Thread regarding Esterline Technologies Corp. layoffs

Esterline Spies on Employees in the Home

Layoffs or no, when the Esterline stock price is over $108 a common stock share, when they turn over only $2 Billion annually, that is a price to earnings (P/E) ratio of like 21 against.

I discovered Esterline Technologies Corporation uses its own or hires former intelligence agents to spy on suspected co-workers and temporary contractors in the home. Even employees who regularly excel well and have no criminal record with excellent education, work history, education, and all that.

These civil liberties violation acts are perpetrated against employees pretty much anywhere that are white collar or ranking production employees.

Esterline in all of its sales BS and website goes on and on how ethical you must be and how ethical the corporation is. Having someone break into or sit in some SUV bouncing an audio laser off a window on my home is really shitty.

Esterline is ethical so long as it raises stock price and makes the corporate HQ in fancy Bellevue look smart. In reality, they are not ethical as I have come to know, up close and personal. Sort of like how you hear stories of targeted individuals, Esterline does the same thing.

Avoid Esterline.

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