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Brian Cornhole wants you to step up.

Brian wants you to step up for the slow sales in the stores, to make up for his ultra liberal view agenda. Take a break and tell him to come and do it himself.

Hello Target !! How are you all doing ?

Hello Target !! How are you all doing ? Happened to come to this site after a long time and nothing has changed from nasty msgs perspective. Hence decided to write this post. I was impacted by RIF exactly one year back. And I can tell you life is... read more

DC Logistics

I remember when T556 Logistics Team supported Florida through several hurricanes. 556 Kept the target Florida stores open when competitive company stores were closed for a week after the hurricanes hit, They helped support people in need and the... read more



100 degrees inside the warehouse,anybody knows if there's a law in temperature condition one can work in!

Just a vent...........

Love how merit TM's compensation is based on their performance, why is the lowest performing TM the highest paid! arrgghh........... Management needs to wake up and pay attention. No wonder Target is losing the top performers to the... read more

Great REDTalk by MM on Friday !

Pretty good and candid talk by MM last Friday. Refreshing to hear him say Target will never beat Amazon online. All the BS I've heard in the last few years was how Target is about to overtake Amazon :). Dream on

The sun setting of Target India

The earlier the team realises this the better, All the hot jobs have moved back to the US,some important Sr Directors,VP's and Sr VP's have found home in HQ(U will see them move discreetly to theUS)and all admin work remains in India. Before layoffs... read more

When it slows it pours on teammates!

Well its the time of the year to fire teammates and target seasonals at t-9479 .com when it slows down we get all these rules to follow or else corrective actions or terminations from cleaning your equipment before you go home from cleaning your... read more

Curious about recent severance packages.

Anyone receive a package without being part of a larger layoff? recently? I know of a few folks who asked for and got a package, but not sure if they are doing that anymore or not?

Signing TMs going away??

Anyone hear if they are getting rid of the signing TMs?? This new process with displays gives us even less responsibility and the the signing pallet gets smaller each week. 7 Years go they took away "specialist", which in reality meant no more... read more

Target Stock

Visited Target HQ a few weeks back and saw a several "thought leaders" still walking about having "coffee status'" When are the managers that screwed everything up from to item set up to reporting to product going be held accountable for... read more

Managers in scrums - From - Forums

... Other stakeholders - especially managers - tend not to understand anything either but may feel the urge to "manage something" once they are there. So they are better off not being there. ... Some things potentially harmful to Scrum to watch out... read more

Pulse Check

Survey taking has been closed for a week now. I wonder how long it will take leadership to filter the results down. It was 2 months for the last pulse check.

Surprise Mandatory Meeting

If you get a surprise meeting on your calendar, run to the opposite sex bathroom and stay till they pull you out. Then get a lawyer.

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