Topics regarding layoffs at Art Institutes

Topics regarding layoffs at Art Institutes

AI San Antonio Campus

Does anyone know what's going on with Ai San? I'm a student and i'm very concerned with my online classes. They're not doing anything for me. Is there any staff still left on campus. I feel completely out of the loop, especially with paying all of... —  read more 

Ai Houston

Went on campus during business hours, no one at the reception desk. Called the AIH phone number as well. Recording thanks you for calling the Arts Institute, swell, get the name right of your own damn school please. Connected to admissions, no... —  read more 

W2 Arrived

For any former DCEH employee like me who was skeptical their 2019 W2 would arrive in a timely manner, I received mine yesterday. I’m not giving them any credit for obeying the law and sending them before the end of January but wanted to extend hope... —  read more 

Miami Professor

I am a Miami Professor. Recently, I asked someone in the know, "WHO THE F— owns our school." I got the same response as everyone else says, "we are self governing - there's a board." It's very obvious to me that whomever owns the school is not... —  read more 

Houston Meetings with the President

Has anyone attended the meetings with the President to find out what direction Houston is supposed to go in since there is no faculty chairs, faculty coordinator, or registrar, and a new dean that's shared between Houston, Austin, and San Antonio?

Las Vegas is finally closing!!!!!

ACICS finally did the right thing and pulled AiLV’s accreditation. From the report on the ACICS website the finding prove that the conman’s inner circle of sycophants could not hack the jobs and duties required of them. Hey TW next time don’t k–l... —  read more 

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AiLV is a hot mess

How are they maintaining accreditation with these "instructors" ? Can anyone just step in and be called faculty now? No experience, no knowledge , and no master's... Ruining the institution of college.

Good Times.

Our campus couldn't afford the rent for the first floor (we only had 3), so they closed it and now it's going to be a bank, So now we are only on the 2nd and 3rd floor of 6 story building with other companies underneath and above us. Good times.

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