Thread regarding Varian Medical Systems Inc. layoffs

Varian = office full of psycho's

Varian Medical Systems: worst management, worst product, a sinking ship full of the shittiest people you will ever meet. It's like they are all on the same shitty drug that doesn't make you happy or relax it just makes you angry, argumentative and clueless. The HR there has no people skills, an angry bitter old woman who doesn't really know what she is doing at all, she thrives on bullying people and creating cliques. The Senior Director of Engineering's ego is way larger than that company will ever be or has ever been, get over yourself little man, you're from Winnipeg. The technical writer is the most aggressively argumentative woman, I am not sure why though because she is wrong 80% of the time, the help files she wrote are either incomplete or dead wrong.

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