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Global Layoffs

We had layoffs at different locations - we are globally affected - the management cuts ruthlessly and things keep floating on a monthly basis. You are never safe at Freescale, semiconductors are a tough business with razor thin margins - things change constantly. So far we had layoffs at Austin, Bangalore (India), Israel, Cork (Ireland), you name it... Global reach, global layoffs...

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polish your resume and stay away from the cleanroom.

I feel sorry for americans working for bad bosses and lay off crazy executives, and little geek team leads who think their pathetic little "job" working for their "boss" is the center of the universe. Working in a clean room building chips and staring glazy eyed at computer screens pretending to analyze data all day (or night, God forbid).

These chip executives think they're doing everyone a favor, bestowing a big privilege upon people by giving them semiconductor "jobs" (oh gee!) making them work 12 hour shifts behind masks, breathing in CO2 all day and pretending to be technologically advanced professionals.

(I always get a kick out of people who broadcast themselves, post their resume info as "semiconductor professional" - you're not a professional; you're a clean room slave, a technological dumbass, always worrying about the next lay off or performance appraisal.)

Go get a life outside of the cleanroom. Let the gibbering gooks build the chips and spend their lives over analyzing stupid little bits of data and carrying wafer boxes around with stupid masks over their faces. Let the gooks do the work.


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