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Layoff Schedule

In a previous thread, it was mentioned that layoffs will be happening the last week of each month with the next group being the 21st of September. Is anyone else aware of this information? If so, when and where was it discussed/mentioned? What groups... —  read more 

Job grade

Are salary changes effective immediately? Are BBT folks getting a bump in pay? It’s pretty well known that SunTrust pays more

Extra workload

After having riffed hard working people you forced existing employees to pick up the extra workload. How is this being “efficient”? Do you honestly believe output as well as quality and service will remain the same and not be jeopardized? How is... —  read more 


I left SunTrust years ago because the culture was deplorable. I got hired at BB&T and was in my role for 20 years and left right before the merger as my saneness and family was more important. If you can get out, do it, you feel much better and your... —  read more 

Trusit acts ike the big boys now.

"Unfortunately, this is another case where the banks saw an opportunity to take from the very businesses that were intended to benefit from the PPP program—like the small CPA and accounting businesses that are our clients in these lawsuits—in order... —  read more 

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IT Outsource Coming

Economic downturn couldn't have come at a worse time with pressure to complete merger related IT changes. The new bank is hemorrhaging cash trying to combine the banks as Covid-related loan defaults are skyrocketing. Layoffs won't come until... —  read more 

Furloughs coming

Heard third party that Executive Management is discussing certain positions, internal, for furlough to get them through then next 6 months. I for sure will probably be one of them as I'm doing nothing working from home:(

Truist Pension Plan: Doomed?

I can't imagine that Truist can offer the same Pension benefit that was offered to BB&T employees, for very long. That is one hell of a liability and it just doubled in size. Pensions are nice but they are a 'hold over' from a different time and in... —  read more 

Next wave in February?

I heard third person next wave is February. I hadn’t heard anything about January. :/ I was a lift and shift, no offer letter or anything in writing. I was notified via phone, the week before thanksgiving, as I’m in a different location from my... —  read more 

Salary adjustments

I’m under the impression that they are syncing BBT and Suntrust pay grades and that BBT employees are likely to see a bump in pay since Suntrust pays more. Is this true? If so, when will we hear about any salary adjustments?

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