Topics regarding layoffs at Art Institutes

Topics regarding layoffs at Art Institutes

Recent Graduate

I recently graduated and I’m ready to work. Do we not have career advisors anymore? I see lots of jobs on the job board (that’s GREAT) but I’d love to connect with someone who has industry knowledge and not my faculty. They have been teaching too... —  read more 

Ai Atlanta

I left the Atlanta campus a few years ago. How is it holding up out of curiosity? After I left the admissions director was fired and so was the president. How’s it looking?

It's going to get worse

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Cruel, cruel summer

The polling suggests...

Jumping Ship?

Long time employees are resigning? Do they see the writing on the wall? Is there a lay off coming? When the cheerleader from CS finally resigned I was shocked! She actually tried to work and do some new things. Now our lone solider in HR is leaving... —  read more 

Zombie Colleges?

The latest available tax forms would suggest:

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South University Montgomery

"My boss was literally selling yard eggs and goat milk out of my office. Hillbilly's coming into town to work everyday. The President was a homophobic racist and made no effort to hide this. I was in sales so the other employees in support... —  read more 

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The Colbeck Scandal

"So what’s the end game with these failing schools, and what is the federal government doing to oversee the money the Trump Administration spent on these schools? More importantly, what’s happening to the students and those who will have to pay back... —  read more 

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"The Colbeck Treatment"

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Campus numbers

Are any of these numbers even close to reality? Why are Miami and Dallas numbers lumped together? Miami International University of Art & Design and Art Institute of Dallas (493 students) Art Institute of Atlanta (814 students) Art Institute of... —  read more 


I just interviewed for a position at this school. I came across this forum but now I’m hesitant about taking the position. Should I take it or is the school closing soon? Help!

AI San Antonio Campus

Does anyone know what's going on with Ai San? I'm a student and i'm very concerned with my online classes. They're not doing anything for me. Is there any staff still left on campus. I feel completely out of the loop, especially with paying all of... —  read more 

Miami Campus is a SH*T SHOW!

As if teaching online isn’t a complete disaster already, especially for an art school, how does the school completely ignore student complaints? I keep relaying this information, but to no avail, everything is constantly ignored. How long do they... —  read more 

Guess what? The end is near.

You cannot teach "Art" totally online only, can you? Oh wait, maybe if you have state-of-the-art software. Can't imagine this greedy place invested in that. How about Culinary. Let me cook online.... Tata, Art Institute. All grifters eventually... —  read more 

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Ai Houston

Went on campus during business hours, no one at the reception desk. Called the AIH phone number as well. Recording thanks you for calling the Arts Institute, swell, get the name right of your own damn school please. Connected to admissions, no... —  read more 

Miami Professor

I am a Miami Professor. Recently, I asked someone in the know, "WHO THE F— owns our school." I got the same response as everyone else says, "we are self governing - there's a board." It's very obvious to me that whomever owns the school is not... —  read more 

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W2 Arrived

For any former DCEH employee like me who was skeptical their 2019 W2 would arrive in a timely manner, I received mine yesterday. I’m not giving them any credit for obeying the law and sending them before the end of January but wanted to extend hope... —  read more 

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