Topics regarding layoffs at Unilever

Topics regarding layoffs at Unilever

Layoffs have started

Unilever is shutting down it's office in Shelton, CT. This impacts approximately 500 employees across Customer Service, Logistics, Vendor Management, Deployment, Deductions, and Revenue. We were told last week that almost al jobs were being... —  read more 

Life after Unilever

Did 24.5 years with unilever mostly enjoying my time with them . The last 5 years not so much . I was made redundant due to a factory closure. We was all looked after and cant fault them for that . I was left wondering what now ! Well it opened my... —  read more 

Unilever eCommerce

They are laying off people but they hired a former Kraft executive who was kicked out....

Unilever has lost its way

Recently at one point I thought they were getting ready to lay me off. Such is the atmosphere. In my many years of work here, I've never been more stressed and more anxious. Besides, I used to be happy to be a part of this big company, while now... —  read more 

Unilever job cuts uk

With the kraft takeover dead unilever have decided to follow the 3g policy of slashing costs to the bone.I work at the leeds factory which is one of the most profitable for unilever in the world but the cost cutting has become a joke.changing hob... —  read more 

Job losses

My wife has worked for Unilever for over 20 years and now there sending her job to India so she will be out of work the bosses sitting nicely with there large pay said they wouldn’t move ahead with the redundancies while the covid virus was on but... —  read more 

Big Company, Failed leadership

The Kraft takeover bid should never have been that serious. This is a company with just awful senior leadership and board members. It is at such a size and scale that it can hide fundamental weaknesses from shareholders via yearly dividend payouts... —  read more 

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More layoffs coming at Unilever

Unilever will reduce FTE by 10-15% globally in 2017. There will be a 30% reduction in marketing from efficiencies of the new organisation. Finance will reduce roles 10-15%. Every other function, even those who have just done an FTE reduction, are in... —  read more 

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Growth, keep on

Univever is one of the best companies in the world - they are big, they grown, they acquire. There are rumors that Unilever will be having job cuts in 2016 but I would be careful there as the company keeps doing good. I worked 11 years for them, I... —  read more 

UN Layoffs in 2015

I do not things are bad right now, I know some segments of our business (packaged foods) are shrinking but we have a plenty of business lines here at Unilever that are doing very good and will not have layoffs. You need to be patient and trust that... —  read more 

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Unilever are the worst company ever so much for looking after there staff they are making most of them redundant and the way things are now nobody will find a job until next year they told people they wouldn't carry on with the redundancies at the... —  read more 

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More IT Layoffs

Unilever is eliminating the 100 or so roles left in US IT. As always, they are moving to India. Unilever says there is key talent in India waiting to take on US roles. IT is poorly managed, and has treated people poorly during this RIF. Stay away... —  read more 

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2013 is bad

2013 is bad. 3 rounds of layoffs so far. Not many people were affected in the first round. Mgmt has been posting jobs and moving people around so they won't have to lay off as many people at the same time.

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2014 Unilever Layoffs Planned?

2014 will be even worse. Unilever is so big and you are jut a number on some spreadsheet. You do not matter in the big schema of things, and you will be cut if the executives want to save money. Often they do not know what they are doing, and cuts... —  read more 

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