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Posts regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

(Sat 05/23/15 22:09:09 UTC)

Happy memorial Day weekend!

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(Sat 05/23/15 16:19:17 UTC)

June 2nd Layoff

Hearing very strong rumors for June 2nd. Private meetings on all VPs. Looks like we are only worried about wall street and no growth or stability for the company we built.

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(Sat 05/23/15 02:22:04 UTC)

Merchandising Cuts

Merchandising has been asked to cut 30 % in June. The Leaders have been asked to identify critical business needs and match skills to those needs. Team members skills matching those needs will fill those positions, all others will be terminated.

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(Fri 05/22/15 20:47:38 UTC)

ROCI = is what took down Canada

Oh Canada Truth
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(Fri 05/22/15 13:02:48 UTC)

City Center Conference Room Taken Offline

I just received notice that one of the big (20 seat) conference rooms in City Center is being taken offline from June 5th to July 12th. I know it doesn't line up with the dates that are being rumored on this site, but just thought I'd throw this out there, for what its worth.

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(Fri 05/22/15 12:22:00 UTC)

Target India - 6/3

The day is near, PD is coming to kick some ass.

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(Fri 05/22/15 04:10:29 UTC)

Contractors getting hit also

I worked at the CSC as a contractor, hoping for a permanent position. A number of us are being let go as well. My group and the group before us are getting slimmed down.. We were told just a couple weeks ago our positions were safe from the cuts as they they saw our group expanding in the future ... read more

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(Thu 05/21/15 21:49:00 UTC)

I've been told early June, too....

My director, who was spot-on through our last round of lay-off's, has advised me pretty much what is being reported here. He said first week of June and that it will be about as painful as last time. What a leader Brian is. Cut, cut, cut. He has done NOTHING that I can see to invigorate, energize ... read more

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(Thu 05/21/15 16:49:26 UTC)

June 2 Layoffs

Any updates on June 2nd layoffs?

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(Wed 05/20/15 21:58:40 UTC)

They lay people off and then bring interns in?

Wow really?

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(Wed 05/20/15 21:45:35 UTC)

Distribution Center lay offs?

Hi, I'm curious if anyone has heard of any layoffs coming for the DC's? Barely any of the lay offs so far have hit the DC's which tells me maybe we're next. There seems to be a weird vibe around there lately.

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(Wed 05/20/15 17:07:24 UTC)

TI Layoffs coming Soon

Rumor - Layoffs impacting BI teams in month of June - Anyone hear the same rumors ? most contractors are gone - now rumors 50% of entire BI impacted...

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(Wed 05/20/15 15:59:38 UTC)

Inpats are so screwed

So, while Target is trying to cut down on Inpat expense, even if there's an urgent requirement on a team in Minneapolis with funding provided, the Target India leadership is refusing all assignments/extensions. This is such a sneaky strategy to get people to resign. because we all know that when ... read more

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(Wed 05/20/15 15:36:10 UTC)


Brian must be a genious, what great results.

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(Wed 05/20/15 03:13:14 UTC)

Severance payout - one check or bi-weekly

If you are laid off and get severance, does anyone know how it is paid out and do you have a choice in the matter? Is it one lump sum or bi-weekly?

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(Tue 05/19/15 15:53:47 UTC)


Don't expect magic. I will probably slice and dice the organization in a way the people who's "got what it takes" will feel energized and engaged for the long run, and the people who think the workplace is a country club will leave on their own. Also, whoever thinks that you can just sit tight and ... read more

Mike McNamara
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(Tue 05/19/15 02:53:47 UTC)


Relax folks. I will be there soon. Me and my team built systems using which TESCO cooked financial books. We will do some other strategic, LRP, Agile strategic initiatives to take Target to next level.

Mike McNamara
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(Mon 05/18/15 12:52:32 UTC)

Anyone have visibility/info on the promotion delays/decisions?

Most of us (TTS) had their promotions delayed when they didn't happen at annual review time. Now all of a sudden some (but not all) people are getting promoted. Mostly engineers are getting promos when other job families are getting the shaft. Is this a sign of PM/PA/BA layoffs to come?

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(Sat 05/16/15 03:17:45 UTC)

Layoffs and Promos

It happens only at Target - layoffs and promos taking place simultaneously! Lower level jobs shelved off and in position promos for KMG+ leaders ....

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(Fri 05/15/15 03:15:30 UTC)

Heard from a Director that next Round of layoffs coming in 1st Week of June,

Next round of layoffs are around the corner. This time KMG & DMG inputs are also taken. My director told me that this will be more brutal than last layoff. Keep eyes and ears open friends

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(Thu 05/14/15 20:19:43 UTC)

TCI sold off. What's next, Printing Services?

Serious question. If Target outsources the food service, computer installs/maintenance, and now TCI is gone . . . . why would they keep hundreds of people on the payroll in the printing & shipping business?

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(Thu 05/14/15 17:40:34 UTC)

C-suite, insider trades of stock

Check out the insider stock trades of the C-suite the last few months if you want to know how they feel about transformation.

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(Thu 05/14/15 15:48:57 UTC)

2 week's notice?

Does anyone know the rules around giving 2 weeks notice? Is it required, or just a courtesy? I am looking at leaving Target, but I also know my area is going to be re-orged in the very near future, and I really want to get the layoff and severance before I leave. I figure Target lays us off with ... read more

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(Thu 05/14/15 12:32:12 UTC)

That's it, I quit! This new admin supporting multiple execs is for the birds!

What in the world???!! It has become a circus in my pyramid!!! The leadership all of the sudden are having a hard time helping to prioritize! The teams still think I'm responsible in the same manner as in the old support structure. I literally cannot keep up and my head is floating. People on my ... read more

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(Thu 05/14/15 02:26:27 UTC)

Brian MIA

Anyone else noticed that Brian has been completely missing from corporate communication to team since his disastrous lecture about the layoffs. Is he that thin skinned?

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(Wed 05/13/15 15:27:44 UTC)

I suddenly wish I had been one of the admins laid off in this last tound

My workload was unmanageable before, I barely had time for lunch. Now, it's unmanageable. Stupid executive team.

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(Wed 05/13/15 12:16:21 UTC)

Store Planning

how has store planning lasted so long with so little impact from the layoffs? They should have been gutted with architecture and engineering back in October. This group was able to bring in three contractors on the same day we lost 1700 people. Cornell needs to take a hard look at this area and ... read more

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(Wed 05/13/15 02:37:11 UTC)

Next Round of layoffs coming in July

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(Sun 05/10/15 15:01:15 UTC)

TTS Hijack: Target The Layoff

It's pretty clear that in general the TTS > TGT community is a little disgruntled and clearly paranoid as hell with all the comments here. I guess the good news is that there's not much noise outside of TTS here, the bad news is just how snarky and entitled the TTS comments are. TTS get back to ... read more

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(Sat 05/09/15 12:14:00 UTC)

Postings for positions that were eliminated in previous rounds of layoffs

What a joke, about a year 1/2 ago they axed an entire TTS team right before peak season. The theory was why do we need a team to support a SaS app. Today I see they are recruiting to build that exact team back up. GREAT LEADERSHIP! What a joke. The people on that team were great and all landed jobs ... read more

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(Fri 05/08/15 21:57:19 UTC)

RUN McNamara RUN....Stay at TESCO

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(Fri 05/08/15 13:55:59 UTC)

non compete

Can anyone provide any information on our non compete if we still currently work for Target. I have an opportunity to work for a vendor, but I'm not sure about the non compete or if I should contact HR. Thanks!

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(Thu 05/07/15 18:59:19 UTC)

BTS survey

Even though BTS survey takes place every year and has lot of questions, I still see STAs and Managers from COEs who never come to office in Bangalore and stays at home taking care of personal work and attend only meetings with management. Few of them worked in HQ for longer terms also but nothing ... read more

just an sse
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(Thu 05/07/15 18:58:18 UTC)


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(Wed 05/06/15 21:35:53 UTC)

BTS Underway

They changed all the questions to give leadership cover from all their screw ups. Just say you are so excited about the future and you'll be promoted in no time.

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(Wed 05/06/15 13:36:26 UTC)

All these Target Gift Cards I Got at my Wedding

I cannot even bring myself to walk into a store to use them now, I get physically nauseous. It's to the point where my wife and I ended upvgiving them back.


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