Topics regarding layoffs at Twitter

Topics regarding layoffs at Twitter

Twitter becomes X Corp.

Twitter has announced a significant development, stating that it has merged with everything app called 'X', owned by Elon Musk. In a court filing in the US, Twitter quietly disclosed that it no longer exists. "Twitter Inc. has been merged into X... —  read more 

Company valuation

If Elon values ​​the company at $20 billion now and says that he sees a "clear but difficult path" for it to become a $250b company, I'm curious what miracle needs to happen to make his vision come true? It sounds too unrealistic.

Is this guy for real?

I guess we're finally seeing the true Musk - when he has no assigned handlers who make sure that any/all of his id--tic moves happen (but have to make sure he believes it was his idea not to do it). I can't believe there was a time when I believed in... —  read more 

Twitter and the Bank Runs Oh, and by the way..."A new academic study on 2023 bank fragility concludes that 186 U.S. banks remain vulnerable to a run on deposits that... —  read more 

New roles

How many of those who were laid off have managed to find new roles already? You had a head start since Twitter is the first company that had major layoffs and I'm guessing there were plenty of open positions at that time. I'm just curious since it's... —  read more 

Another 50 bite the dust

The first real glitch that happens is going to bring the site down for good. There aren't enough people left who know how to fix it and nobody will want to join that mess any time soon. I feel bad for the people being let go but I have to admit that... —  read more 

Elon Musk’s cost cutting at Twitter reaches the next level after layoffs and stiffing landlords. Now he wants to dump pricy software used by his

The extent of Musk’s penny-pinching has been closely followed in the media. And on Twitter, it has raised many eyebrows. Musk stopped paying rent on Twitter’s offices, leading to lawsuits. He stiffed vendors including for private jet flights by... —  read more 

Musk King of Welfare SKIP TO MAIN CONTENT Save this Presidents Day with our AAP Sale! PRESIDENTS DAY SALE TheStreet home Tech EV Biotech Streaming Video Games Social... —  read more 

I'm up for it

A team of former Twitter employees is working on a new social media platform. They plan to launch sometime in early 2023. This is what I was hoping would happen. Now we need to see if it takes off. I think this is the best decision they could have... —  read more 


Under the Federal Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, an employer must give you 60 days written notice before you are laid off, and must pay you for these 60 days. The WARN money is in addition to any severance payments you may... —  read more 

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