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Posts regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

(Wed 09/02/15 23:55:02 UTC)

TTS, how is the transformation going?

There are high-hopes and expectations that between MM and some Thought Leaders (-gag-) TTS's transformation will spark meaningful change that will trickle down or radiate out and heal what ails Target's mojo as it also solves expense problems on the balance sheet. It's early but can you share some ... read more

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(Wed 09/02/15 23:22:26 UTC)

Dislocated Worker Program: Over 625 of your former co-workers have taken advantage of our free services

Minnesota Job Partners holds a grant to help those impacted by the recent layoffs at Target in Minnesota. Over 625 former Target employees have enrolled in our Dislocated Worker Program, and over 55% have participated in training funded through their program participation. For those who have exited ... read more

Jess Bachaus

(Wed 09/02/15 20:29:50 UTC)

U.S. Bank is doing Layoffs too

US Bank is laying off people weekly as well! Friday is always the day for US Bank. They are trying to do small numbers each week to stay out of the media. Not much of a package either. 90 days is all.

Another Victim
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(Wed 09/02/15 19:28:09 UTC)

Hey, if you happen to be reading this post

...and you are an admin on the second floor (the one with auburn hair) I just want to make sure you know that you are super attractive...

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(Wed 09/02/15 16:52:43 UTC)

Mike proven fool

There is no strategy behind layoffs. All idiot managers still in target. Mike you cheap

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(Wed 09/02/15 15:30:54 UTC)

Everyone pay attention......

There is going to be an ongoing battle between Leadership (and I don't mean DMG and below - they are meaningless) and the workers. The C-suite is going to push you till you fail or leave. If you feel any obligation to give more than minimum to get a paycheck, you are a fool. They are not willing to ... read more


(Wed 09/02/15 14:19:36 UTC)

Congrats to Bullseye

Congrats Bullseye, after the transformation efforts, the care and maintenance of this ugly dog is now one of the most expensive ones in the industry. So think about that when you are signing up for unemployment benefits. A white pitbull is making way more money than you, meaning that they value the ... read more

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(Wed 09/02/15 04:46:25 UTC)

When is the next round of TTS layoffs

We all know still there is lot of redundancy in TTS and transformation is continuous improvement process.. So, when is the next round of layoffs in TTS.... At least there should be one focussed round for KMG and above ...

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(Wed 09/02/15 01:29:57 UTC)

Last call. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here

The layoffs have now run their course so there is no further information to be gained at this site. Thank you everyone for your participation

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(Tue 09/01/15 23:21:08 UTC)

Best to all affected today!

The best post today had to be: "For the love of GOD give it a rest with the cheap humor. Over 200 real people were laid off today. They merit support and understanding. Others are still quite anxious, skip the I'm so cute I'm so funny BS for at least a day."

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(Tue 09/01/15 22:49:35 UTC)

Okay, it's time to start fulminating on something else - when's the second BTS of 2015 coming?

Mad about who was laid off today? Mad about who wasn't laid off today? Get out your one-notes and earnestly scribble away all of that pent up pissed off energy into 144 characters more or less to append to your upcoming BTS -let your red and khaki flag fly! Share it here first - brutally honest ... read more

Incite to Riot
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(Tue 09/01/15 22:28:37 UTC)

I miss Bob!

I miss Breakfasts with Bob. I miss Bob as the Mayor of the city. I miss Bob telling us goofy stories about the revolutionary war. Where is Bob!?

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(Tue 09/01/15 22:00:23 UTC)

Sorry to have seen some good people go.....

Can't really explain the who or whys. But for those left we can at least now focus on what our new roles and teams are going to be and move on. This foing nothing at work has been miserable.

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(Tue 09/01/15 20:47:44 UTC)

Target's brand (as an employer) is badly damaged

Whether these thousands of layoffs are the right thing or not, what's certain is that Target is no longer an employer of choice. Only been here for 2 years, but family, friends and old coworkers used to ooo/ahh when I talked about Target. Now they smirk and talk about layoffs, security breaches and ... read more

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(Tue 09/01/15 19:18:28 UTC)

My vests are Red and Briefs are Khakhi!

Any takers?

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(Tue 09/01/15 19:13:07 UTC)

Destroying Target Slowly

One bonus payment at the time. One at the time...

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(Tue 09/01/15 18:05:14 UTC)

Who was really let go?

I'm a former TTSer and just wondering...I read the Strib article that stated mostly TTS Business Analyst and TTS Project Managers were let go. However, many people I've heard from who were let go are Middle Management (KMG). Any insights from anyone?

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(Tue 09/01/15 17:58:31 UTC)

Is TI TTS has only 40 redundant positions?

As like me many were surprised by going through the message from MM and Navneet as they both called out the current reductions in TTS were part of ongoing transition and clearly stated "The changes involved reducing several layers within the organization and significantly expanding the number of ... read more

Poor and Pure Techie
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(Tue 09/01/15 17:42:03 UTC)

Hardworking people gone , junk still remains intact

It looks like all the hardworking people in TI are let go and junk , non performer still remains intact, ie FFF champion,initiative champions , process champions and so on. . Guys who were let go should not feel disappointed as they have have come out of rot now and will find a better environment,

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(Tue 09/01/15 16:56:16 UTC)

Close Target India

Very low value add anyway

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(Tue 09/01/15 16:50:48 UTC)

Many useless managers are still in Target, and are retained. Lay off decision are based on their manager assessment, how stupid it is.

All the names that I heard were hard workers and work dedicated people... All managers who self centred, never care for their team or Target are retained.. I got to know that decisions are based on survey and inpit fron managers. Its so stupid. Even for layoff MM and BC believing in management. ... read more

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(Tue 09/01/15 16:38:52 UTC)

Layoff Summary - September 1st 2015

Can someone summarize what happened today as it relates to layoffs (conflicting news on the web)? I left during the big March purge. I wish you all the best.

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(Tue 09/01/15 16:21:45 UTC)

C-Level announces it is laying itself off.

Minneapolis - After a year in office, CEO Brian Cornell has announced in a bold move that the entire C-Level has been purged. "We were simply spending too much money on people who do nothing. It's time we transform what happens at the top of this company," said Cornell. He went on to say that the ... read more

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(Tue 09/01/15 15:39:26 UTC)

Mixed feelings on being let go

I was let go today and getting mixed feelings on the impact. Quickly realized some friends suddenly stopped speaking and while some suddenly started coming for help. It was pretty clear to me that this was NOT based on any business reasons while purely hand picking by some KMG / Directors. Ours was ... read more

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(Tue 09/01/15 15:15:06 UTC)

235 in MN 40 in India Following months of anticipation, the ax fell in Target Corp.’s technology operations in the Twin Cities, where about 235 employees were let go this morning.

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(Tue 09/01/15 15:09:24 UTC)

What is the count?

Target India: 40 + 35 open positions Mpls : ?

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(Tue 09/01/15 14:22:49 UTC)

Let go..but not disappointed

I was let go today...I am not feeling bad. May be this was the only way i could have left target. Am glad for Target that it is moving in thr right direction. But somehow with so many layers, it wont achieve what it set out to. All the best guys. Lifes good.

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(Tue 09/01/15 13:38:55 UTC)

Meeting invites out in Minneapolis.

Losing some good ones I think.

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(Tue 09/01/15 12:25:51 UTC)

Glad to hear navneet safely escaped building with security.

While layoffs where bein announced

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(Tue 09/01/15 11:56:15 UTC)

All the Best to MPLS folks..

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(Tue 09/01/15 08:53:08 UTC)

Layoffs started in Target India

Layoffs started in Target India

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(Tue 09/01/15 02:26:41 UTC)

Must be around 8am in Bangalore.....

What is the word?

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(Tue 09/01/15 01:01:22 UTC)

Now kids, let's show some love at the NFM

Despite all of the complaints about leadership (or lack thereof) on this site, lets all make sure to cheer for our wonderful, caring leaders at the national sales meeting. I expect to hear all of you scream like teenage girls for Hannah Montana (like you do every year)..........and why I'd stopped ... read more

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(Tue 09/01/15 00:35:49 UTC)

Got a bad feeling about 9/1....

That I'm going to be still at Target, d*mn it. The thought of working with this leadership team to figure out next steps is almost unbearable.

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(Mon 08/31/15 20:17:59 UTC)

Tired of hearing whining about non-technical people

TTS whining about the non-technical people is just self serving blame shifting. The non technical people didn't hire themselves, they filled a void because TTS From the top to the lowest jr engineer couldn't make a sound business decision if their kids life depended on it. For every worthless mgr ... read more

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(Mon 08/31/15 17:48:54 UTC)

Layoffs can backfire

So the main problem that the Target leadership team is facing right now is, with so many layoffs done already and upcoming, who are they going to blame for the problems tomorrow?

Gregg Steinhaffel-Trump
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