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Contact Middle States

The Art Institute is currently under review by Middle States. I called them to complain and they said to use their contact form: If you have something to say the time is now! The decision will be made by the end of... read more
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Ai Employees Shouldn’t be Surprised

This is from a March 2017 article, Ai was never of interest to Dream Center, “Ai will probably involve the most change” but no productive changes happened: Schools that will retain their independent boards of trustees, staff and faculty as they... read more

Student Read: Teach Outs & Campus Closures

What Art Institutes Students Need to Know About Teach Outs & Campus Closures
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Art Institute of Portland

400 students at Art Institute of Portland. They do represent the Artsy environment of the Pearl District, and won't just disappear meekly into the sunset. These students are accustomed to interactive teaching, and won't be converted to online... read more

Dream Center = EDMC

No difference in how they treat their employees based on this. That's about 30 campuses and A LOT of jobs and students being hung out to dry. I'd really like to know their definition of "agile". At Dream Center Education Holdings (DCEH), we are... read more

The Art Institute of Colorado is closing.

Most staff was told by a mailed letter. Sad that Dream Works educational holdings could not man up and tell people in person. Sadder for some very talented students. I guess a few bad apples ruined it for the rest.

North Carolina Art Institutes are closing

Three campuses, including the Art Institutes in Durham and Charlotte and South University in High Point, are expected to shut down before the end of the year. The University of North Carolina system was notified this week that Dream Center Education... read more

Art Institute Summer Classes

Towards the end of Spring quarter, colleagues and I were wondering if campus would even be open after Summer quarter. All of my summer classes were cut yesterday, and roughly 80% of my department's majors (not including mine) went teach out as of... read more

Arbitration Agreement

I'm only an adjunct so any severance issues don't apply to me... but there is an open question if the arbitration agreements signed with EDMC when originally hired transferred over to DCEH. Nor am I a lawyer but am someone quite interested in it. I... read more

Arti Institutes - a centralized location

If there's only 9-11 campuses left, there's likely no need for a centralized location for Ai schools . DCEH could easily move things over to LA where Dream Center is headquartered. Ai was always the outlier in the whole EDMC purchase. An arts school... read more

Arti Institutes in California

I’m an employee at an AI in California and the postings about school closures are true. Back in January, our SDOA explained to us that July is crucial for us. We want to be standing with flying colors so DCEH can look towards us. SDOA saying this day... read more

Apply if you need work.

If not for AiO, AiP would have closed when they sold the building. Most full-time faculty at AiP were let go years ago. For those who have been with Ai for a while, AiP Online Division was “Ai Online” originally, no reason it cannot go back to it... read more
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Highly unlikely that AiP will come out of warning

Highly unlikely that AiP will come out of warning. Middle States is pissed that Ai lied to them about the ACICS schools looking at WASC as well as Middle States. It's a trust issue. Middle States never trusted DCEH even from when they tried to buy... read more

What about Ai Students?

All Ai employees, from admissions to career services, know the reality of Ai/EDMC/DCEH practices. There have been success stories with graduates in a couple of majors, but also, a lot of hurt students as well (those that never should have been... read more

Why are few people talking?

EDMC (Art Institutes' parent company)is having major financial and legl difficulties. Are Art Institutes people posting on the EDMC layoff site?

Is this the one in San Francisco - expensive like hell

Is this the one in San Francisco - expensive like hell. How do you even repay your loan? I saw majors listed on the website, some cool shit listed there like social media stuff - do you really need a college degree there. if they were interested in... read more
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