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Let's win by pretending Amazon doesn't exist

Yet more passive wait and see business strategy.... what is so hard about taking an industry lead? Bob Ulrich must be livid at how bad this company is being run. The current CEO should just admit the C level has no original ideas.


Brilliant. Another example of digital debacle. Sh--ty digital team cannot put out a visual search tool when AR was getting experimented a few years ago. Now you have ANOTHER MIDDLEMAN between you and the consumer. I thought this digital leadership is... read more
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Minimum wage increases

Former Target worker here - this isn't really big news. I started at $7.50 an hour back in 2011 and when I left last year the company minimum was $10. They effectively raised the company minimum every year. However, every time I got a company raise... read more


Are they taking away FMLA in California or any other states at Target?Will the houdini shows finally end.Maybe 13 reasons they want to get rid of it who knows.

TGT can't stop killing itself

Get ready for more layoffs at HQ! Announced lowering of everyday prices can't be good news for HQ employees...that cost has to be born somewhere, stores won't get cut.

Stop the clutter

Make Target easier to navigate for employees and guests. All of these obstacles in the center aisles make the shopping process more like an annoying traffic jam. I will shop online if I have to in order to get my purchases quickly. Who enjoys... read more
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Ah, the irony

When I was in grad school The then Vice Chairman of Target gave a speech about "Bricks and Clicks." He explained how Amazon was this small little tech company was going to take Target's Catalog business online to create an "Online Catalog" of certain... read more
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Wait.......WHAT (wtf) Tgt cuts ties with AWS

Are you kidding me. TGT still has ties with Amazon Web Services that need to be cut. How many people at Target have been laid off or minimized by Amazon's dominance and we still have a relationship that needs to be severed. God help us, we have... read more

Yale Equipment pyramid wide?

Is yale equipment plaguing other DC's the way it is mine? Me and most of us at my DC hate them, yet despite our protests they continue to come in replacing crown. Our DC has heard rumors of others getting rid of yale and obtaining crown again... read more

Corrective Action

Seems that the Corrective Action rules are different for many. Has anyone survived being put on "Corrective Action" (pack your bag notice)? What is the process? Survived? I hear there is a a new round happening in TTS. Worried that I could be next, I... read more

Target Vacation Payout - Layoffs

If I am laid off, hypothetically speaking, how will the vacation payout be handled by Target. Are there rules outlining what happens here? Also, are there differences between states (e.g. California may be different if compared to Minnesota or... read more

Us brilliant folks

Sorry to all you losers let go by Target in last couple years but apparently you were the problem after all. Just look at today's earnings results. Only us brilliant people are left and it shows.


I'm not sure if you've heard that a company in Wisconsin just had their employees get microchips implanted in themselves. This has me very furious. I'm not sure if Target would ever go this route but it wouldn't surprise me at all especially with all... read more

Disturbing trend

Yes it is true, there is a list! Managers are being coached weekly to complete the process. Many of the "managed out" employees have been "TARGETED" due to age and years of service; however it is being balanced out with a few token younger team... read more

Reverse discrimination

TTS's blatant push for gender diversification will make my case for reverse discrimination a no brainer. I see myself on a beach paid for by MM himself. Thank you so much Target!

My two cents

I've been with Target for nearly 30 years, what we are seeing now in terms of leadership changes and "managing out" reminds me a lot of how Target used to be in the 90's and early 2000's. Then the push was insane growth and it happened fast and... read more

Managing Out

Target is currently undergoing a thinning out of staff by "managing out" many team members. People with good annual reviews (or if the "managing out" period started before review time horrible but unrealistic reviews) suddenly under fire. Made up... read more

"Basket Case"

Target since BC and MM has created nothing but cconstant stress in my life. So much needless failure by Target .

An outsider's take

I am a completely outside Target but occasionally enjoy reading the comments made on this website. In fact, I would have to drive about 25 miles to shop at one. Until now I have never commented here and I probably never will again. I truly feel sorry... read more

The Quiet Exit

A couple (at least 2) "very important" six fig Managers from Marketing were given two months to find new jobs in May. Neither one did - I guess sitting around managing 1 person and getting paid for working 5 hours a day doesn't impress everywhere... read more

Target leaders (especially TTS) take note

This headline for Inc. Article Aetna Lost $1 Billion Last Quarter By Forbidding Employees to Work from Home The insurance giant learns the hard way that forced collaboration doesn't create innovation.

What happened to "work smarter not harder"

When the DC started talking about Target finally removing their heads from their asses and trying to catch up with the likes of Amazon, they talked about all the changes in the future. They said TGT needs to find a way to get the product from the... read more

BI engg weeds

BI engg VP..Directors..acclaimed Principal Engineers are of no value to Target and need to go. holding titles, delivering no results. Your shoddy solutions seen in demo day reflect your sub standard knowledge. BIA is another waste..monkeys generating... read more


Target’s Been Talking Food for a Decade. Now Amazon Could Eat Bullseye’s Lunch
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Strategic alternatives

The board needs to explore some "strategic alternatives" quickly, while there is still some value left of Target. Otherwise we're all at risk of layoff.

Amazon to acquire Whole Foods

Hope Target has its A-game ready because Amazon + Whole Foods could put a pretty big damper on Target's already hurting foot traffic.

Now that NK is gone, is SG next?

I hope so. Tanked Pharmacy. Tanking Digital. After all this, they've got nothing other than a website. Nothing new comes out of this group whereas something new keeps coming up @WalMart and @Amazon every week. Get her out & her clown DMGs and start... read more

Merch Demotions

Is it true that Merch had demotion and that some folks were pushed into lower titles and pay grades?

Blood bath again?

Lot of leaders leaving or asked to leave.... Does this mean that layoffs again in coming months????

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