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Whistleblowers Expose Career Education's Predatory Practices

"I speak with people, for example, who work at boiler room call centers for for-profit colleges and the lead generation companies that provide the industry with many of its students. Recently I've been learning more about one particularly offensive trick the industry uses. Multiple companies maintain fake websites promising jobs, food stamps, heating assistance. But these are just fronts to draw in people -- mostly low income people -- so they can be sold for-profit college programs. Before they can proceed on these sites, people come to a popup window asking for their contact information, and next thing someone is calling and trying to steer them to a for-profit college. According to people who have worked inside the lead generation industry, this particular bait and switch scam steers students to schools operated by Kaplan, ITT, Corinthian, Bridgepoint, the University of Phoenix, Career Education Corp., EDMC, and others. It's an awful scam, and I plan to report more on it soon.".....

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Candidates or prospects to for-profit schools tend not to be qualified candidates for universities, and often fail to see the point in taking numerous "pre-requisite" courses at community colleges (these classes assess the student's capabilities, cost money, but do not count toward their degree). So the for-profit schools offer a great deal of support to students, and that costs more money (as do the profits!). However, the candidate students are much higher risks for failure, dropping out, and accumulating massive student loan debt (most commonly without having earned a degree).

The alternative, under our current system, is for these people to give up on the idea of getting a better education, and simply accept the lower-paying, hard labor jobs they currently qualify for.

The system itself needs to be changed. We need opportunities for low-income students to get better educated without getting buried in debt.

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