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Q: How many states is the Truist Bank in?

Answer: 15. Check out Wikipedia. Its bank operates 2,049 branches in 15 states and Washington, D.C., and offers consumer and commercial banking, securities brokerage, asset management, mortgage, and insurance products and services.[1] It is... —  read more 

Branch layoffs delayed to Aug 20201

Branch consolidation and layoffs has been delayed to Aug 2021. They will be making 30% of their savings goals this year with getting rid of back office duplications and realignments. No word on where the 30% savings will come from department... —  read more 

Truist - Employee Count

35,852 (BB&T) +22,899 (SunTrust) = Total 58,751 (Truist) BB&T Employees For the quarter ended December 31, 2018, BB&T had 35,852 FTEs, compared to 36,484 FTEs for the quarter ended December 31, 2017. PAGE... —  read more 

Stock plummets

TFC is down 4.98% to 51.18, better start working on those cuts!

Truist Pension Plan: Doomed?

I can't imagine that Truist can offer the same Pension benefit that was offered to BB&T employees, for very long. That is one hell of a liability and it just doubled in size. Pensions are nice but they are a 'hold over' from a different time and in... —  read more 

What's Truist's Number of Branches

Number of branches: 1800 Truist Profile: ISIN: US89832Q1094 / Industry: Financial services Founded: 1872 HQ: Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. Number of branches: 1800

Next wave in February?

I heard third person next wave is February. I hadn’t heard anything about January. :/ I was a lift and shift, no offer letter or anything in writing. I was notified via phone, the week before thanksgiving, as I’m in a different location from my... —  read more 

Salary adjustments

I’m under the impression that they are syncing BBT and Suntrust pay grades and that BBT employees are likely to see a bump in pay since Suntrust pays more. Is this true? If so, when will we hear about any salary adjustments?

Offer Letters & Severance Packages

For those who have a guaranteed position: Did you receive an offer letter? Do you only get one if you are a certain pay level or if your pay/title changes? How we're you notified (in person, through email, via HR)? Did they keep your pay the same... —  read more 

Expect more layoffs before the end of the year

More to come. Attempting to get them in by 12/31. Some areas will not make it. Regarding 2020, look at most areas. Lot of padding. Managers who are not new to this game have built in disposable people for next year. Look in the mirror, if you’re... —  read more 

Name Change

Keep the BB&T name. if the name changes to Truist we will switch to another bank.

problems ahead

The merger is taking to long for clients, this is bad for clients

Truists - Keep Positive Attitude

Have to keep the enthusiastic positive attitude. No one knows how this will pan out, but I can only speak for the BB&T side and say we have amazing workers who have done a lot with nothing. When we look at our counterparts at SunTrust, we are amazed... —  read more 

Truist Login

Truist Financial

I wish all the best to Truist Financial and Truist Financial employees. It'll not be easy but I think Truist Financial will persevere, you guys have great people. I am a vendor, and I know many of folks who will work there.


I have been a BB&T client for many years. I do not like the name at all or am I a Sun Trust fan. I keeping an open mind about it but I have a bad feeling this is going to be a good.

Truist Bank Info...

They've releised this site, does not work: BB we believe in helping you on the road to achieving them. Making that belief real involves innovating and building new technology, helping you grow... —  read more 

Truliant Sues Truist

Link below. It started with a bang for Truist. It's being sued even before it actually started to exist. OMG... Now, this could have been anticipated, but they went with it anyway. We'll see what the judge says here - I think it can go in either... —  read more 

Name is used by other companies

The name they chose is used by several other small companies in Virginia and Washington DC. I do not see it as a very viable name for this bank both in which I maintain accounts.

Truist - Number of Employees

I think this is the biggest question now, once SunTrust and BB&T merge how many employees will leave - I am sure Truist will have less employees if compared to what the current sum of the parent companies would be. We know some branches overlap, and... —  read more 

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