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What about salary

So that’s awesome we have $2 extra an hour to our team members .... what about salary leaders?! Those leaders are still working 10 hour days due to store director instruction and increasing there exposure because of it. But for what?! No benefit... —  read more 

50 hour work weeks?

I am an ETL and I’m told that we all have to work 50 hours a week... 10 hour days. I thought it would be ok, but I realized it’s taking time away from Home life. I’m starting to dislike the long days. Other targets in my region do not follow that... —  read more 

Job Interview

How long will it take to get an interview after filling out a job application? Please let me know.

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Regular Store Employee Count

What's a number of employees in an average sized Target Store. ~Disclaimer: I work for a competitor, but this is just my personal question

If I quit...

Do I get compensated for all the PTO I have accrued?

It's been down all day for me. I try on my GF's phone and it works - now, called apple, they have no clue about what I am talking about.

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Target Layoffs 2020

If the economy turns around, do you anticipate any Target Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

it starts here

walkout the day before thanksgiving enjoy the holhdays with your families for once. use your sick hours and vaca for a tax place jan-apr then go to another retail them like they have done us for years just one time

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when does the 15 dollar an hour start

let's dangle the carrot and get them to work for something they won't get for 3 years is that targets game YES IT IS btw you get not enough hours to get benefits retail is c-ap maybe if they stopped the free shipping(what a joke nothing is free... —  read more 

another lie they got caught in

why does corporate deny cutting hours and benefits and even try to state hours are increased(lie) and avoid a much bigger one by not even addressing benefits cuts it's true that's why they put off showing the true numbers and say nothing ceo on the... —  read more 

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why do ALL pro sports have a union and we don't

players have agents and unions to protect their interests we have none and get the union is bad thing. they keep taking and taking and i don't want to hear about 15 an hour that may or may not happen and you have all seen higher paid people fired for... —  read more 

Security Specialist job

I currently work for another retailer and am looking at Target jobs. Is there anyone that could tell me about the Security Specialist job? What is the pay range? Do you have to physically aprehend shoplifters or belligerent people?

why is this happening

long term team members, highly compensated team leaders and executives are being railroaded out at alarming rates. this needs to be investigated. truth is top level executives are protecting their own interests and don't care about what happens to... —  read more 

the reason this thread went silent

cnn got involved and all the lying corporate moles have packed up and run for cover why else would they go silent did it get too real for you it will soon

401k question

so i've been working here since last november just started my 401k and cannot get target stock what i work here what is that all about?


It’s been a little over five years since the first major round of layoffs occurred at target. After that there were many of us that got on this site and shared information and got quite a bit information and support. There was a lot of anxiety once... —  read more 

partial unemployment ?

does anyone know about this i've never drawn it before but due to the drastic cut back in hours i feel i must apply has anyone experienced any backlash from this any input is appreciated

Is this legal

I seriously had to get a Doctors note to have water on the sales floor . Really I am 6 months pregnant!!!!!!

is it just me

why am i doing the jobs of 3 people to get a 2 dollar an hour pay bump

Having trouble doing what needs to be done

We are severely understaffed at my store - to the point where overtime is gone within a week or two. And there is no indication they are planning to hire any people to help. I really don't understand their reasoning. How is this good for business?... —  read more 

What is the tech support model for Target?

IT guy here for another retailer. When you guys have issues with registers, scanners, computers, etc, what is the support model? Is it all third party, or are there target employees that fix issues?

wrongful termination

i was on a final and got canned on friday because "of little or no improvement" yet our opu metrics are green and ship metrics are all top in the district then i was told it came from higher ups to term me wth

Target Tech

Any truth to the rumor of Target’s elimination of the Target Tech associates and managers from marketsource?


why are my posts disappearing oh i get it mr pointless is a rogue moderater

where's hr in all this ?

protecting company interests that's it time to organize a union have mass walkouts and hurt the company like they have done to ten's of thousands of good faithful hardworking employees

new etl's

anyone have a leader that's been with target longer than a year and a half they seem to be going quickly

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