Topics regarding layoffs at Textron

Topics regarding layoffs at Textron

Trouble at FedEx

So now FedEx is all over the news talking about downsizing and recession...and we are supposed to believe they are going to buy more of our aircraft. Lots of investment money we are about to lose.

New VSL's

As much as people are complaining about all the new workers not knowing what they are doing no one is saying or doing anything about these new vsl's and all the cr-p they are doing. It is just as obvious they have no clue either.

Impacts of recession

There is more and more talk about a significant decline in economic activity. I am a bit worried about how the recession will have an impact on the company? What are your thoughts on this?


So...they r 3D printing parts so they can put stuff together...but all is good right....who r they kidding.

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Communication worse than ever

Our manager expects others to read his mind. This is a place that could never, or at least as long as I have worked here, be praised for good communication, however, the situations that we have now due to poor (or no) communication are awful... —  read more 

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I try to look positive

I'm trying to find a few reasons why I would stay here, but it's difficult. I may be exaggerating, but from my perspective there is no longer any reason why anyone would want to be here if they had any other opportunity. Maybe there's a reason I... —  read more 

New Date - Jan 4th

I guess the business groups got through to the White House and got them to move the federal contractor mandate to January 4th so that 4th quarter earnings aren’t impacted by mass layoffs. Question is, will the company actually move their date? —  read more 

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