Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

It's about time

I've heard more layoffs might be in the works next year and I won't be here to worry about them. As of next week, I'll no longer be working here. That's the best present I could have given myself for both Christmas and New Year. I hope all of you who... —  read more 

I have a radical idea

How about...wait for it...wait for it...we start promoting competent people who know how to do their jobs once again instead of friends and cousins of management and run-of-the-mill sycophants? How about it? How about we reward good people for their... —  read more 

The new recipe for success

Being successful at Truist has absolutely nothing to do with hard work, or even having the skill set to be a competent banker. Tell your boss all his/her ideas are fantastic, shuffle spreadsheets, join your boss in sneering at clients when they have... —  read more 

Thank you Truist

Thank you hBBT and Truist for a couple good years. MoE forced me to go on a job market and I was able to double my compensation. If not for MoE, I would have probably stuck at dinosaur hBBT - becoming less-competent and less-competitive day by... —  read more 

I didn't expect this

I expected many things from the merger but I didn't expect to see the company culture change as drastically as it has for the worse so quickly. Now Truist management keeps claiming they care for their employees, but that couldn't be further from the... —  read more 


I would like to know if Truist is still competing with competitors or has it lost sight of the competition a long time ago? Employees, on the other hand, compete more than ever, but in a very bad way. That's probably the reason why the best... —  read more 


Why is it so damn depressing going into work? I used to look forward to the lively atmosphere and challenging work. Now everyone seems to be walking on eggshells and talking in hushed tones. Things are drab, boring and silent. After a year and a half... —  read more 

Calling for help

I'm doing everything I can do to help clients gain financial success and earn value driven revenue. I'm behind on the teller line because of the skeleton crew. I cannot seem to find time for coaching, no time for the motivator, my coaching by... —  read more 

VSRP hSTI here

I know I will probably flamed here. But I am a previous hSTI who took the VSRP. Yes I did and am thankful for it. Yes, with BR now in charge it will not get better. Outsourcing is his middle name. But, what is bothering me, is what I read here about... —  read more 

Good luck this weekend!

I hear it's going to be a big weekend for many of the Truist employees this weekend. All kidding and complaining aside, I hope everything goes smoothly for you all this weekend, with minimal issues! To all my IT brothers and sisters at Truist: you... —  read more 

No more extra work

I worked in a lot of companies before I came here, and to be honest, I did a bit of extra pro bono work in each. This was tacitly expected of everyone. However, in Truist it is no longer a "little extra work" that they will not pay, but it is so much... —  read more 

Prepare for more

With the last group that was basically forced out now gone, prepare for more. It might not happen today or this week, but it's coming. They won't be satisfied until they've cut the number of employees to bare bones in all departments and branches... —  read more 

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