Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Any comments

Truist Financial Corp. eliminated about 5% of its investment-banking division amid uncertainty surrounding the dealmaking environment, according to people with knowledge with the matter.

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HR hold time

Every time I try to call HR, the automated message tells me it will be over an hour. Do they even care if employees have to wait this long to talk to someone? That was really a rhetorical question. The answer is obvious. Get the HR folks some... —  read more 

woke leaders

Anyone remember when Case and other execs were all about being woke? They recommended a book by Ibram X Kendi. Is this stuff still happening, I left 9 months ago.

No respect

In just a few years, eight of my colleagues lost their jobs, I nearly lost my job as well, I was then transferred to a new position that had little to do with what I used to do, and now my job is once again in jeopardy. It is more than obvious that... —  read more 

Fun fact

Who remembers: Kelly’s ‘Disrupt or Die’ sermons. That was just BS to warm up to we need to do something big because regional banks can’t survive. Then we merge with a regional bank, thus making us a big bank. And then we had the Name rollout... —  read more 


This analysts isn’t buying it: “Truist shares look meaningfully undervalued, but at least some discount seems appropriate unless/until management can show that differentiated earnings performance promised with the SunTrust deal.” Underwhelming... —  read more 

Incredible is it not

Charlotte-based Truist bank has launched an innovation arm designed to bring more tech-centric products to customers — and its first is a smartphone game that gives people prizes for saving money. The new team, called Truist Foundry, is a... —  read more 

Brighter days are ahead

I was in the group laid off back in June. For everyone impacted by the recent round of layoffs I am very sorry; however, believe me when I say brighter days are ahead. Since no longer being apart of Truist, my stress level and overall well-being has... —  read more 

This is not the end

In fact, I think this was just the beginning. We will be having many more layoffs before the year's end. The bank doesn't care about us and if the numbers tell them to do it, they won't hesitate to get rid of every single one of us. As long as the... —  read more 

Things are getting worse

The number of employees who are hoping to get laid off is growing every day. The number of employees who are applying and hoping to leave is also increasing all the time. I wish the leadership would realize they are at risk of losing most of their... —  read more 

I'm starting to worry

Are managers notified in advance of layoffs for their specific locations? Our manager has been acting really strange the entire week. He seemed to be avoiding us, which is not his usual M.O. He also looked nervous. That has all of us on edge and... —  read more 

Stock price

So institutional investors own 75% of the outstanding shares. Vanguard and Blackrock hold a little over 16% between them. When do they start applying pressure to Rogers and the BOD to improve stock performance? No way they can be happy about a stock... —  read more 

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