Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Truist is a corrupt company

If you work in digital and come across unscrupulous activities related to billing, please report to CFPB. All teammates should whistleblow to CFPB any unscrupulous activities they encounter that impact customers.

Do not join this company

A recent post said it best — we are now SunTrust, and with that leadership team fully in place, “insular detached management, a view that employees are worthless, and bureaucratic chaos.” We are a company that identifies risk and cannot solve it. —  read more 

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Happy with a new job

I was laid off relatively recently after years of dedicated work. I was initially very disappointed and angry. Then I found a new job, where I am so much more appreciated, better paid, and actually derive professional satisfaction from. It was only... —  read more 

Suggestions for posts

Since Truist has so many different divisions, please don’t use acronyms. While a poster might know what they are talking about, others don’t. Well, except the mo--n who gets his jollys for the day with his AVP posts.

No hiring

It's been almost a year since we lost two team members, and we're still holding our breath for their replacements. Meanwhile, we're juggling all the tasks as we wait for the miracle to happen. This looks more and more like a sneaky tactic to pile on... —  read more 

Systemwide Outage

Anyone experiencing system outage? Yesterday outages (AT&T, etc) was the result of a hack. Fun times ahead. Going to wish we could rewind the clock 5 years, but we can’t.

Anyone else use a VPN

Just curious if anyone else uses a “no logs VPN” based in a country like Switzerland or Panama when making posts on this site? In the very rare event Truist pursues litigation and subpoenas to try and determine who made posts on this site, using a... —  read more 

Bye Insurance

So can we all agree we are going to be sc--wed once the deal closes? If you look at our earnings, insurance is the primary source of revenue for the company. We can’t rely on the gravy train from the sell to last long.

Major Depression

Anyone else developed major depression or another mental illness since working at Truist? I’ve worked for other banks and consulting firms and my mental health was great. Since being at Truist I have trouble sleeping, panic attacks and major... —  read more 


It's sad that there are so many people that would rather be rif'd than one of the associates "left behind". What does that say about the company itself....

So how’s Truist 2.0 going?

Most of you happy with the future of Truist? I’m betting many of you wish you had gotten out when you could. Now the stench of SunTruist hangs on you like smoke from a cigar bar and makes it harder to acquire new employment.

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TIS call today

TIS has unplanned call scheduled today at 1:30. Maybe we are going to be fed the BS that using Accenture more is going to make us more productive. Correction,Truist, it has resulted in delays in getting EVERYTHING done. AI looks at anything submitted... —  read more 

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