Topics regarding layoffs at TIBCO Software Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at TIBCO Software Inc.

Citrix-Tibco merger

I was anxious when I accepted a job at another company, but now I see that I did the right thing and I’m glad that I will be away from Tibco when this happens. I don't believe anyone here is happy about the merger?

I'm hoping to be laid off

When the next round of layoffs hits, I'll be praying to be included. Getting paid to leave this mess would be perfect. The way Tibco has been treating its employees lately is disgraceful, which is why more and more people are leaving. I can't afford... —  read more 

What is given to employees who are offered voluntary separations? And who receives these offers (is it age groups or departments?)

I have seen prior posts where TIBCO has offered voluntary separations in the past. I am wanting to see specifics about the severance packages that are offered. Also curious about who qualifies for these voluntary separation offers - is it available... —  read more 

Severance question

Is there any chance somebody is willing to share the severance info? Have there been any changes compared to the last major layoffs? It wouldn't surprise me to hear that they've decided to use the pandemic as a reason to cut down on the package... —  read more 

IBI acquisition completed

Just a bit of light reading for those who are interested. Today, TIBCO announced it has successfully closed the acquisition of Information Builders, Inc. (ibi) following its announcement in October to acquire the business. The acquisition marks... —  read more 

Do you regret leaving?

Not sure I'll get any responses to this, but I'll try. Those who have left the company on your own in the past few months, how are you doing right now? Any regrets? I've been thinking of leaving for a while now but I'm still scared of ending up in a... —  read more 

Are you prepared?

Tibco is known for having layoffs in the first week of December and I don't think this year will be any different. As a matter of fact, I'm rather certain this year will be worse than any before courtesy of the pandemic. I hope everybody is prepared... —  read more 


At least 15% (first hand source, not hearsay) of the global Products & Technology (P&T) budget has to be "cut" before November - the lay off head count will be heavily skewed towards high cost countries primarily the US (since labor laws (or lack... —  read more 

Thanksgiving Gift

Is this the new way to thank employees- just after thanksgiving and just before their bonuses are due? From a tech leader under Vivek to sad days of today - just mind boggling!


Almost all the techies that made the product have left. Junk from offshore has taken over the company. It's purely maintenance right now. BW6 never even picked up. Too much of infighting and politics.

RIF in March

Another cut coming soon...list is being prepared...none of the newer products are good...NO customer is dead...Sales is dead...Executive Management is short of ideas...It is time for TIBCO employees to move out of TIBCO NOW....

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