Topics regarding layoffs at Textron

Topics regarding layoffs at Textron

July and August furloughs

July and August will have rolling furlough...and the new language in contract will only affect departments not company wide based on job classification. Get ready cause it's about to get fun. Is there anybody who can confirm if this is true? I'm... —  read more 

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I try to look positive

I'm trying to find a few reasons why I would stay here, but it's difficult. I may be exaggerating, but from my perspective there is no longer any reason why anyone would want to be here if they had any other opportunity. Maybe there's a reason I... —  read more 

New Date - Jan 4th

I guess the business groups got through to the White House and got them to move the federal contractor mandate to January 4th so that 4th quarter earnings aren’t impacted by mass layoffs. Question is, will the company actually move their date? —  read more 

Running Scared

So the WH now says no one should be terminated due to mandate and that it was never their intent for companies to fire people for not getting vaccine. Funny how all new contracts have been sent to companies stating if all employees are not vaccinated... —  read more 

Problems with hiring?

It may be an individual case, but a colleague who left almost three months ago has still not been replaced. Perhaps Textron is in no hurry to make a replacement, or perhaps there are problems with hiring? I don't know... I wonder what you think, is... —  read more 

Big talk, no action

It is amazing to me when some say that almost half of the employees will leave the company because of the vaccine. What kind of estimates are those? Terrible. I don't believe at all that many people will leave this place because of the vaccine... —  read more 

Absurd ethics violations

It’s becoming ridiculous. If any run of the mill employee remotely gets close to non-compliance with HR policies, you are forever doomed. All at the same time we have SLT members blatantly giving tens of thousands of dollars of favors to their... —  read more 

Almost no work

More than anything, it worries me that I have almost no work to do. I've never had less work to do. For a long time now, almost all day long, there is nothing to occupy my time. What to do when there's no work to be done and you can't find another... —  read more 

December 8th

Wel, there it is. All employees in a company with a government contract MUST be vaccinated by December 8th. Doesn't matter if u work from home or if you do work on the contract or not. Buckle up buttercup, it's about to get real.

NetJet wants more

Orders are up and things are only getting why won't HR get out of the way and hire people who don't have aviation experience but have relatable experience? At least that way they can be trained before all he-l breaks loose.

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