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Wednesday May 15th 2014 Layoffs

I'm in Home Office, I have been there a long time. I am certain there will be layoffs on Wednesday 5/14. I have multiple sources who have confirmed this. The 14th vs the 15 has been confirmed, it's the 14th (Wednesday).

This "was" expected in April but didn't play out, not sure what the reason was. So all of you crying BS are technically right because the "dates" have changed. Yet, reality is the dates did move and this week will be a very sad day for Alcon.

The 2009 layoff was a shock to almost all of us. We did not see it coming in 2009. It's different story now. There is an extreme amount of buzz in FTW. I looked, and you can too, there are at least 23 conference rooms booked in FTW. All of these rooms are booked by only three people, both are in HR. Conf rooms reserved starting at either 7am or 8am, and booked for 3 to 4 hours or something like that. Best wishes to all of us. Good luck if you are affected, we have good folks and you'll be fine. I'll find out just like you will on Wednesday.

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I agree 100%, we DO NOT HAVE R&D ANYMORE

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No word on if R&D meeting invites went out yet, but I heard 400 going total of that a little over 90 seems to be from R&D. IT will take a hit too, probably a major one. On R&D: I wouldn't call it R&D anymore, sad to say though as R went away and we are left with just D. Last April they killed FW NIBR. This was the old Alcon group that did all the research. The R&D building is ghost town these days about to get much worse.

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