Topics regarding layoffs at Telstra Corp. Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Telstra Corp. Ltd.

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What a joke this position is! I got fired a few months ago for posting on social media on a site similar to At&t humor haha and Im happy for that. I want to give people a heads up to stay the f— away! They monitor everything you do and make you... — read more 

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Bargained cash balance program

Has anyone had trouble collecting their pension from fidelity? I've been trying since August and they keep giving me the run around. I call once a week and get a different answer on why it's taking so long. Now they're saying telling me that att... — read more 

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Drop countdown started

Be realistic AT&T's net income didn't match its dividend payment for the first half of the year, which is concerning. While free cash flow covered the dividend handily is a Danger: Stock -30%YTD Understand what you invest in. the company NOW... — read more 

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