Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

I'm starting to worry

Are managers notified in advance of layoffs for their specific locations? Our manager has been acting really strange the entire week. He seemed to be avoiding us, which is not his usual M.O. He also looked nervous. That has all of us on edge and... —  read more 

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Stock price

So institutional investors own 75% of the outstanding shares. Vanguard and Blackrock hold a little over 16% between them. When do they start applying pressure to Rogers and the BOD to improve stock performance? No way they can be happy about a stock... —  read more 


Hey, Just got Rifd this morning, 10:00 AM, ask why and got no answer. Did get a severance package, no extended health. Have 30 days left to work, what a joy, maybe they'll see this and let me go now. Good luck guys!

Lost trust in leadership

I don't trust them at all anymore. Didn't they go a bit overboard with all those empty promises? I had a hard time deciding to leave because I've been here for a long time but it turned out to be the only solution.

Everything is urgent

That frustrates me from the very beginning here, everything is always urgent. Have you noticed that too? Urgent this, urgent that - that can only mean one thing, and that is that bosses don't know how to set priorities and they enjoy creating... —  read more 

A lack of optimism

I used to work with experts and it was a pleasure to work here. Now I am surrounded by mediocrities with inflated egos. This no longer resembles the Truist where I started working. Almost no one believes that this place can be the way it used to... —  read more 

Work is fun once again

I can't emphasize enough how important good company culture is. Working in the toxic cesspool that was Trusit ki---d any excitement I had regarding work. When I switched jobs, it was more to get away from a problematic manager than me thinking... —  read more 

2022 Severance Packcage

Has anyone heard what this round of reduction in force (RIF) severance package is? BB&T was minimum 8 weeks or two weeks for every year served, I think the cap was 50 weeks. Curious to see if they go with H SunTrust severance.

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