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How many people work at Textron?

I think the employee count information has to be released to the public. Do you know how many people work here? How about the overall people count at the main location at Providence?


Word is on the floor from the union is 2500 heads cut. 500 more salary and 2000 union heads. Furloughs will also be handed out after the head count reduction. Managers and directors are in constant meetings. It will start late In February. Lots... —  read more 


Any layoffs within Textron general are indicative of a potential down cycle trend. Post under Textron for Textron Aviations news. I am hearing a salary layoff 12/5-12/6/2019 and a Union floor worker layoff in March 2020. Sales are low and did not... —  read more 

December salary layoff at Textron

Any layoffs within Textron general are indicative of a potential down cycle trend. Post under Textron for Textron Aviations news. I am hearing a salary layoff 12/5-12/6/2019 and a Union floor worker layoff in March 2020. Sales are low and did not... —  read more 

Textron Layoffs 2020

This is a generic discussion thread to capture comments about potential Textron Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Major layoffs coming to Textron

Textron Specialized Vehicles division is getting hit hard, 400 people will be laid off by the end of the year (really good timing, Textron, great Christmas present for longtime, loyal employees.)... —  read more 

Job security anyone?

I don’t understand how people seem surprised when a round of layoffs occurs at Textron. With the company’s track record of over-hiring then cutting people as part of cost reduction, working at a fast food restaurant would give a person better job... —  read more 

One major flaw

I’ve been with Textron for a few years and while it is mostly a good company to work for, there is a major flaw that needs fixing right now. Main focus to try to develop leadership is placed on new candidates in the workforce. While they are the... —  read more 


Noting more to add on Textron layoffs... http://homenewshere.com/wilmington_town_crier/news/article_ec83b51e-caf3-11e7-b6eb-db249fbd8e19.html After already laying off almost 200 employees from the Wilmington location on Lowell Street earlier this... —  read more 

Textron Layoffs 2018

Do you think that our executives will make a decision to cut people in Providence Rhode Island.

Cutting essential hours and people

It's going on again. Local management ordered overtime and a request for contract help to meet schedule on the new plane scheduled to come out by the end of the year. Corporate sends their finance auditors and tells local management to cut out the... —  read more 

Cost reductions

Textron's philosophy is layoff to meet quarterly numbers and then hire new college grads for less money. I like the idea but they are doing it at such a rapid pace they will be laying off the new hires from this year in just 8 years. Not to mention... —  read more 

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Textron Layoffs 2017

It's hard to see things getting better or much better - are we going to have job reductions in corporate in Providence Rhode Island.


I was a 12 year employee with no discipline issues. I was thanked for my 12 years of loyal service, then told the company was moving in a different direction and that I no longer fit the culture. Classic BS line. The truth is that I had a month... —  read more 

Poor leadership

Worked for texted for 12 years, worst company ever only because of the sorry leadership. The company always seems to promote people who are uniquely unqualified to lead. There is way too much good old boy networking.

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Textrons Industrial companies

I got hit by Textron layoffs twice. This last one was from one of their industrial companies. It was announced that one of their plants were going to have as many as 30% of their working people let go. No management, just the people who actually do... —  read more 

Was decent....

Rumor is layoffs coming tomorrow 11/10/16 to TXTAV Wichita. How nice right befor the holidays. Textron is now ran like society. You aren't supposed to ask questions or state your opinions or you might upset someone. They want you to shut up and do as... —  read more 

Poor Management

11 years with the company. Horrible management. Too much favoritism. Micro management. Afraid to discipline minorities. Management never listens to employees when making complaints to HR. Will always back the member of leadership. Extremely poor... —  read more 

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Hope something has changed

Worked at Textron for four years, got out mainly because I was not satisfied with benefits, but it wasn't the best environment eather. Cold war between millenialls and older employees, a lot favouritism, and frequent change in upper managment causing... —  read more 

Stop with micro-management and double standards

Been working here for 5 years, and the environment gets worse each year. Seems like Textron is attracting the worlds' worse managers, such a poor decision makers and micro-managing douche-bags. And double standards regarding accountability; standards... —  read more 

Textron Baltimore County Facility

I am not affiliated with Textron but I saw an article about layoffs in Baltimore County - nothing more to add - I work for a company that is having layoffs right now and I was randomly browsing here. I just happen to live in Baltimore County so I... —  read more 

Textron Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Textron layoffs in Providence in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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Most of us expected this to happen, HOWEVER nobody expected the layoffs to be this wide and this deep. Overall, we all know things need to change and we ought to get leaner, but 700+ people for a relatively small corporation such is Textron in the... —  read more 

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Leaked Layoffs Email

----- ----- ----- ----- April 23, 2014 --- From The Desk of Jim Walters, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Communications --- ----- Fellow Employees: ----- ----- ----- ----- Throughout the past several weeks, leaders have been working... —  read more 

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