Topics regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Target Corp.

San Francisco stores

I've heard at least one more San Francisco store will be closing sometime soon, does anybody know if this is true? The source is less than reliable so it'd be nice to get confirmation from somebody who might be in the know. If it's true, which store... —  read more 

Expect layoffs 2022

Distribution cannot continue to expect to hire 60-75 each week into every building, and then not think that over staffing is going to be an issue come January. Especially after throwing huge bonuses at new hires to get them. We already have so many... —  read more 

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For those naysayers

Things have improved and people are noticing. Fewer layoffs, less attrition, more happy employees. Target employees are quitting less than the national average The general merchandise retailer is seeing a drop in employee turnover across all... —  read more 

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How is Target(southtexas)

I am a visual merchandiser and work weekdays. Does Target with visual merchandisers/general merchandisers work weekdays only?? Whats the pay for someone experienced in South Texas? What do they do, job duties, what time do they go in and out, etc... —  read more 

Los Angeles Hero Pay

Anyone else hearing the rumors that we are going to get less hours because of the hero pay that the city of Los Angeles is forcing Target and grocery to pay. Los Angekes will be laying $20 an hour minimum.

Can I come back?

I was laid off two years ago and would love to come back but I'm not sure if I can since I received a severance package. I've found a new job since then but I admit I miss Target. I was heartbroken when I was let go and I'm happy to see it's doing so... —  read more 

Is the bonus amount adequate?

Well, it's great that Target decided to set aside money to pay their frontline employees a $200 bonus and that extra money will certainly come in handy. Still, I wonder if they could have done a little more for us since the company made a profit... —  read more 

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Are You Prepared?

It's a near certainty that you will be laid off at least once in your lifetime. Knowing this, what are you doing to prepare for the day when you're notified that your position has been eliminated? Do you have emergency savings to cover 6 months'... —  read more 

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Things are looking up

Not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way, but after a couple of years of turmoil thing seems to be looking up for us - at least when it comes to layoffs. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I feel like I have job security once again -... —  read more 

Hooded sweatshirts

question from T3802 warehouse. We have been told that hoodies are no longer allowed across the pyramid. Wearing one is means for immediate termination. Have any of our other warehouses heard or been notified of this new policy

What about salary

So that’s awesome we have $2 extra an hour to our team members .... what about salary leaders?! Those leaders are still working 10 hour days due to store director instruction and increasing there exposure because of it. But for what?! No benefit... —  read more 

50 hour work weeks?

I am an ETL and I’m told that we all have to work 50 hours a week... 10 hour days. I thought it would be ok, but I realized it’s taking time away from Home life. I’m starting to dislike the long days. Other targets in my region do not follow that... —  read more

It's been down all day for me. I try on my GF's phone and it works - now, called apple, they have no clue about what I am talking about.

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it starts here

walkout the day before thanksgiving enjoy the holhdays with your families for once. use your sick hours and vaca for a tax place jan-apr then go to another retail them like they have done us for years just one time

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