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Posts regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

(Sun 04/19/15 18:54:25 UTC)

Lilly Pulitzer launch FAIL!!!

Another designer partnership, another epic fail launch due to the site being unavailable. Here I thought that spending $1B on 'omnichannel' would work wonders. I guess the architecture can't run when people running it are laid off

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(Sat 04/18/15 18:10:15 UTC)

Where are all the classes at St. Thomas? #Unprepared #BrokenPromises

Has anyone else found it suspicious that we were promised classes and discounts yet all classes are fun with no addition of new classes. Are they hoping they will wait long enough to add new classes and they we will find new jobs and they will save some cash? Just a thought. Would love the news ... read more

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(Fri 04/17/15 01:36:38 UTC)

Team members recalled today offered Jobs back.

Some former team members received calls today from HR to return to work permanently. What a cluster Brian!

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(Thu 04/16/15 22:01:26 UTC)

Anyone consult a lawyer for their severance package?

Is there anyone that consulted a lawyer about their severance package had had a positive result for their situation?

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(Tue 04/14/15 19:34:59 UTC)

Business Dealings with Former Team Members Policy

This policy states TMs are not able to work for Target vendors directly on Target business for two years, however the interpretation of this policy has been extremely inconsistent. I know someone that left and was told by management they could work for vendors on Target business as long as they ... read more

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(Mon 04/13/15 23:23:34 UTC)

All-Team Meeting today at the DCs...

Let's translate the all-team meeting info from Target Speak to English...repack is all but gone in 2 years. Anything that is left will be done by temps.

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(Mon 04/13/15 17:33:34 UTC)

Target HQ Mpls Emergency Board Meeting

Board members are coming to Mpls next week Thursday (4-23) for an "Emergency" meeting. Some have said Brian is already gone. Others have said at least 3 Board Members are gone.

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(Mon 04/13/15 17:08:21 UTC)

Target HQ to announce layoffs in India

There will be another round of layoffss in India next week. Tuesday is the target date.

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(Mon 04/13/15 16:28:19 UTC)

Mpls Admin Reduction (Deep Throat)

No plans to reduce Admin staff before Christmas season. Target is banking on this team, right here and right now, to boost holiday shopping by at least 7%. If that goal isn't reached, than everyone better bail.

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(Fri 04/10/15 17:57:09 UTC)

So called BTS and LUF feedback session

Countless BTS and LUF have come and gone but 2 stupid bitches are still destroying careers at TI! There is no point sharing feedback. It's just a namesake thing conducted to findout the employees who are unhappy with your work style and don't agree to ass lick so that you can find them and target ... read more

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(Fri 04/10/15 03:23:43 UTC)

Time to move on....

Target is f**ked up and a complete mess. Just hang in and wait for the severance, best thing ever!

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(Thu 04/09/15 17:20:07 UTC)

Ex-Employees - Where did you end up working after Target?

Let's catalog options for unemployed (or soon-to-be-unemployed) TMs and share some experiences.

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(Thu 04/09/15 16:12:51 UTC)

I know I will

I hope everyone remembers their friends who were laid off when the bts rolls around
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(Thu 04/09/15 13:11:24 UTC)

Hang in there

This is not new to Target…. It’s new to HQ! Target lifer here: 30+ years, 15+ in stores the rest at Regional and HQ offices. I've been reading these posts for quite a while and I'd just like to share a little history outside of the HQ perspective that may explain a little of some of the Store ... read more

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(Thu 04/09/15 07:34:14 UTC)

Target Tuition Reimbursement

How much money does Target pay out for tuition reimbursement?

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(Wed 04/08/15 23:15:13 UTC)

2 years is a very long time to hold ones breath

Brian told us he'll need two years to clean the house up. Even if many of us don't get the ax next time doesn't mean we don't get caught up in the subsequent waves. It's a pins and needles effect and it feels like we are holding our breath for the next time. How can you live like that? Do you buy ... read more

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(Wed 04/08/15 23:12:07 UTC)

5 years from now the company will not be the same. 85% of the people will have changed.

This feels oddly reminiscent of another large Minnesota electronics retailer 4 years ago. You are not on a fun journey and I imagine if you are there in 5 years from now the company will not be the same. 85% of the people will have changed, the culture will be bankrupt, the focus will be on cost ... read more

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(Wed 04/08/15 17:21:39 UTC)

Have you left a review yet?

If not, take 10 minutes to give your honest feedback! I did and it felt so good to get my thoughts out there. I won't bias anyone here with my thoughts, just leave your honest feedback for the world to see instead of posting stupid rumors here!

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(Wed 04/08/15 02:16:06 UTC)

Hey Brian

Due to all of your cuts at store level we can no longer keep our store GREEN ! Were blood red and are always written up for not being green. We can't do it anymore !! We can't fill shifts anymore because employees can't handle the stress . Come work a day at our store for one day !! You jerk !

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(Tue 04/07/15 22:34:49 UTC)



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(Tue 04/07/15 18:40:48 UTC)

Deep Throat here

There will be no layoffs until June. Brian is a very superstitious person. He loves astrology. Next round of layoffs will be June 9th, 2015. A Tuesday. 6-9-15. 6+9=15. His target date and Brian's favorite number.

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(Tue 04/07/15 16:34:56 UTC)

From someone who was laid off in PD&D in March - Free advice to the leaders about how not to treat people the day they are laid off

Do not gather all the remaining team members to line the hallways and clap and cheer as the laid off leave their final "you were laid off - here's your walking papers- you must leave the building immediately" meeting. It may make leadership feel better to plan such an event, but it was humiliating ... read more

a pointer for management
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(Tue 04/07/15 13:13:44 UTC)

Not sure where the April 7th rumor came from but it's pretty quiet this morning.

It seems more likely rhat it won't happen when people speculate it will. I'm also pretty sure the people making those decisions read this forum and are not going to elude to timing.

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(Tue 04/07/15 10:48:05 UTC)

Getting laid off from Target is like being released from a cult.

I was laid off in March and the past four weeks have been the best of my career so far. I stressed before it happened, but not after--the unknown is harder to deal with than the known. I now have time and a pile of cash while I look for my next job. So, my advice is: Don't worry--It is highly ... read more

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(Tue 04/07/15 02:15:43 UTC)

Is it true that there are 200 people getting laid off in TI

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(Tue 04/07/15 00:20:35 UTC)

Things are... happening?

Either soon, in the not so distant future, or the distant future. People will be laid off or not laid off or they will resign or be terminated. Or potentially promoted. This is pretty much what every post has turned into here....

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(Mon 04/06/15 23:51:23 UTC)

Psychotherapist in Minneapolis

While we are talking about referrals, I need a Psychotherapist in Minneapolis. If I continue to hear about layoffs I will go nuts. Seriously, this whole thing destabilized me quite a bt. But hey, there is nothing we can do about it so I am about to figure out how to block all of this stress

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(Mon 04/06/15 23:46:47 UTC)

Compare Severance

Is there a way to compare my severance to other companies? Something like a website or a forum where people are able to benchmark severance packages received. Please let me know.

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(Mon 04/06/15 22:35:30 UTC)

11K workers lost jobs when Brian Cornell swung the axe at Sam's Club

What's in our stars? Well, our CEO does not know how to create things, but he sure knows how to destroy them... In 2010 he was responsible for huge cuts at Sam's Club (#walmart):

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(Mon 04/06/15 22:30:03 UTC)

Termination Tuesdays

Why does everyone think tomorrow April 7th is the day?

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(Mon 04/06/15 21:30:34 UTC)

Alvarez & Marsal meeting with managers next week.

They're still around and meeting with higher ups. I'm assuming that's not good for the rest of us.

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(Mon 04/06/15 19:15:01 UTC)

“You can hear rumors. But you can't know them.”

Rumors spread like fire, but whose gonna clear it? Everyone keeps asking their managers and they say even i heard the same. If its not gonna happen then why is it spreading, what are all the big heads eating shit? or they also want us to be in this dilemma. If your reading this and your manager ... read more

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(Mon 04/06/15 16:27:20 UTC)

Something is definitely happening soon

Overheard a long conversation between what I assume are two HR managers discussing logistics of the layoffs. Including resignation letters, offering severance packages and updating org charts.

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(Mon 04/06/15 14:14:29 UTC)

Layoff tomorrow in Target India?

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