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Leaving Alcon

When I was at Alcon, I didn't fit in well with the old boys and the fine church ladies, so my career wasn't progressing that well. I thought I was doing something wrong that this was my fault. I also thought I wasn't cut out for corporate work - period. I didn't think anyone else would wanted to hire me. Meanwhile, I kept hearing chants, "Alcon is the best! You'll never find a better job!" Then I moved on to a real pharma company, I discovered that it wasn't me. It was Alcon who had issues. I'd like to let beaten down Alconites realize that there is life after Alcon and it can be great. If you aren't happy, pack up and move on. Step away from the Alcon kool-aid. There are certainly better jobs and better companies out there. Sure, Alcon is a good fit for many. If it isn't a fit for you, then be brave and move on.

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