Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank


While this cluster tries to come together and become the sixth largest bank, PNC has already knocked you back down a couple notches🤣🤣...

Caught in the crossfire

Two members of my team can’t see eye to eye on any issues and this is making working as a team difficult to say the least. The others are finding absolutely no motivation to work with them because they feel caught in the middle of their ridiculous... —  read more 


Many departments have been outsourced to India, a vendor for Suntrust. Everyone on the BB&T side be ready, your department could be next. You will train them and then be walked out the door. Thank you, Kelly King for throwing your Wilson teammates to... —  read more 

Running out of money

Hey, I'm not one to be on this board but why would BB&T advertise BB&T's BANKING app on Food Network today, 10/16/20. Guess they can't afford a merger app, or at least say who the are. Both BB&T and SunTrust still in the dark ages, you better... —  read more 

Layoff Schedule

In a previous thread, it was mentioned that layoffs will be happening the last week of each month with the next group being the 21st of September. Is anyone else aware of this information? If so, when and where was it discussed/mentioned? What groups... —  read more 

Extra workload

After having riffed hard working people you forced existing employees to pick up the extra workload. How is this being “efficient”? Do you honestly believe output as well as quality and service will remain the same and not be jeopardized? How is... —  read more 


I left SunTrust years ago because the culture was deplorable. I got hired at BB&T and was in my role for 20 years and left right before the merger as my saneness and family was more important. If you can get out, do it, you feel much better and your... —  read more 

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