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Ann Daly: 20 years of screwing the pooch

Of Ann's 60 years on the planet, 1/3 or them have been spent ruining DWA. What other form of employment offers such protection for such incompetence? Let's say your car breaks down and you bring it to a shop. You pick it, and it runs like shit. The mechanic goes, "Oh, let me fix that for you!" You come back in a week, drive it out of the shop and the rear axle falls off. Would you let the mechanic convince you that everything is ok, that you just need to drive it around with the ass dragging and sparks flying out the back? Of course not! You would tell the mechanic to f off, get your money back, file a lawsuit, call the BBB, post a review on Yelp, etc. But no, not at DWA. For years of consistent f ups you get a fat salary, bonus (3.5 million in 2014!!!) and employment for life. Every C-level exec needs to go, starting with that fraud Ann.

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Couldn't agree more. Has been a hack for years. She had Marketing take her falls over and over. Oh, wait...she comes from Marketing. Nice work JK.

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