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It is better outside there

I worked there 5 years, was part of a lay off and could not be happier. It took me to get a really great job I love to see how toxic CSG environment is and how they are laden with lazy, boring people who do very little, have worked there their entire career, are afraid to leave and try some place cooler, and will likely be there until retirement or they are canned. No vision there, old boys mentality. SO HAPPY TO NOT WORK THERE ANY MORE.

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Confirm every single thing that has been said here so far after being let go (without warning) several years ago. Best thing that ever happened to me because:

a) I realized how little I was being paid

b) I realized it's not normal or helpful to have 17 bosses

c) I realized that fearing for your job every month isn't normal

d) I realized that a company culture is toxic when everybody has been there for 20+ years and are promoted/kept due to who they know.

Was there almost 20 years, and I kick myself every day for not leaving on my own years earlier.

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I was there for almost 15 years and got laid off. I couldn't be happier. I agree with your analysis. Upper management drawing for straws to make things work and making the actual people working lives a living hell.

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Can you be more specific about things that you did not like here

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