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Posts regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

(Tue 08/04/15 01:25:03 UTC)

Many Senior Business Partners still need to go!!!

Titles and positions given to people with little to no experience to lead anything!!! Most are time and resource wasters! Target is getting rid of good employees but keeping people that NEVER should have been given their current positions! And now they wonder what the hell went wrong with their BIG ... read more

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(Mon 08/03/15 22:06:33 UTC)

It's August - now what??

For those still with Target - you've made it this far...still lots of rumors circling in the vents - TNC days are numbered and more will be gone by the end of 2015; wonder what kind of damage control will need to be done? Merchants - is it necessary to have 2 buying complexes buying the same ... read more

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(Mon 08/03/15 01:37:46 UTC)

It's not the number of leaders or levels of leaders that is the problem at target....

But the crap leaders that have been put in place. The optimum number of direct reports is around 5-7. That requires a lot of leaders. Guaranteed that all these individual contributors at Target....could not decide what to do, they all have different opinions and half do nothing but bitch. Hire the ... read more

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(Sun 08/02/15 16:27:17 UTC)

TTS'ers may want to read this:

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(Sun 08/02/15 11:44:19 UTC)

Any news on depts OTHER than TTS

Seems like the only intel lately has been about TTS. Anyone know about happenings in the other departments? Merch? PD&D?

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(Sun 08/02/15 02:24:59 UTC)

Invest your sslary early and often.....

Then you won't give a sh*t what new fad leaders suck up to. Your severance will just be another bonus!!! Plenty of companies that want your skills, Target sucks!!!

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(Sat 08/01/15 22:26:19 UTC)

HMD, need you

We need leaders like HMD back here!

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(Sat 08/01/15 22:23:25 UTC)

1st time in my long career

I have worked for several companies and Target in several roles. All of them had challenges to overcome, but the current leadership at Target is the most toxic and incompetent I have ever experienced. The shareholders may be short term satisfied bur should not have a long term view. I would sell ... read more

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(Sat 08/01/15 19:25:56 UTC)

Maybe Target DevOps isn't all it's says it is?

I am looking to join one of the many teams claiming DevOps at TTS. Looking at some recent previous posts, it appears everyone is not impressed with how it's doing. Calling it DevOOps and poking fun of the culture of MacBooks, stickers, and t-shirts. I have met RC and HM at various DevOps ... read more


(Sat 08/01/15 07:13:30 UTC)

Who are your real friends at Target?

A lot of women did not buy the FFF, either, like me (the original poster). I really wanted to work, not go outside and play horseshoes as a "team building" activity. I wasn't a crabass about it, I had fun (hey, it was summer and they were paying me), but I didn't respect it much. I still want to ... read more

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(Sat 08/01/15 01:03:46 UTC)

All TTS KMG's will be let go

Is it true that all the team members in the PG21 /PG 23 level in TTS (KMG level) will be let go in the next round of layoffs?

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(Fri 07/31/15 20:24:13 UTC)

More than 75% of TTS to be let go?

Coworker was in an all-dotcom mtg yesterday. New CIO showed up and said he ran a much more complicated operation with just 500 people. Doesn't TTS have at least 2000 right now?

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(Fri 07/31/15 01:53:03 UTC)

Bystanders will not be untouched, as TTS goes, so goes many in HQ

My work depends on the approval and funding of projects that must be supported by TTS . If TTS is cutting headcount, obviously they must be scaling back plans to support projects and initiatives of their clients. If the people in TTS who generally execute the technical work of my pyramid's projects ... read more

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(Thu 07/30/15 22:59:39 UTC)

Listening to TTS leaders explain how they see new orgs and strategy......

Is like fingernails on a chalkboard. They are clueless and it is painfully obvious.

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(Thu 07/30/15 17:10:23 UTC)

Selling TCW

Hearing that Target HQ West Campus may be in the process of being sold. Team Members would be moved to TNC and downtown.

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(Wed 07/29/15 13:42:44 UTC)

How long cutting and chopping?

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(Wed 07/29/15 02:54:56 UTC)

More TTS VPs gone

Lost two more VPS today :-( (fake sadness). Does anyone in the C-suite know how to evaluate talent? Derodes promoted these clowns to VP after he fired all their predecessors. Now half of those VPS are gone at MM's hands. The other half are crapping their pants. Their incompetence is making me sick!

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(Wed 07/29/15 01:32:47 UTC)

Judy was let go today?

Judy Werthauser (HR SVP) was let go today?

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(Tue 07/28/15 03:32:52 UTC)

What does John Butcher do?

Just asking...what does he actually do?

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(Sun 07/26/15 17:50:11 UTC)

A Day in the Life

So I was GTKY-ing with one of my future former senior leaders right outside the StarBucks in bldg E, you know where barista Beth works, and at the time before the Noah first floor flood. We were discussing how we could rock the expense by printing up some devops T-shirts and slapping some stickers ... read more

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(Sun 07/26/15 17:40:13 UTC)

Stickers for your Dell anyone?

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(Sun 07/26/15 14:41:21 UTC)

Recent survey for TTS non technical people

Recently all non technical people in TTS (BA + PM + SPM + DM +SDM) took survey. By looking at the questions, I am not sure whether any of our non technical people will match with the new roles (especially for SPM and SDM and also for BA who moved to the PM role). Also, what is the need for ... read more

James 007
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(Sat 07/25/15 16:37:00 UTC)


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(Fri 07/24/15 21:04:42 UTC)

RFP for data center?

Heard from a good source that responses for an RFP were due to Target this week regarding the outsourcing of the data center currently at TNC.

Data center ops
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(Fri 07/24/15 19:23:53 UTC)

Happy Friday All - It's time to go home

It's bee a long week - thank you all who are sharing info here - I am still proud of my Target peers

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(Fri 07/24/15 01:42:45 UTC)

Digital( development moving to India completely

Heard rumours that engineering will run completely out of Bangalore office. Is that true?

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(Wed 07/22/15 17:43:15 UTC)

Healthcare teams layoff today???

Healthcare teams layoff today???

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(Wed 07/22/15 00:59:15 UTC)

They are sure making TNC look very pretty.

Roads are being fixed, new plants are going in, they are turning on the sprinklers around 4 PM every day, lawn games are in the courtyard, fire marshal was out a few weeks ago, they are skimming the pond, and building services have been more present around the building. Hmmm, I wonder what that is ... read more

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(Tue 07/21/15 21:25:22 UTC)

Changes to Vacation Plans Coming

KMG+ get unlimited time off under the new plan. Probably was an need coming out of BTS this year.

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(Tue 07/21/15 21:18:12 UTC)

What survey?

What is this survey everybody is referring to? Who is taking it and what are they asking?

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(Tue 07/21/15 19:07:07 UTC)

TTS re- org now happening in September?

TTS - first we are told we would hear more about the re-stack in August, now it's September. Next it will be after freeze. Quit prolonging this...

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(Tue 07/21/15 18:26:02 UTC)

Everything wrong with Target Operating Principles.

So there is a movement afoot on insidetgt to identify and then vote on practices that are painful to team members and maybe a waste of time. Sad thing is that as usual instead of identifying the process with the most savings associated with cutting or improving the ones being looked at are those ... read more

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(Tue 07/21/15 18:04:16 UTC)

Target DEVOPS Layoffs

Anyone has more detail - I hear rumors but cannot confirm anything.

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(Tue 07/21/15 14:39:57 UTC)

Devops presenting in meetings

At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and my god have mercy on your soul.

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(Tue 07/21/15 13:53:25 UTC)

Post it notes = transformation

I've been unfairly critical of Briann, it seems we've been transforming after all! Based on the clowns I see on inside tgt... Post it notes and zombie stickers are transformation! I'm glad we have such a tangible measurement of transformation! (/sarcasm)

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