Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Afraid of layoffs

The atmosphere is tense, plenty of rumors about layoffs floating around. I don't think I've ever been more anxious about getting laid off. You? I tried to find a new job but I got discouraged real quick. It's tough times ahead.

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Rolling layoffs

Rolling layoffs at union bank have started. All hush hush so as not to spook employees working on conversion efforts. Several business and operations folks received notices today. Party has just started!

Work from office

Is US Bank enforcing work from office policy like other major banks? Other banks are tracking ID card swipes when entering buildings and laying off remote workers. Perhaps they will start that after looming Union bank layoffs.

CRC Turnover

Why do some many CRC’s quit? It is a footprint wide problem. Pay, benefits, incompetent BM’/DM’s? I think it’s the latter. There are people in management here that would not last long elsewhere. Let the branch closures begin so we can get rid of the... —  read more 

HUB Manager promotions

Seeing an uptick of Branch Mangers announcing that they have been promoted to Hub Managers. Is this a sign that USB will get rid of Branch Managers and have Hub Managers be in charge of multiple branches instead? Money saving move.

NDAs & Severance

Figured people might want to see this regarding NDAs for severance.

Laptops for UB

Our group was told they would get laptops mid January, has anybody received notice and/or received equipment? Why would they send hardware if people were going to be let go?

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