Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Did I make the wrong decision?

I was hired less than a year ago and at first I thought this was a company that I could find longevity in. I should have known better after the first few weeks. Training (for lack of a better word) was nonexistent for me and it was basically sink or... —  read more 

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Fingers crossed…

I have been looking to leave and have received quite a few rejection emails from job applications I’ve put in over the last few months. However, I actually received emails this week letting me know I was being considered for remote jobs that I have... —  read more 

Exit Strategy

I would like to help Truist through this merger and asked management to help come up with plan that would be beneficial for Truist and myself for an exit strategy. Do you think I will get salary increase or retention bonus or severance package to... —  read more 

Should I still worry?

Do all the branches that are slated for closing already know that? What are the chances they're going to spring it on us at this point? I'm thinking they notified people well in advance but I can't help but worry. I can't wait for them to announce... —  read more 

It's time to leave

It's time to leave, even SVPs are planning their exodus before year-end. They took away a lot of your incentives and dumped more work on you. Frankly, I'm sick of all of them and I plan on leaving soon, life too short to put up with this hot... —  read more 

Leaving this here

Employers are ideally looking for an employee who has the wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old, and wants to work for the pay of a 20 year old. And if you're out of any of these categories, pack your... —  read more 

No room for growth

I've been stuck as a personal banker for a while now and I know I have no chance of moving up. I'm not best friends with anybody in management nor am I related to any of them, so I'm stuck most likely forever. Anything else would require I develop... —  read more 

Saturday branch plan

Word is we are adopting a form of the sun trust Saturday branch plan where branches open on Saturday will have to self-staff without rotating in neighboring branch teams to support and manage the workload... As a HBBT associate I am very concerned... —  read more 

Greenwood Announcement

Anyone that stupid to believe they care about underserved communities??? They have the only person of color on the executive team quoted for the article and all the white executive team just sits back. I’m telling you 3/4 of that place could care... —  read more 

Everyone is replaceable?

I really hate that attitude. No, they are not all interchangeable, that's just wrong. This company now has a problem with the lack of talented people. They probably think that talented and good employees are expensive, so they prefer to opt for... —  read more 

How many?

It just hit me today that a lot of talented people in my LoB have left the company within the last year. I realize that many of them had the knowledge and experience that is needed but is now lost to the company for good. How many more need to go... —  read more 

Costco vs. Truist

Costco: Crazy company with a crazy notion that happy/well paid employees equal good customer service, less turnover, and less need to keep training. This in turn leads to happy customers who show brand loyalty. That in turn leads to happy... —  read more 

You can move on

People keep lamenting about how much they hate this place but they stay because all other banks are just as bad. People seem to be stuck on banks as the only option for them to walk away. But there is so much more out there! Your skills might be... —  read more 

From the 10K filing

Makes me laugh! Human Capital Truist believes it is crucial to attract and retain top talent who can further Truist's purpose, mission and values. To facilitate talent attraction and retention, Truist aims to provide teammates a diverse... —  read more 

Branch closures

If this was shared before and I missed it, I apologize.

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