Yes, she said that. Think about that? Do you work for free? I don't.

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