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Is SG worth CIO job at Lowe’s?

I am just worried she will bring down the technology organization standard to same level what she did at TTS. Lowe’s don’t know what they are getting into. On a hindsight, I am happy that TTS is spared 😀

Did anybody see this?

A little too late for the closing stores, but an interesting idea. Emanuel signed an executive order on Wednesday that, in essence, would empower the city to recoup city subsidies from developments that lease space to retailers that open stores in... read more

More Target stores closing

Two stores in Chicago are closing, the Chatham location and Morgan Park location. Supposedly, these stores were under performing, which is worrying me. I wouldn't say my store is under performing, but it's not doing great either. Does anybody know... read more

MSP corporations with non-bullseyey culture?

I've realized that I am not able to advance in the Target corporate culture. Any recommendations on corps in MSP where success depends on something other than palace intrigue and smiling optimism at senior leadership's bad ideas?

Sears bankruptcy

Anybody afraid that what we are seeing happen with Sears now will soon be happening to us as well? I don't mean that we are in the same situation, but brick-and-mortar retail seems to be dying a slow death and I don't see any of the moves we are... read more


TTS is bad and TTS digital is a special kind of bad. Its leadership is a joke. SG wouldn’t know a good technology decision if it walked up to her and kicked her in the head, all AM cares about is his next promotion to president Target India and is so... read more

Forbes thinks Target is on a roll

I haven't seen someone speak so favorability about Target in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I know the article is mostly about the growth on the stock market, but if you look at the numbers you’ll see that we’re basically growing in every segment... read more

Target restructuring in 4th and 1st quarter?

I've heard from a credible source that Target may be considering some corporate and Regional restructuring around their headquarters in Minnesota in the surrounding states. Has anyone else heard this?

San Bernardino store closing

Target is closing one more store. This one is in northern San Bernardino and it will be done as of October 15. This is a wake up call for those who thought we were done with layoffs and closings. We are not and most likely we will never again be... read more

Now that things are looking up...

can we rehire some of the people who were laid off? We really are seeing more people at our store, but we are having more and more trouble keeping things running properly with insufficient staff. If we want to keep these customers, they need to be... read more


Anyone working in TTS that says they are satisfied is lying. Not a day goes by I don't wish I was somewhere else, but circumstances leave me trapped. I said everything is great on BTS, don't want the uppities to get p-ss-d off.

Item CoE Positions Moving to India

The Item CoE (Center of Excellence) is moving the A&A division to Target India within 6 months. Team Members were notified this week, and were told to find a new position within the company or [externally]. 24 TM's will have to find a new job within... read more

Incoming automation

Maybe not layoffs coming, but CIO today indicated automation will reduce the number of jobs needed in some areas. So reassignments or reduced hiring ahead probably. This. The number of employees will be reduced, but it will be through attrition... read more

Fewer layoffs?

Are we possibly looking at fewer future layoffs now that both traffic and sales are picking up significantly? I know profits are not as high as expected, but they still increased. Or am I being hopeful in vain?... read more

Corporate layoffs?

Has there been any news on corporate layoffs? There have been some rumors circulating around the office a few weeks ago, and then it all suddenly died down. Should I accept it as good news that it was just bored people killing time on a break or... read more

Appropriate compensation

I've been trying to figure out how much "time off" I should use to align my salary with that of worthless directors. About 1 day a week is what I've come up with.

Target India Security

Target India security is full of goons and the most inefficient and incompetent teams in the company.

Things can't be that bad

Target can't be in that bad of a shape if we are opening 35 new stores while nearly everybody else is closing theirs left and right and we are bidding for some Toys R Us stores. I understand some people don't like working here, but frankly, I'm happy... read more

PD&D Directors

Strange things happening with Directors in PDD H&H and some Essentials areas. They’re attending CFTs, completely in the weeds. I don’t see Directors from other areas having the time to do this. None seem very happy either. Is this a new working... read more

Comms team jumping ship

Can anyone share what's going on over in the communications team? Ther was a mass exodus following DJ's exit, more than a quarter of the team. Those who have stayed describe the mood as completely toxic.

Target Boycott = Radio Silence

We are far past any meaningful Target info on this site, so.... what’s the latest on the Boycott? It’s seems to have been flushed down the toilet like this mornings _.

Worth more dead than alive

Target is such a piece of sh*t to work for unless a senior exec. I should just off myself and let family prosper with insurance and government benefits.

Strib is loving BC for some reason It's like he can sh-- the bed for 4 years, then say 'look I'm really going to fix it this time' Website still s---s, CVS still... read more

HQ computer team?

Does anyone know what's going on with the computer service team at HQ? It seems like items are arriving really late or isn't set up correctly or there are missing pieces. Heard rumors that everything is going self service but trying to figure out how... read more

Interesting read
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Corrective action

I have a question for any DC OM’s out there. It seems like there has been a lot of CA’s been handed out lately to TM’s. I’m just curious if something was directed from above to start handing them out for any little thing? I’ve also noticed a lot more... read more

On Topic

No rumors of imminent or future layoffs to report. Happy Holidays!
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Thoughts on Shipt deal?

Anybody thinks this Shipt deal will be a catalyst for more layoffs? The deal focuses on online ordering, which means that fewer people will be coming to the store thanks to this. Which, of course, will give those at the top some ideas. After all, you... read more

Target, social warriors - Nah

If Target leadership really wanted to prove it cared about workers and society they would reinstate health insurance for part time workers and retirees, along with pension benefits. Instead they hide behind meaningless bathroom policies and diversity... read more

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