Topics regarding layoffs at TIBCO Software Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at TIBCO Software Inc.

Lawyer world

Due to a possible restructuring, one or more person's positions may or may not have been impacted. If such an event did occur, they may or may not be allowed to disparage the company at which they were hypothetically employed. In such a theoretical... — read more 

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Taylor Swift vs CSG

Swifties win. TK’s afraid and forced to drop RTO so he can hide at home for the day. Think of all the productivity loss with nobody in the office, or not. IT will be installing extra trackers and forcing more frequent Okta sign outs to check that... — read more 

So... what?

A few considerations to make after this funereal all hands. Patronizing people to return to office because "it's better for them", while being a person that prides himself on making data-driven decisions, tells me this fellow doesn't have much of a... — read more 

Today’s the Day

Just got my golden ticket invite to the layoff webinar. Good luck to all that are affected and hope you either have something lined up already or have something in the works soon.

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More cuts in marketing

More cuts will be made in marketing. Product marketing at BU level was safe so far but this is no longer the case. TK’s plan doesn’t need a marketing team so expect more cuts.

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The water torture continues as we wait to see who is going to have a job. I know, they're busy planning while TK micromanages the entire process because he is such a business genius.

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Trying to get some info on severance, both for people who have been with TIBCO a couple of years, and those with 10+ years of service (including people who came from Scribe and IBI - I think their service time there is honored.) A week per year? I... — read more 

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Tibco has changed too much

Now add Citrix into the mix (I've been on their page and I found nothing good) and I don't want to be here anymore. Had they offered voluntary buyouts, I'd have accepted. Chances are that I wouldn't have been the only one. That would have been a much... — read more 

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Hybrid work proven value

Our friends at Citrix have nailed the benefits of remote and hybrid working. Thank you, Citrites. Thanks to this former Citrix... — read more 

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Ruined a good company

Tibco used to be a great company. Dan streetman ran it very well and the leadership was phenomenal. Then Tom Krause came in and screwed it up. Never seen a profitable company gutted by a mo--n like this before. He better hope this is his last job as... — read more 

Tibco in Seattle?

Can anybody tell me if Tibco still has an office in Seattle? Google shows one on Westlake but when I went there I couldn't find the directory showing the names of tenants in the building.

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