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(Mon 10/12/15 22:04:15 UTC)

New hires

Target warehouse new hires in rialto california now will top out at $19.00 it will take them 3 years to top out this is for warehouse worker if your a specialist which as of now there called I.M.inventory management which don't really do to much but talk and kiss major ass you will get $21.00 ... read more

Target rat

(Fri 10/09/15 21:49:49 UTC)

Sweat Shops, Underage Workers...

Why can't TGT keep more jobs if all their merch is being made by little kids in slave labor factories overseas? That has got to save a TON of $!

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(Fri 10/09/15 17:23:28 UTC)

Enough TTS grousing - what are people hearing about the rumored layoffs in January? What areas, what kind of head-count are you hearing?

It will be cheaper to lay off people after the new year, won't have to payout vacation except to those of retirement age... Does anyone have info to share?

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(Fri 10/09/15 14:16:16 UTC)

And you all thought with few layoffs, title changes and Director promotions TTS will get super eficient & exciting?

And you all thought with few layoffs, title changes and Director promotions TTS will get super eficient & exciting? Can anyone seriously list down accomplishments of Savita (Redrock), Suresh (Canada)?

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(Fri 10/09/15 01:06:30 UTC)

Honey , I'm good

But Target sucks as an employer!


(Fri 10/09/15 00:56:02 UTC)

EDABI is the worst!

Been in analytics for long time,but have to say that the current structure of EDABI, and its top leadership is the worst I've seen in years. Smart guys I'm sure, but not an announce of true leadership skills. Clients are furious that nothing that is promised is actually ever delivered, its ... read more

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(Wed 10/07/15 16:22:41 UTC)

Consulting company on site

Why is Bain consulting at our company this week? Lots of shadowing/informationals with them today, wanting to know what's/who's working, etc.... Anyone know what the purpose is of this and what is to come next in this process?

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(Wed 10/07/15 07:09:54 UTC)

Janani Subramanian and Jose Denzyl - enjoy 3 weeks paid vacation in US in-guise of FNM

Also some waste team members like Janani Subramanian - who screw up so many team members life is enjoying FNM and vacation every year. has no brains but is sent to US to enjoy as she has connections. what a waste. why an IC who is not working fine and has so many complaints with HR from her ... read more

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(Wed 10/07/15 02:27:50 UTC)

Is it me or are the Managers are falling back into the same old bad habits?

They talk about change, efficiency being agile, and work.different but when it comes down to it, they are too afraid to actually make the changes and be the first one to step up. I am so tired of the talk, let's do something and move forward. I feel still stuck! I just want to know what to do and ... read more

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(Wed 10/07/15 01:49:37 UTC)


I stopped by the HyVee in New Hope a week ago. If Target and Cub has anything to be afraid about, it should be HyVee. The offerings might make it less convenient for me to go to Target or Cub. Considering they are building one in view of TNC, I would image TGT folk will be scoping it out.

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(Tue 10/06/15 20:49:27 UTC)


The overriding challenge for Target is breaking out of the silos

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(Mon 10/05/15 13:14:50 UTC)

Update on POS stability and in stocks

Not a damn thing has been fixed. #transformation

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(Fri 10/02/15 12:38:06 UTC)

Ain't heard sh*t of any importance from McNamara in a

Get your shi*t together Mike, we should be hearing from you almost daily....nothing more important than keeping the team up to speed during a major transformation. If you are counting on lame ass VPs to do this, you've failed.

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(Thu 10/01/15 17:24:05 UTC)

Walmart's getting read to lay off people, massive layoffs in corporate office

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(Thu 10/01/15 15:32:46 UTC)

Isn't it about time for JK to take the pulse of TGT with follow up BTS?

Maybe they don't want to know...

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(Thu 10/01/15 13:23:51 UTC)

Another week almost done.

One week closer to retirement from this hell hole I'm trapped in called TGT HQ.

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(Thu 10/01/15 03:19:45 UTC)

TTS bonus structure changes

TTS bonus structure is changing... If you aren't in an agile role, you stay with the old bonus structure (no bonus until PG 17) - aka if you are a PM or BA. If you're in an agile role the cap is increased to 10%. Ask your manager for details, as it's not being freely shared. It's clear who is ... read more

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(Thu 10/01/15 01:05:59 UTC)

Important Decision Sent Up To Company's Highest Idiot

This is all too familiar... sometimes The Onion gets it right on the nose....

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(Wed 09/30/15 21:24:30 UTC)

Early October 1st Meeting

COEs tasked with becoming efficient by October combined with CC restack next week doesn't bode well for meeting early tomorrow. Boxes are already in the service center.

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(Tue 09/29/15 13:25:22 UTC)

Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow.....

TTS leadership approach to current malaise in every department. Never seen morale among teams so low....those layed off were lucky!

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(Tue 09/29/15 12:39:24 UTC)

Time for Target to merge with Walmart

There is no longer room for two major brick and mortar discounters to compete with Amazon and future on-line competition. Combine forces and you have a chance, otherwise keep canabalizing each other at their gain and your demise.

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(Thu 09/24/15 15:32:34 UTC)

JM building new empire for Operations.

Focusing on Supply chain issues. Keeps saying issue is that our SC was built for old brick and mortar model.

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(Wed 09/23/15 17:09:48 UTC) Taget = superannuated - EOM

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(Wed 09/23/15 15:34:49 UTC)

Target to hire 1000 in IT

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(Wed 09/23/15 14:29:51 UTC)

This is what it's like working for TGT in HQ

You will see egos around you. And if your manager has an ego, you will see his ego surrounded by other egos and thinking they are so cool. You will see no substance. you will attend meaningless meetings and will use some buzzwords. You will see multi-million dollar initiatives being kicked off and ... read more

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(Mon 09/21/15 20:41:29 UTC)

What is it like to work for Target?

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(Mon 09/21/15 16:57:27 UTC)

REALLY, Cornell has time on his hands to devote to YUM Brands.....

What happened to Target before team or me. Apparently BC thinks Tgt does not require his full attention any longer. Beginning of the end for Target, BC is already hedging his bets. Every man for themselves now.

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(Mon 09/21/15 13:29:55 UTC)

Now that FNM is over....

Layoffs resume? That's totally Bryan's plan. Get everyone all happy and then shit all over us.

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(Sun 09/20/15 07:19:15 UTC)

What do you all think about stats posted at PayScale?

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(Sat 09/19/15 22:22:00 UTC)

Love myself

Don't need anyone else

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(Sat 09/19/15 17:26:04 UTC)

Lot of time in hand!

Have you ever wondered doesn't have a section for Amazon, Google or other leading companies? Because their employees are super busy working unlike you who spend half of your life on this site! No wonder company believes employees are idle and are laying off! Stop bullshitting here and ... read more


(Sat 09/19/15 17:14:28 UTC)

Everyone below LMG level has no reason to be invested in Target success

Unless you are LMG and above at Target you do not share in the success of initiatives. That is where bonus payouts start. Why give any is not more than anywhere can leave whenever Target asks more than they are willing to pay for. Basic economics, don't think Target has ... read more

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(Sat 09/19/15 16:32:58 UTC)

Engineer Manager - Read carefully the description of the role and compare with who are assigned to that role - It's a JOKE !

No technical background, Never logged into a real system, NO PROBLEM you are an Engineering Manager - Because it's LiPStiCK on A P1G !! Hope MM knows this, or soon will know the details...All in the name of Survey Yay!! ...We will be Google renaming stuff makes us more ... read more

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(Sat 09/19/15 04:05:29 UTC)

These Target proud workers just won the right to form Target's first-ever union

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(Fri 09/18/15 20:34:51 UTC)

Speak it foward

No more great team card just pick a fis fit animal to match up,.. Zombies now misfit animals. Who in the hezzz thinks this bad stuff up. I agree our ads suck too

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(Fri 09/18/15 20:34:50 UTC)

If MM told BC that TTS was going to be 100% agile he should be fired....

and then every TTS VP that can't show BC how exactly (not just that they changed everyone's job title) how each person is engaged in agile them too. This is classic Target....see if you can outlast current fad long enough to keep team and process intact.

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(Fri 09/18/15 13:43:04 UTC)

All need to step it up

Asa long target shopping I am frustrated by watch my store experience go to hell over the last 3 years. Far am I am concerned everyone needs to step it up

Frustrated guest
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