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Typical Short Sighted Executive Horse Crap

From what I can tell, Moneygram will be outsourcing it's entire customer support organization over then next three quarters to call centers in Mexico. The new support agents will be trained to respond to customer questions using a knowledge base and scripts. For anyone that has been on the receiving end of such "support" you know how frustrating it can be. I would look for them to loose business long-term as some of their bigger customers simply won't put up with that crap. While the mom-and-pop convenience store owner will have little choice, bigger customers like Walmart and CVS may take their business elsewhere.

Nice that they CEO got a $10M payday in 2013. A few hundred US based employees being cut loose and turning over your primary contact with your customer base to an offshore provider seems like a logical step though. At least to they typical CEO these days. It is all about cutting costs. Always. Let's race to the bottom. Screw the customer. Screw the employee. Get myself paid!

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1 Execs, #2 Share Holders, #3 Customers, #4 Employees, #5 Country... The order is reversed here, I'd go with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Canadians got this right...

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