Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Truist Bank

Attention Truist Board Members

It is my hope that at least one Truist board member checks this site, so here goes. As a board member, you have certain responsibilities to shareholders. Please investigate why so many of the top leadership in this organization have "retired" or... —  read more 

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One Regret

I left BB&T for another company as soon as I heard about the forthcoming merger. I make more money surrounded by wonderful people at a better company and am, overall, really glad I left when I did. My only regret is not sticking around to get laid... —  read more 

Something is up!

I was in Charlotte yesterday and heard several executives whispering something about layoffs which will begin on June 30 and last through July 14th. Can anyone confirm this?

Best advice for newbies

Yesterday I finally gave notice and I immediately felt a great relief. I have spent the longest six years here and I wish I could give some advice to those who have just come here or to those who intend to come here. I really don’t know what better... —  read more 

Chosen few

Some chosen teammates are traveling to Atlanta to celebrate success of MOE7 merger. I was a significant teammate that contribute to go live event but was not choose for the brown nose event. Wishing Truist would save that travel expense dollars on... —  read more 

Nothing will improve

As time goes on, it's becoming clearer to me that nothing will change for the better. It’s more stressful than ever to work here. I expected much more from leadership, but unfortunately, very few people see their future here now. I thought I would... —  read more 

Who Actually Trys at their job?

I used to be at the top amongst my peers every year, always top .0001% and when we became Suntruist everything changed, the culture, teammate unappreciation, sales goals vs customer experience ect. The bank literally did a 180 upside down, everyone... —  read more 

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VSRP Senior Executives

3/31 you will see another group leaving the bank. This group consisted of higher level Senior Executives that took the package but because of their level of authority, had to stay in their positions until the end of the 1st quarter. Most of these... —  read more 

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