Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

How we roll…

New financial statement policy, effective 6/30, requires an attestation form that legal is still working to draft. New Highly Leveraged Transaction policy implemented with questions that even the authors of the policy cannot answer - and the added... —  read more 

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VSRP Stats

Does anyone know how many people were offered the Voluntary/Retirement package? What % did Executive Management expect to accept the offer? What % actually said they want to take the package? I heard someone say they expected 8% to accept but the... —  read more 


Not that it really matters at this point in the game, however has anyone noticed when you google Truist the Suntrust logo shows beside it (SMH)

I keep reminding myself

No one is safe. Everyone is replaceable. When I get complacent and start to feel secure in my position this is what I resort to telling myself at least once a day. God knows I don’t want to be laid off, but if or when I am I will see it coming and... —  read more 

How have you fared?

For those who are former BBTers I’m interested in knowing how you’re doing. I’ve been gone over 6 months and at first it was difficult to acclimate myself to a new environment, new colleagues and work culture. I keep expecting the hammer to drop with... —  read more 

It’s bad now

But wait, by October 1st you won’t believe how bad it will be and by year end your wildest imagination can’t fathom where this circus will be. The tent will not be big enough. King Rogers is already imposing his will. Just wait until he takes... —  read more 


I admit, I’m a little biased since it’s been my home for the past 16 years, but does anyone have any insight on the future of Truist in Winston? I know when the merger was announced, it was indicated Community Banking would be headquartered here, but... —  read more 

So who knew about this?

Also on Tuesday, the Board issued a consent order against SunTrust for unfair and deceptive practices. As detailed in the order, SunTrust made misleading or inaccurate statements between 2013 and 2017 to certain business customers about the operation... —  read more 

Short-term mindset

Does it seem to you that Truist is really not managing to balance short-term and long-term business pressures very well? Leadership is so blinded by short-term goals that I think they have completely ignored visions for the future. I’m still here... —  read more 

Fingers crossed

I finally have an interview scheduled for next week. I have a little over 5 years until I am eligible for retirement and the pandemic has made it more than difficult in trying to secure a job. However, I am still hopeful and the company I am vying... —  read more 

Be smart

Use your job at Truist as a stepping stone for something better. Stay here only for as long as you have to. Maybe before, this was a place to build your career. Now, it seems to be the place where you go if you want to see your career die. I took... —  read more 

Rolling my eyes

Saw this in a post from Bill on LinkedIn. These “leaders” are so far disconnected from reality it’s mind blowing: …Being a purpose-driven company allowed us to move faster on the things that mattered most. Our leaders and teammates could make... —  read more 

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