Thread regarding Manulife Financial Corp. layoffs

Layoffs, re-allocation, redundancy ....what ever you call it hundreds of people lost their jobs with more to come!

I personally received my termination notice from Manulife and my ROE stated "shortage of work"....that's a layoff! Back in early 2013 Paul Lorentz and Donna Carbell stood in front of theirs leaders and said that the reorganization was to make a flatter organization at the leader level only, Individual contributors were not to be impacted....we'll, I was an individual contributor and they took my direct leader out of a leadership position and gave her my job. I specifically asked Employee Relatios during my termination notice meeting if it was performance related and they assured me that it had nothing to do with performance. The AVP held a meeting with his team in Kitchener and told them the process was like a "draft"....they determined what roles they were eliminating, who the people were that would be effected and the other leaders around the table chose who they wanted to fill their new positions or ones that would be vacant due to reallocation. So if you didn't schmooze while you were there you didn't get drafted. Also many at the AVP and VP levels retired or were removed and new ones brought in who knew absolutely nothing about the people or their skills...really good, talented, dedicated people lost their jobs, while inferior , less educated leaders remain. The saga will continue but now it is under the umbrella of E and E...2 new buildings are being built in Manilla, most of operations will be going there, many moves will be occurring in 2014...I(60% of operations) I know one Director in Canadian Individual Insurance who has to go down two leaders in 2014 as the staff jobs will be Reallocated to the Phillipines. So for those of you who are claiming that there were never any careful your job might be next!

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