Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

You can move on

People keep lamenting about how much they hate this place but they stay because all other banks are just as bad. People seem to be stuck on banks as the only option for them to walk away. But there is so much more out there! Your skills might be... —  read more 

From the 10K filing

Makes me laugh! Human Capital Truist believes it is crucial to attract and retain top talent who can further Truist's purpose, mission and values. To facilitate talent attraction and retention, Truist aims to provide teammates a diverse... —  read more 

Branch closures

If this was shared before and I missed it, I apologize.

Truist Brand

I left a few months back but I'm curious how the merger is going. Before I left it was a total sh– show. I was traveling recently and noticed that every SunTrust/BB&T branch that I saw is still branded with the two separate orgs heritage logos. ... —  read more 

Got in late

I accepted my job at BB&T believing I'd be able to have a career there, make progress over the years. I was told so by my interviewer, and it was confirmed by several of my acquaintances who already worked at the bank. A little over a year latter the... —  read more 


I'm having a major issue with my manager . We got a new guy a few months ago. He was transferred from another department and I'm starting to see why. His management method is bullying that borders on harassment. I'd like to take this to HR, but I'm... —  read more 

Working at Truist

Working at Truist means: having no work-life balance because you are doing the job of three different people for the price of one while under constant threat of layoffs while receiving no support from your superiors and receiving no... —  read more 

I'm finally able to leave

When the merger happened, I decided to give it six months to see how it'll play out. I knew after three that I wanted to leave, but then the pandemic happened and I was stuck. After nearly nine months of looking, I've finally landed a new job. I want... —  read more 

I have to wonder....

if some of the unbelievably horrendous leadership coming out of some of the new management, especially ones coming from IBM are deliberate attempts to create mass voluntarily attrition. Some to the decision making I’ve seen lately defies logic... —  read more 

Stress leave?

How many hoops would I have to jump through to be approved for stress leave? Right now I feel like I'm drowning at work. I keep getting more work piled on despite already being overworked, I'm expected to help all the new employees which amounts to... —  read more 

Continuous layoffs

Is it just me or do layoffs never stop here? It's like every couple of weeks I here that a few people were laid off in one department, then the other, then someplace else... This is really unnerving. If we had announced layoffs at least we'd know... —  read more 

I wouldn't rush to quit

Truist is a bad place to work, I think we can all agree on that. But don't be too quick to leave and burn all the bridges behind you. Two of my former coworkers impulsively left within the last six months (one even quit after an argument with his... —  read more 

91% approval rating

How is it possible that King has 91% approval rating on Glassdoor? That's one of the highest CEO approval rating I've seen on there! Those can't be legit, right? I haven't heard a positive word about him among employees for a while and certainly not... —  read more 

Which is it?

People who are quitting - where the hell are you going? I've checked out alternatives on this page and things seem to be the same or worse wherever i look. So unless everybody is hating it here so much they're willing to jump into an even c-appier... —  read more 

I'm in the minority

I see so many people unhappy with their jobs and I couldn't be more surprised. I personally love my job, including everybody I work with. I've never heard any of them say they hate their jobs and we are all close enough that we would tell something... —  read more 

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