Topics regarding layoffs at Uber

Topics regarding layoffs at Uber

Is Karen a racist?

I thought a Karen was a customer causing problems and asking for a manager to get her way. But apparently the term has been hijacked and got our diversity person suspended.

Say goodbye to severance

Uber has found a way to get rid of employees without having to dole out severance. I would be perfectly okay with this if performance reviews were genuine, but we all know they're not. They will now use them to get rid of whomever they want... —  read more 

Hiring freeze

Our team has been understaffed for months. Most of us have seen our workload double as we were waiting for Uber to backfill at least some of the positions. The fact that we now have a hiring freeze shows how little they care about all of us. All they... —  read more 

Here we go

We all know what this letter actually says. Cost-cutting means cutting the number of employees more than anything else. I'm not sure when it's going to start, but I guess we can be grateful we were warned something huge is coming. Whatever. Uber... —  read more 

Prepare for more cuts

The results are improving, but nowhere near as fast as they'd like to see it. The easiest way to fix that is by reducing overhead - which means cutting employees. I wouldn't be surprised if we heard about more layoffs coming our way before the end of... —  read more 

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Postmates layoffs

For those who were wondering if Uber acquisition would bring layoffs, we have the answer now. I also think that this is just the beginning. After the initial 185 people, I'm betting you we'll have at least one or two more major rounds as they... —  read more 

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Kalanick should be happy as he cashed out his shares in 2019, now Dara is stuck with this mess jumping from one sinking ship to another ! I hope Uber makes a comeback. Was once a Silicon Valley darling startup !

Brace for impact

"Executives at Uber are discussing plans to cut around 20% of the company’s employees, as it copes with a sharp decline in its ride-hailing business due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Information has... —  read more 

I was not...

aware there is a site about us here. Not sure what to tell you - given all that's going on nobody should be surprised. Also, I am hoping they will keep promises and take care of people that are cut. 99% of our folks have amazing skills and they will... —  read more 

Mktg Cuts

Layoffs starts at Uber with its bloated, 1,200 people marketing team feeling the brunt of the cut. Per that NYT article: "The marketing team’s organizational charts ran to more than 388 pages, she said."

Uber layoffs July 2018

So, looks like self-driving segment of Uber is in trouble, which I believe is really good news for us. I'm sorry for the 100 or so people who were laid off, but this means the company's plans to get rid of all the drivers down the road has been at... —  read more 

Uber after layoff?

Hi, there! i'd like to hear from folks who started to work for Uber after they lost their job! I got laid off recently, and need to look at my options right now. Can anyone tell me if Uber is enough to make ends meet? Or is it only temporary... —  read more 

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Uber's fake job interviews

I know Facebook and Google conduct fake job interviews to "get insights" on competition or "get ideas" on product; as per exemployees and interviewers. Uber used to ask interviewers to design driver and rider optimization for them as part of the... —  read more 

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Kynikos Associates shorting Uber

"Jim Chanos, president of Kynikos Associates, a hedge fund that shorts stocks, was made famous in the early 1990s for blowing the whistle on Enron. Today, Chanos is shorting Uber and Grubhub, among other gig companies. In an interview, he said he had... —  read more 

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