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Distribution Changes?

Does anyone know the facts about changes to Distribution. I been hearing a few rumors about hour changes are these changes for the OM?

Reorg 2017

They promoted people already making a lot of money and gave them more money. Meanwhile the people actually doing the work are shuffled around like chess pieces and still expected to do a great job with no incentives in sight. The environment they... read more

BC must go!

BC has crushed employee motivation at Target. Everyone just goes through the motions. There is no energy in the company and he will not be able to fix what he broke. Treated team members like a number during layoffs. People know he is not as smart as... read more

WTF is Target doing to stay alive????

Amazon is opening new store formats without checkout lines, building its own $1.5B air cargo hub, experimenting with drone deliveries, and they're expected to announce record 4th quarter sales. Meanwhile, TGT recently issued a profit warning on weak... read more

Target is the biggest loser in Retail!

Target again has let their shareholders down. Stock price closing barely above $63 today. This of course means Target will again break promises made to its team members with layoffs. It's not a matter of if but when. The executive leadership team... read more


Except to where and whom to follow? The company that absolutely struggles with diversity, or even grasping a concept of what diversity means -- a white g-- male is the most diverse thing you can have, albeit perhaps a black g-- male – is now finding... read more

Executive Pay Packages

Can't wait to see how board rewards our loser executives for sub par performance. I'm pretty sure I'll be lucky to break even.
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Ghost Protocol

In TTS unless you are involved in digital or supply chain you are a ghost to McNamara. You are only keeping the lights on, no real value....and that is made obvious by who he promotes and acknowledges.

For current TGT employees only

This site is mostly people who don't/have never worked at Target or disgruntled former TMs. Current employees are connected via a private FB site, which you can be invited to through your coworkers - just ask around. The info is better (real) and the... read more

Tts - Paper planes!

Build things which does nothing, is for fun, adds no value and can be thrown away. Do not try to build anything which does actually work like transporting people, which adds value and can generate profit. By this Tts will reach the levels of... read more

So much junk in Target India

I have recently visited Target India from Minneapolis. Cant imagine how much junk we have in Target India. I am sure 90 percent of the engineers can be fired immediately without any impact to the company. They won't produce anything useful. There are... read more

Job alternatives

Buy clown masks and be clowns Make a logo for gender neutral restrooms Check expiration dates in grocery Or..... Find a job in Canada Badabing...bada bong

Random thoughts

I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...but I hate my feckless leadership team... read more

I heard layoffs are coming in January

I heard big layoff is coming in TTS today from somebody. It seems senior leaders are already identifying team members who needs to be laid off. They are just waiting for holidays to be over. PG-6 and PG-7 will have most of the impact

Current PayGarde Level

What are the pay grade levels at target ? Is there a level 5 or level 6 ? What is the salary for these levels ?

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