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Interview Methods


What is a case interview?

The case interview introduces a real world scenario typical of the kind your team works to resolve every day: The recruiter will walk the candidate through steps that may range from identifying a critical issue to breaking down a problem into parts, to identifying solutions. These are based on real-world cases you provide. This provides a chance to for the candidate to expand their thought process and get a sample of the work you do every day.

What is a written interview?

The goal of the written case is twofold: to provide you with the candidates’ written skills presentation in a real world scenario, and to give you greater insight into how the candidate communicates.

The goal is to review the situation, present a persuasive recommendation, and then participate in a discussion with the recruiter.

For the written case interview, you will provide the detailed scenario. The candidate will provide a typed synopsis of their insights and recommendations (10 minute time limit.) The candidate will then have 10 minutes to present and discuss their recommendation to the recruiter, who may challenge the assumptions or interpretation of the facts in order to see how they might handle a real situation. The written interview is conducted by a senior staff member at ThriveIT.

What is an experience interview?

In the event you do not provide the interview questions, an experience interview is conducted. The recruiter will use traditional resume questions based on the candidates experience and/or behavioral questions to gain an understanding of their past experience. Behavioral questions might involve asking the candidate to describe their actions in a past experience in the context of a critical technical or communication skill.

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