Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Another reorg

We've just wrapped up a reorg a few months ago and now I'm hearing talk about another one? Is this just idle office gossip or is there really another reorg on the way? If the answer is yes I have to ask, why? Why do we need another one so soon after... —  read more 

Layoff Rumors

Have you heard any layoff rumors lately? I see a ton of topics below, but we are not discussing layoffs anywhere. Do you think we'll have layoffs anytime soon?

One Regret

I left BB&T for another company as soon as I heard about the forthcoming merger. I make more money surrounded by wonderful people at a better company and am, overall, really glad I left when I did. My only regret is not sticking around to get laid... —  read more 

Best advice for newbies

Yesterday I finally gave notice and I immediately felt a great relief. I have spent the longest six years here and I wish I could give some advice to those who have just come here or to those who intend to come here. I really don’t know what better... —  read more 

Chosen few

Some chosen teammates are traveling to Atlanta to celebrate success of MOE7 merger. I was a significant teammate that contribute to go live event but was not choose for the brown nose event. Wishing Truist would save that travel expense dollars on... —  read more 

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