Topics regarding layoffs at Twitter

Topics regarding layoffs at Twitter

Many others impacted...

With the reduction in workforce you have to see the trickle down effect as vendors who supported the cafeteria and janitorial services will also be greatly impacted. These hard workers will have a more challenging time finding new work. So its not... —  read more 

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What would it take?

Impossible at Twitter? Or how about a union?

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Nice move, huh?

"In a series of tweets Monday, (EM) went after Apple (AAPL), accused the tech giant, and world's most-valuable company, for what he claimed was Apple's (AAPL) slashing of its advertising on Twitter (TWTR)."

What would happen??????

Of the 11K or so people laid off I am making a low estimate that they have 100 unique connections on all of their social media. What of they reached out and asked all there contacts to delete their twitter accounts. How would that if any impact... —  read more 

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Pausing Ads

I’ve seen a lot of technical and ideological takes on Elon Twitter but wanted to share the marketing perspective. For background I’m a director at a medium sized b2b tech company (not in finserv anymore) running a team that deploys about $80M in ad... —  read more 

The Borg Elon

Elon has the right to do what he wants as he spent a lot of money to buy Twitter. However, the insensitive manner in which he did it shows a lack of human empathy. The bird is dead the culture is destroyed. The massive cuts are due to the extra 13... —  read more 

More layoffs - but how?

Who is even left to get rid of, other than some desperate people who truly have no choice, that is? All those with options or worth their salt have walked away already. I swear, it'll not take nearly as long as I thought for this whole wobbly house... —  read more 

Twitter in two years

I personally don't see my future at Twitter anymore. Five years is too long, so I ask where do you see this company in two years? I wouldn't like dark forecasts for this company to come true, but on the other hand, the future does not look very... —  read more 

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Musk Will Have Last Laugh

He is going to staff Twitter with the same caliber of real engineers just like at Tesla and Spacex. There will be potholes along the way but I would not bet against him. He will get rid all of the pseudo engineers who know some programming language... —  read more 

Meanwhile in Europe

So Musk sent emails to European Twitter employees, firing them. Problem is, you cannot legally fire people that way here, so legally they're still employed and legally owed money for their time. But also, firing people as exists in the USA doesn't... —  read more 

H1B worker percentage?

What percentage of workers left are on H1B visas, compared to before Musk took over? I imagine that those who voluntarily left are primarily those that are not on H1B because of the difficulty and time involved finding another company that will... —  read more 

New Email

New email from Elon Musk to engineers: “please be prepared to do brief code reviews as I’m walking around the office.” That’s it — that’s the whole email.

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