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I'll just leave this right here


Powered by our People? What people?

Video on the up home page about that stupid f—ing engine and more propaganda on how we are valued as employees. They think we are the most r—ded people on the planet.

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Council Bluffs

Anyone hear the rumor of Fritz and Vena(dumb and dumber) visiting council bluffs yard on March 6th?

Good ol days

I remember when I was asked “hey where you working at?” I said the railroad, and they would say wow that’s a great job, it would take a act of Congress to get you out of there. Just yesterday I was asked again, I said railroad, they said oh I hear... —  read more 

Davidson Yard

I will miss you all! I enjoyed my years spent with you guys. Time for the next chapter. I wish you all the best. Family first!

Omaha layoffs ?

Anbody know details about any layofs in Omaha the last 2 weeks ?

Rumblings Around The System

Ok folks let’s hear what’s going on in this epically sinking ship. People leaving voluntarily at your location, managers proving their unfitness to be in charge, not able to do the job because your shorthanded or you can’t get parts, overtime being... —  read more 

UP executives are cashing out!

CFO J. Hamann sold 1,000 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction that occurred on Thursday, January 16th. The shares were sold at an average price of $183.00, for a total transaction of $183,000.00. Following the completion of the sale, the chief... —  read more 

one day when dispatch center is outsourced

i understood your trains is 12000 feet long and siding is only 7000 feet and there is another train approaching head on but not to worry sir i have escalated this to our customer service team and can assure you we take customer satisfaction very... —  read more 

When it’s time to recover

So when this PSR Ponzi scheme is finally finished and they get back to the railroading that we were doing before, taking care of the customers we manage to have left and actually building America. How long will it be before that is actually... —  read more 

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i thought houston yards were shutting down????

cut half the jobs at settegast and was going to move everything to englewood, but now they've brought back all the jobs they cut lol. these guys don't know what in the hell they're doing. get out your popcorn and watch the show. we're getting... —  read more 

Are US railroads ready for post-coronavirus volume spikes?

I think everyone here knows the real answer to that question but the article does examine the unique situation of UP as a primarily west coast carrier. https://www.supplychaindive.com/news/US-railroads-PSR-volume-spikes-China-coronavirus/572735/


Is there life after they close Palestine car shop?

Interesting read


Dispatcher rightsizing

Latest news 100 dispatchers to be let go in Harriman Center As Fritz said yesterday safety needs improvement on Barkley’s special investor conference call in Miami Fla


I’m not one to come on here but I’m hearing words their shutting Roseville down. Anyone hear anything please comment.

Tennessee Pass sale

KCVN has asked feds to help with negotiations to purchase the Tennessee pass out of Colorado, UP declined the sale , this is great were gonna see how powerful UP is in Washington!

Relocating HQ

Rumors have continued to circulate that UP plans to eventually relocate, likey within the next 5 years or less. The question is, why wouldn't UP relocate? Why wouldn't they like all the incentives and tax breaks from another state? Why wouldn't they... —  read more 

How many employees has UP got watching this site?

Every thread has a foamer taking up for UP. More often than not, the first reply is someone defending the company. I refuse to believe anyone is such a sad sack as to go on the layoff website on their own dime on a regular and consistent basis just... —  read more 

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