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Good jobs available in Twin Cities.

After the September layoff in TTS I was pleasantly surprised at the number and quality of positions that are posted consistently in the Twin Cities. There are good opportunities for anyone who wants to work. Take an honest look at yourself and find a... read more

Curious stuff

Once again Target's stock price dives around the time the 4th qtr and year end results are nearing finalization internally. Are insiders selling or is this just a reaction to Kohl's announcement today.

TTS has no clue!

After 1/29 contractor reduction, it looks like TTS sourcing is launching a reverse auction process to beat down the price by terming it preferred supplier pool. Isn't that ironical? Why would TTS even want to engage contractors anymore with no big... read more

Day Dreamin'

There are so many people in TTS and partner teams sitting around dreaming about getting some real work done. But no, we wait while our leadership dither on another transformation process. I expect I'll have something real to occupy my time by May if... read more

What's rotten at HQ

I made a catastrophic mistake when I joined Target seven years ago. I made the mistake of putting SUBSTANCE over STYLE. This is the inherent problem with Target, and why it's so broken - and tragically, why it will cost so many good people their... read more

More Transformation

With the upcoming re-stack at Northern Campus, also means shuffling to prepare for another Mighty March Layoff - there's still a lot of "trash" workers - those who gossip, those who eavesdrop and those who repeat "confidential" information. Just... read more

The problem with Target HQ today

So we are going through this supposed transformation and layoffs so that those left will be accountable to "their" new work requirements. So why is it my boss and others in his position are passing their "new" expectations down to me and my peers. I... read more

I love working for Target!

I do nothing all day and get paid an enormous sum. No one even knows or cares. If only I could figure how to get paid for two jobs at Target. I'm working on it.

Your performance reviews and scores are screwed...

Everyone is confused with change in job family etc.... No guidelines for review or score...HR has no clue...and management is pushing for low scores... Hmmmm...take bonus if you get and then get out if you can....has replaced the goal.
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Wouldn't worry too much about layoffs

Here's the deal. Many are leaving Target giving them an opportunity to not backfill positions. I would be surprised if large layoffs happened again. However, many middle management positions may be on the chopping block at some point as there are... read more

The B Team

A little frustrated with the lack of decent content on this board in the last 90 days. I realize that some may start lighting me up after posting this, but it really feels like the B or C team has taken over. For those that are lurking if you have... read more

Protected class.

I'm preparing (documenting) last 4 months of disgusting treatment in preparation for February layoff. If I don't get same or better package as 2015, target will pay up .

Amazon, Please start hostile takeover of Target.

Let's face it, Target cannot compete with Walmart in physical space. Amazon needs some physical presence to compete with Walmart. Future is on-line but need for ship to store., etc....A combined Amazon and Target is natural fit. GET IT DONE!

January 27, TTS standup (jaws will hit floor)

When TTS announces the key 2016 priorities and plans, the real technologists still at Target will be running for the exits. They don't want to be stuck keeping the lights on, they want to innovate....God help us.

Live moved on

Today I realized I no longer miss Target. As I was going through LinkedIn, seeing updates, I recognized I was feeling sorry for the people still there, instead. ( And wondering why they hadn't been able to find a job somewhere else.) Truth.
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Next layoffs-role being reviewed

Does anyone know when the next lay off will be? If so, what area/positions? My position is being evaluated "understood" by the merch process team. Is this something to be concerned about?

Target and Tech

I am a former TTS engineer just thought I would share as story that summed up my viewpoint of Target culture and tech. This is true story for Target told to me by an old IBM Sales guy. He got a call saying "Jack, help! we are about to open our 100th... read more

Did anyone else read JK's email and laugh at it?

Summed up: we are going to take 4 months to deliver reviews, assign new paygrades, and rollout another roadmap for a document full of half-truths that will be relevant for exactly never. Exciting times for transformation!!!

In the did JM really just say that.....

News flash, JP appointment to stores chief replacing TT..... JM is now confident we have many great "days" ahead. Uhh, shouldn't we be counting success in years or decades and not days?

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