Topics regarding layoffs at Textron

Topics regarding layoffs at Textron

Selling things?

Someone mentioned in one of the posts that the next logical step that will follow is selling off property. I hope for the best case scenario, but I still think that will follow because there are some things we can do without. And I wonder what you... —  read more 

East Campus

I figure by April or May Textron will consolidate everything over to west campus. No reason to keep east campus and it will save ALOT of money, which they will need to pay back the HUGE loans they took out. Get ready for more layoffs, start saving... —  read more 


Covid running rampant at Textron so the answer is to mandatory holidays and send ppl to other departments...wouldn't this increase risk instead of limiting it.

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Covid contact tracking

Whoever is being used for tracking contacts of covid is so slow that before anyone is contacted multiple ppl are showing signs. This is going to cause more furloughs and or layoffs due to missed deliveries.

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Covid 19 policy

Just a heads up, if you are kicked out of the daily screening form, and forced to quarantine, the third time it happens and you have no time to cover it, you are subject to the attendance policy. In other words, follow the rules and get fired anyway... —  read more 

So tired of guessing

It's going to be layoffs next week, no it'll be furloughs next month, no it's layoffs after all, no we're all good for a while... It's so tiring to know something is definitely coming but having no idea when and how. It's emotionally draining and... —  read more 


Word in the plant is that all of W-7 is going on furlough starting the week of Thanksgiving until January 11th. Maybe a skeleton crew here and there.

Strike !!!!

Stinking Cessna Union Members don't know how to strike. They just buy whatever the company offers. It a good thing us Beech Union Members will stand strong against the company and let Cessna Union Members ride our backs to get a good contract.

Pension buy out

Latest rumor from negotiations is a buy out of pension, not a freeze like old Beech pension. This would only affect longtime textron employees not former Beech employees. Once again we get screwed and they get to keep their old... —  read more 

Bumpy Ride

I heard yesterday that the company is talking a second round of cuts coming and now they are talking about going back to lockdown. This is not the direction we need it to go. Hold on tight going to be a bumpy road.


As the company continues to furlough. It burns up your unemployment account (if you take it). So if this goes on for a while and then you get laid off, you may not have many weeks left of unemployment. Watch your nickels and dimes folks. you have... —  read more 

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