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Awesome job Amazon!
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Calling Target Admins

One year later (almost) to our layoffs, how are things at Target now for the admins? I was laid off last year and just curious. Happy Administrative Profeasionals Day to all of you!

Targets minimum wage up to $10 an hour

Reuters says Target is raising its minimum wage to $10 an hour, should kick in next month. Also it could affect people who make more than that already, by scaling up?? Has anyone working in-store gotten word about this yet?

End Employee Abuse

The "Wonderful World of Disney" abused it's employees by eliminating the current US employees and replacing them with foreigners - violating the laws of the US in the process. This MUST end. Target abuses its employees when they hire "new" employees... read more

One year later

Since the big layoffs, do you think Target as a whole is in a better place, the same, or worse?

Bonuses for all exempt TMs

Well SL just announced Target will now offer bonuses for all exempt employees. That's a nice surprise for the team members. I was excepting bonuses to be cut all together.

Target financials

Target Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2015 Earnings Looks target is meeting the Target. It is back on track post the fiasco in 2013.
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Calling all keyboard commandos:

What you say? TGT lifer here who works my A$$ off. Can't tell you how pleased I am to see you FLAMING TROLLS get everything wrong. Suck it up and fix TTS systems and supply chain so we can get instocks right and we might all actually really be able... read more

DC Mid Shift Cuts??

Does any one know if there will be cuts at the dc's with mid shift managers? The building stopped hiring to backfill open positions.

Ankur promoted as director?

Did I hear it right that Ankur got promoted as director? seriously? ROFL. He was about to be thrown out for non ethical stuff last time including f!@#$ around with married female TM, conspiracy against our BI director those days and forcing his team... read more

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