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Summer Quarter 2020

Any news on the summer quarter? Online, on ground, or closed? Adjuncts that have been furloughed have no access to Ai emails. Any info would be appreciated.

Operating Budget?

Does anyone know what the average operating budget is for the Admissions office?

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Miami Professor

I am a Miami Professor. Recently, I asked someone in the know, "WHO THE F— owns our school." I got the same response as everyone else says, "we are self governing - there's a board." It's very obvious to me that whomever owns the school is not... —  read more 

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W2 Arrived

For any former DCEH employee like me who was skeptical their 2019 W2 would arrive in a timely manner, I received mine yesterday. I’m not giving them any credit for obeying the law and sending them before the end of January but wanted to extend hope... —  read more 

Who is running the Art Institutes?

According to the original announcements...Education Principle Foundation bought us. “The foundation, unlike DCEH, is not a servicing organization," the Education Principle Foundation said in a news release. "The foundation will not be involved in... —  read more 

Is this the last nail in the coffin?

Our campus offices are almost empty now that most of the full time faculty are gone and they are laying off the support staff. No investment in the school since before EDMC put us up for sale. No budgets for buying anything new. Campus decor dated... —  read more 

Houston Meetings with the President

Has anyone attended the meetings with the President to find out what direction Houston is supposed to go in since there is no faculty chairs, faculty coordinator, or registrar, and a new dean that's shared between Houston, Austin, and San Antonio?

Ai Houston Cancelled all 12th Week Meetings

All 12th week meetings at Houston scheduled for Jan. 2 and Jan. 3 for the Jan. 6 start are "cancelled until further notice". Dean Eaton resigned suddenly 2 weeks ago after 19 years with Ai. Have any other campuses had their 12th Week Meetings... —  read more 

What’s left?

What’s honestly left? I left AI back in May and it’s sad that the schools are still struggling. What’s keep you all that are still left there?

After doing some serious digging

I was a student at AILV, which had some moles from DCEH to run it into the ground. One in particular, Roger Hosn, is now in charge of the Miami campus. If anyone affected by the closure is planning to go to another AI campus, please be careful... —  read more 

Las Vegas is finally closing!!!!!

ACICS finally did the right thing and pulled AiLV’s accreditation. From the report on the ACICS website the finding prove that the conman’s inner circle of sycophants could not hack the jobs and duties required of them. Hey TW next time don’t k–l... —  read more 

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why is this still up??? And how do I get it taken down??? False Advertising.

One Whistleblower

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Then This Happened


Does any of the current employees know how former employees access W2s? Will it be through the XMI website or through ADP?

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Las Vegas Paycheck

Did the con artist come through? Did you guys in Vegas finally get paid?

loan forgiveness letter

respectfully request that you exercise your authority to extend the closed school discharge timeframe and take immediate action to discharge federal student loans for student borrowers who were enrolled at schools operated by Dream Center... —  read more 

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Tuition Increase

How are your current students handling the tuition increase? I'm nervous to see how this is going to affect our campus.

Good Times.

Our campus couldn't afford the rent for the first floor (we only had 3), so they closed it and now it's going to be a bank, So now we are only on the 2nd and 3rd floor of 6 story building with other companies underneath and above us. Good times.

I told you...

I tried to warn you.. but you didn’t listen. This is only the beginning of the end.

Another crash...

Fewer restaurants, which means fewer jobs for people in the culinary industry.

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AiLV is a hot mess

How are they maintaining accreditation with these "instructors" ? Can anyone just step in and be called faculty now? No experience, no knowledge , and no master's... Ruining the institution of college.


Recently found out that the top administration at AILV have been getting paid the whole time staff hasn't. So, almost 4 months??? Factual and provable. I can't believe how these a-holes have treated staff and student's. These will be the same folks... —  read more 


How's the Ai in Tampa doing? Asking for a friend... Like, what's the student population?

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The failed Art Institutes versus US national security

These subprime schools are like flies on sh*t. I'm trying to get attention about Russian and Chinese meddling in US politics and people are concerned about a small Dream Center matter with the impotent Higher Learning Commission?... —  read more 

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