Thread regarding Anadigics Inc. layoffs

This place will never succeed under the management currently in place.

The idiots who got the company into the situation that made lay offs necessary in the first place are still employed for the most part.

...and Anadigics is STILL in trouble!!

So. What have we learned today class??

Doug Dopp, Bob Cameron, and that moron in facilities have single-handedly brought this company to its KNEES!!!

They have an outdated equipment set and reply on salaried folks to work until all hours of the night because they only have, like, eight technicians!!

I feel bad for those who trusted and believed in this company for so many years because they're going to be left in the unemployment line with NOTHING to show for the stock they bought years ago for nearly $20/share. But the again...they made their own choices.

It won't be long before this company no longer exists in the U.S.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of dumbasses...

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