Topics regarding layoffs at Total System Services Inc. (TSYS)

Topics regarding layoffs at Total System Services Inc. (TSYS)

More info on TSYS layoffs

Got the news last week about a massive layoff count for Columbus being spread out over next 12-18 months. Everyone knew this merger left TSYS on the losing end with their 53 percent control of entire joint package. Numbers floating around are now... —  read more 

Mass layoff in September

The plan is to do this sporadically at first, so there's not a lot of fanfare for large groups. The targeted MASS layoffs will occur in September, and go through January 1 2020. Remember the 2020 project a few years ago? This will eclipse that... —  read more 

Merger = Headcount

You can deny and ignore all you want, but the FACT is TSYS will be eliminating over 600 jobs in the Columbus area over the course of 12 months. If you think a merger happens, especially with another company that is located in a large Metro area, AND... —  read more 

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