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Ghost Protocol

In TTS unless you are involved in digital or supply chain you are a ghost to McNamara. You are only keeping the lights on, no real value....and that is made obvious by who he promotes and acknowledges.

For current TGT employees only

This site is mostly people who don't/have never worked at Target or disgruntled former TMs. Current employees are connected via a private FB site, which you can be invited to through your coworkers - just ask around. The info is better (real) and the... read more

Tts - Paper planes!

Build things which does nothing, is for fun, adds no value and can be thrown away. Do not try to build anything which does actually work like transporting people, which adds value and can generate profit. By this Tts will reach the levels of... read more

So much junk in Target India

I have recently visited Target India from Minneapolis. Cant imagine how much junk we have in Target India. I am sure 90 percent of the engineers can be fired immediately without any impact to the company. They won't produce anything useful. There are... read more

Job alternatives

Buy clown masks and be clowns Make a logo for gender neutral restrooms Check expiration dates in grocery Or..... Find a job in Canada Badabing...bada bong

Random thoughts

I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...I hate my job at Target...but I hate my feckless leadership team... read more

I heard layoffs are coming in January

I heard big layoff is coming in TTS today from somebody. It seems senior leaders are already identifying team members who needs to be laid off. They are just waiting for holidays to be over. PG-6 and PG-7 will have most of the impact

Current PayGarde Level

What are the pay grade levels at target ? Is there a level 5 or level 6 ? What is the salary for these levels ?

Fearful of losing job!

Things must be going to sh!t in a hurry. Have not heard a peep from BC or executive team in forever. Not since news about sales -2 to flat as best scenario. I am too damn young to start looking for new job.

I get it now

I was born under a wand'rin' star
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This is why Target is failing....too damn PC to even sell clown costumes for Halloween. WTF, grow some balls and make money idiots!

Women take notice!

I wonder what percentage of Target layoffs in 2016 have been women? I bet it is fairly high. Star trib you paying attention at all?

TTS engineering TMs listen up

It won't be long before your skills are no longer needed. Your peers are creating technology that will do your job. Hopefully you invested some of your oversized salaries.

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