Topics regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

Spartanburg SC Store Update

We just had an emergency meeting and our SD just said that about 30% of us would be laid off because of the boycotts. We were encouraged to explore other jobs but with the economy I'm nervous. Anyone else hearing anything?

WFH layoffs coming

If you are a work from home, skinny jean coffee guzzler who dropped daycare, be prepared This group is among the least productive according to corporate surveillance software. It is about time to call in the masses to the office and make them... —  read more 

Proud to work here

We raised our minimum wage for all employees to $24/hr & all who work as little as 24hrs/wk get health insurance. We will prove: The labor problem isn't people are lazy, it's that they aren't paid enough. More people will shop at a store that... —  read more 

Needs to be a lay off

They need to a lay off here at the udc. For months we’ve had mandatory days off plus nwa’s. We cannot survive on 20 to 24 hours a week. I’m working doing other things just to pay rent and eat. But other bills are now getting missed. This has gone on... —  read more 

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HR Leak

Teams affected by layoffs will be those with a lot of WFH (work from home employees) . Those are the easiest to quietly get rid of. Currently discussing a 15% cut across the board starting with early retirement offers. Big cuts coming mid January.

Distribution Center sucks

I hate working at the Target Distribution center. The leaders are immature and act like they are above the law. I’ve never worked in such a hypocritical and toxic environment.

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The rock bottom

One should always try to think positively, but for now I don't see what can save this ship from sinking. I heard some colleagues think that it is very possible that this company soon will not even exist. I don't believe that, but I'm still... —  read more 

I call that layoff too

I would rather get laid off than go through what has been happening to me in recent months. Constantly, literally - every day, I have more and more work to do. My boss seems to be trying to make my job as difficult as possible and overload me with... —  read more 

Stop fearmongering

Why are people suddenly talking about store closings and layoffs like it's a done deal? We're currently understaffed despite trying to hire and having one of the best starting pays in the area simply because there are not enough employees. Cutting... —  read more 

Why be here?

The company doesn’t have anything unique about it. It sells overpriced goods to the elite, chic audience in metros. The ideology doesn’t resonate with the typical American consumer. Popularity ratings show it is beaten by its competitors in almost... —  read more 

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