Topics regarding layoffs at Teletech Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teletech Holdings Inc.

No thanks!

Not a company you would want to work for. The recruitment team asks inappropriate questions regarding personal topics such as children and family, medical, and specifically asking about political affiliations. Worst interview ever. I only wish I... —  read more 

Do the math if you really think you get to keep your job when cheaper agents complete their training.

$1.50 less per hour multiplied by 2,080 (the work hours in one year) equals $3,120 savings per employee. For every 100 agents, this saves TeleTech $3,120,000. And there are more than 100 agents on the floor. Plus some of those already have received... —  read more 

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P&C Agent Replacement Update

I was canned, but apparently I will soon have company. Sorry. But here's what I've learned from those left behind. There are now three fulltime API trainers in Springfield. There had been just one in that role. This means they are serious about... —  read more 

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