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Us brilliant folks

Sorry to all you losers let go by Target in last couple years but apparently you were the problem after all. Just look at today's earnings results. Only us brilliant people are left and it shows.


I'm not sure if you've heard that a company in Wisconsin just had their employees get microchips implanted in themselves. This has me very furious. I'm not sure if Target would ever go this route but it wouldn't surprise me at all especially with all... read more

Disturbing trend

Yes it is true, there is a list! Managers are being coached weekly to complete the process. Many of the "managed out" employees have been "TARGETED" due to age and years of service; however it is being balanced out with a few token younger team... read more

Reverse discrimination

TTS's blatant push for gender diversification will make my case for reverse discrimination a no brainer. I see myself on a beach paid for by MM himself. Thank you so much Target!

My two cents

I've been with Target for nearly 30 years, what we are seeing now in terms of leadership changes and "managing out" reminds me a lot of how Target used to be in the 90's and early 2000's. Then the push was insane growth and it happened fast and... read more

Managing Out

Target is currently undergoing a thinning out of staff by "managing out" many team members. People with good annual reviews (or if the "managing out" period started before review time horrible but unrealistic reviews) suddenly under fire. Made up... read more

"Basket Case"

Target since BC and MM has created nothing but cconstant stress in my life. So much needless failure by Target .

An outsider's take

I am a completely outside Target but occasionally enjoy reading the comments made on this website. In fact, I would have to drive about 25 miles to shop at one. Until now I have never commented here and I probably never will again. I truly feel sorry... read more

The Quiet Exit

A couple (at least 2) "very important" six fig Managers from Marketing were given two months to find new jobs in May. Neither one did - I guess sitting around managing 1 person and getting paid for working 5 hours a day doesn't impress everywhere... read more

Target leaders (especially TTS) take note

This headline for Inc. Article Aetna Lost $1 Billion Last Quarter By Forbidding Employees to Work from Home The insurance giant learns the hard way that forced collaboration doesn't create innovation.

What happened to "work smarter not harder"

When the DC started talking about Target finally removing their heads from their asses and trying to catch up with the likes of Amazon, they talked about all the changes in the future. They said TGT needs to find a way to get the product from the... read more

BI engg weeds

BI engg VP..Directors..acclaimed Principal Engineers are of no value to Target and need to go. holding titles, delivering no results. Your shoddy solutions seen in demo day reflect your sub standard knowledge. BIA is another waste..monkeys generating... read more


Target’s Been Talking Food for a Decade. Now Amazon Could Eat Bullseye’s Lunch
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Strategic alternatives

The board needs to explore some "strategic alternatives" quickly, while there is still some value left of Target. Otherwise we're all at risk of layoff.

Amazon to acquire Whole Foods

Hope Target has its A-game ready because Amazon + Whole Foods could put a pretty big damper on Target's already hurting foot traffic.

Now that NK is gone, is SG next?

I hope so. Tanked Pharmacy. Tanking Digital. After all this, they've got nothing other than a website. Nothing new comes out of this group whereas something new keeps coming up @WalMart and @Amazon every week. Get her out & her clown DMGs and start... read more

Merch Demotions

Is it true that Merch had demotion and that some folks were pushed into lower titles and pay grades?

Blood bath again?

Lot of leaders leaving or asked to leave.... Does this mean that layoffs again in coming months????

BTS - leaders really don't care

TTS leadership actually thinks they've taken action to solve last year's BTS. My work and workspace still s---. Target has no winning strategy. TTS is getting nothing of importance done. I hope the government still has funds to support 65% of my... read more

Target Restock

When is upper management going to read people's comments in news articles. The biggest them is people complaining about Target out of stocks in the store. So the new Restock initiative simply means...we don't have it in the store, so don't expect to... read more

Situation at Corporate

It is a pretty rough atmosphere. I think most people at HQ (myself included) would agree that there are inefficiencies, and given current decision making structures, things can't get done that quickly. The "constant" get to know yous and coffees are... read more

TGT Pension

WTF is the Pension Plan? It says I'll get 29 a month when I retire. Is it possible to take the money lump sum now?

Management needs people skills training

It takes a special kind of person to stare at a computer all day long tracking productivity of people who are actually working and then belittle and criticize the whole team first thing every single day. Geez, I wonder why nobody cares anymore... read more

BC just shrunk another 6 inches.

Amazon once again drives BC into the turf. They blew it up, while BC hopes Target doesn't shrink much more. Good luck to everyone holding out hope at Target. Sad.

it's designed to get you to quit

Here's some hard (but free) advice from somebody who has been there and I hope you follow it: Look. What's happening to you is you're being managed out. It happened to me, it (might) be happening to you, and it's happened to countless other people at... read more

Whew, Progress at last

I see MM has promoted real men into leadership positions. First step for Target to establish itself as a leader

When is the board going to get it?

It is time for BC to go. He has done the job that he was overly compensated for. He has completed the task that he is known in the industry for. He is not known to bring a company back from the grave. It is funny to me when they say they got rid of... read more

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