Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

EL Thanks

I think the EL is doing a great job navigating uncharted waters. It’s not easy but they are stepping up and leading us to success. I know many feel otherwise, but I truly believe we are positioned to achieve purposeful results. If we can live One... —  read more 

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Going to competitors

I would be paid a little better, but despite everything, it would be very difficult for me to go to work for competitors after the years spent working here. I would like to hear experiences of those who, after many years of loyalty to this... —  read more 

This is intentional

Does anybody else feel like there is a plan in action to make people leave without a severance package? Just read through some of the recent posts and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Something like that is precisely what I would expect... —  read more 

BBT plus Suntrust = Truist

In January 2019 BBT market cap was 37.26 billion. Combine the two banks and the market cap today is 38.52 billion. Where did all those synergies of size go? When are Bill and the boys going to be held accountable? To late for Kelly the King, he has... —  read more 

Personal goals

I can't wrap my head around why setting personal goals is necessary here. It's like we're going through the motions without any real purpose. What's the point of putting in all this effort to improve our performance when it doesn't even seem to... —  read more 

Truist cares

There’s a running saying among RSBB teammates and it goes like this. Truist cares, but I’m still trying to figure out what they care about. Truist cares about one thing, job ambiguity, new expectations weekly that you never agreed to, outsourcing... —  read more 

SunTruist stock will be

20$ per share by Friday. Down 13.5% this week. After hours trading down 5% already. Market cap down to 37.5 billion. We may be the next biggest bank to fail. BBT shareholders paid 62$ per share for this fiasco. Unfingbelieveable!

Reputation destroyed

It is very easy to destroy a reputation and I think our leadership has done just that. I'm embarrassed to tell people I still work here. I wonder if they even think about the reputation of this place, are they aware of how tarnished it is and will... —  read more 

Kellly’s Legacy

So right at the bottom of the JD Power’s survey of customer service and satisfaction!! Great legacy Kelly - it really says it all! Let’s see if your Seeds of Hope can fix all of the lives you have destroyed.

More to come

The merger was ruinous. This was done sloppily, and the results scream poor planning. Leadership doesn’t care, the bank’s reputation is in the gutter and there is no clarity on roles and responsibilities. BB&T destroyed all that was good at SunTrust... —  read more 

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