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Of course

I'm going to online shop while working, companies expect you to work 24/7 these days.

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No thank you #blackfridayin3words

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Unemployment rate in MN at 3.1 percent. Target leadership should be very worried.

Can't recruit top talent any longer due to mismanagement of layoffs by BC and JK. Those remaining now have lots of opportunities and will be bailing soon. There is no opportunity left at Target, BC believes everyone is expendable except him and JM.

ID: @EAiJR7y

TGT Never Liked Old

ID: @EAmbnM2

I need some hmhd time.

ID: @Ez2jJyj

Yet more of the same mess... are we trying to sell things or not?

More proof that our 'transformation' is nowhere near where we've been led to believe by C-level... get your shit together BC and stop worrying so much about stock!!!... read more

ID: @EySr4w5

TTS promotions still a joke

Engineer in TTS here. Even after all the lip service from upper mgmt about how promotions are going to be based on actual contributions and skill level, I'm still getting the exact same runaround as before. I've been running circles around the other... read more

ID: @EyuthSN


I was laid off in June this year - I just wonder how the transformation towards Agile is going? Just curious.

ID: @Ey7J5Nx

Jim Cramer CNBC: I am furious myself at $TGT. I believed. I was wrong. But i didn't fail to deliver on line growth. They did...

ID: @ExOtHL6

Target, BC and JM just got spanked!!


Job and Pay Grades

Any information as to when the new job/pay grade structure will be presented? I also heard a rumor that some of the HQ Non Exempt positions may become Exempt with that change. Any truth to this?

ID: @Es1VrQD

Any changes or Layoffs coming in Dec or Jan...?

ID: @Es7sNIK

Target closure in W Brown Deer Rd in Milwaukee

Sorry folks, but what were you expecting? That Target looks more like a Burlington Coat Factory store rather than a Target. All merchandise arranged poorly on the shelves, end caps with no product, old signs, pricing inaccurate and there is nobody... read more

ID: @EqOSehL

Sticking around to see TTS and Target implode.

I want to be there to tell the story firsthand to my Grandchildren how I witnessed the destruction of another great American company, with a proud heritage, by incompetent Senior leadership. Then I'll leave along with everyone else, this is going to... read more

ID: @EkRa2VO

Target is incapable of solving problems. Instead of finding talent and strategically solving issues, we once again punt an entire business but will likely keep the knuckleheads that led us down this path of durrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ID: @EjDC80K

Car to Bike to Skateboard

I told them I wanted a car, but they said they would first give me a skateboard. The skateboard was made but then I was told I could not use it until it morphed into the car. They said this was Agile but it sure seemed like Waterfall to me. I guess I... read more

ID: @EjttxkC

Target Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Target layoffs in Minneapolis in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

ID: @EjrEymr

Target Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Walmart layoffs in Minneapolis in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

ID: @EjmUrIr

Targeteers get a clue

Target has to do something to save the company as a whole. Canada, .com, and the infamous security breach have cost Billions. Some of you seem to forget that? You may not like what the options are, but what would you do? Look at the numbers and it is... read more

ID: @EiYAyi4

Target closing 13 stores – including in Minnesota, Wisconsin communities

List of the closing stores. Austin North East (Austin, Texas) Suncoast Pasco County (Odessa, Fla.) Casa Grande, Ariz. Victorville, Calif. East Flint (Flint, Mich.) Columbus Southwest (Columbus, Ohio) Northridge (Milwaukee) Superior Springfield, Ohio... read more

ID: @Ei7qqNk

The agile manifesto screw up.....

Could someone, with appropriate writing skills and interest, please write a book detailing the colossal f/up MM has unleashed on TTS and Tgt. Saving future generations of technical talent from this disaster would be a gift to humanity. Nothing... read more

ID: @EitnuH4

Ay Caramba!!! Unrealistic expectations!

TTS and Target are not even close to using Agile. 200 teams trying to figure it out with an underprepared training and coaching program and total lack of key leader adoption or understanding for 200 TTS teams. People do not understand their new roles... read more

ID: @EcrGhkb

EDABI has been blessed - Ujjwal resigns finally!

Things will be better from now. What say, people?

ID: @Eb7Rb1u

Traffic way down in this site

The number of visits and posts in this site has diminished drastically since the early 2015 round of layoffs. I want to think that the people that needed to be laid off or felt themselves at risk were the majority of the people posting here. Let's... read more

Traffic cop
ID: @EadWqRI

Next round of layoffs? got too many people.. Multiple teams are doing the same work.. When do we see layoffs in this area.. The only way to progress in this area is to layoff people who dont have work..

ID: @E8ktzM7

Amazon just crushed it - expect more layoffs at Tgt.

What else can they do?

ID: @E5yYwUb

The future of Merch IQ

Whatever happened to Merch IQ? I do not see any of those sophisticated people wearing Prada and Chanel walking the hallways of TPN and CC with their super presentations of their $100 million program and how cool they were. Did they get shut down? Did... read more

ID: @E5XhNnu

BTS Pulse - what was the point?

Clearly they want to cinch down the feedback; no subtlety or nuance, no essay questions at the end. Example: Do I think Target cares about Diversity? Well they sure do talk a good game. But you ask the question in such a way that all I can say is... read more

ID: @E5PbbPp

Target CEO to Stop Worrying About Stock Price, Start Fixing Real Issues

MINNEAPOLIS (AP)- In a stunning reversal of strategy, CEO Brian Cornell stated in a press conference that he is going to start focusing on real issues within the company. "We realized that focusing solely on increasing stock price led us to... read more

ID: @E3aFkIO

Lot of talk on this forum about how how green the grass is at - Read:

ID: @E2G2llC

Shalini's Sutras – Merchandisisng Unethical HR Practice - Shalini Nataraj Serior HR Target India Forges an employee signature on the employees Conductive Action Plan. Employee even complained to the then acting CEO John Mulligan but in vain. The employee... read more

ID: @E1b01Uh

Those layed off and now working for Amazon have the future in hand.

The rest of us left working at Target have a slow death with a miserable and ever getting worse employment situation.

Left behind
ID: @DZR3Yl3

PRON @ Target?

ID: @DYgc6Xy

PRON @ Target?


It Looks Like Walmart is in trouble as well


January 2016 Layoffs at Target

What do we know so far?

ID: @DXK8Bhj

They said plaid was cool.... Now everyone jumps on that bandwagon.

Does anyone here think for themselves?

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