Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

VSRP hSTI here

I know I will probably flamed here. But I am a previous hSTI who took the VSRP. Yes I did and am thankful for it. Yes, with BR now in charge it will not get better. Outsourcing is his middle name. But, what is bothering me, is what I read here about... —  read more 

Good luck this weekend!

I hear it's going to be a big weekend for many of the Truist employees this weekend. All kidding and complaining aside, I hope everything goes smoothly for you all this weekend, with minimal issues! To all my IT brothers and sisters at Truist: you... —  read more 

No more extra work

I worked in a lot of companies before I came here, and to be honest, I did a bit of extra pro bono work in each. This was tacitly expected of everyone. However, in Truist it is no longer a "little extra work" that they will not pay, but it is so much... —  read more 

Prepare for more

With the last group that was basically forced out now gone, prepare for more. It might not happen today or this week, but it's coming. They won't be satisfied until they've cut the number of employees to bare bones in all departments and branches... —  read more 


BB&T is dead. It’s sad to see employees who were loyal for 30 years being cast aside. Most of the people I considered the fabric of BB&T are gone. Retirements from executive leadership and regional presidents continue. I’m glad I saw the writing on... —  read more 

KK has left the building

While his formal last day as CEO is his birthday on the September 12, he has exited stage right for vacation. I am just sad to see everything hBBTstood for erode into the SunTrust cesspool. What with the voluntary separations and RMs bolting for the... —  read more 

Overreach vax vs non vax

Looks like the post got censored of all the Truist folk talking about the Orwellian Truist overreach going on a witch-hunt of the unvaxxed. Maybe because someone started bringing up the topic Nd hundreds were in agreement that it’s an overstep of... —  read more 


Many retired in May 2021 and were not notified of the posting of the upcoming package offer on email as of 6/03/2021 but many executive management folks are now retiring. Sounds like insider knowledge to me.

WFH Policy

Hello, I’m considering a job @Truist but with the understanding my org will continue to be WFH (that each org could choose and this org is designated WFH ongoing). Is this accurate or is Truist, like other companies, reneging on keeping WFH? My... —  read more 

EL changes announced

Beau is number 2. The turn to the dark side is now complete! Bye bye BB&T. You truly stood for better. Sorry to see you go. Well at least Kelly got what he wanted, a legacy. Hope he sleeps well on his bed of cash!

Another hBBT executive gone

Corporate treasurer retiring 9-3 being replaced by…wait for it… another Suntrust minion. Wait until merger completion bonus are paid next year. hBBT e14 members will be running for the door. SunTruist will be rolling then!

Living our purpose 😂

Been working for this train wreck of a company for nearly three decades. After the merger no one gives af. All bbt people are culture shock from the shady widget breathing untrust folk and everyone wants to quit or is seeking outside employment. I... —  read more 

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