Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

UP's reputation is in the toilet

They keep happily chasing people away but when it's time to hire again, and that time will come sooner than they think, nobody will want to join because everybody knows what kind of cr---y place this is. Who in their right mind would choose to work... —  read more 

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No trains

Been working at a job site most of the day, no trains have gone by site. Same thing happened yesterday . Where have all the trains gone ? Can’t believe it , by main track and no trains for 2 days. C’mon man , is this a rr ?

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New Manager

My work group got a new manager. Our old manager was the worst any of us had ever seen. He was totally incompetent, indifferent to the point of being an A-ho-e in regards towards wasting others time and efforts, and a liar. This new manager... —  read more 

STB orders

Up getting hammered bad by Stb in California. Up has strict orders to delivery plenty of feed to chicken farming place. Stb doing close supervision to be sure they get unit trains of feed on time.

Being a manager

It is quite certain that it was better to work here a few years ago than it is now. I may be exaggerating, but I think the opposite is true in the case of management, it is easier to be a manager here now than ever before. What do you think?

FRA checks

FRA is doing spot checks on people working by the tracks. Good time to be sure the foul time or it’d book is filled out. They checking on track safety stuff.

Manager's are fed up

Alot of them wanting to go back to their craft because they can't handle the stress. Truthfully they should find and get another job. If they can't handle it now, what makes them think they'll be able to handle being back in tools.


How many dispatchers were furloughed last year ? How many came back to work at Up ? My point is to say if ya don’t have experienced , qualified dispatchers, how you going to run a rr to get rid of all train and car delivery delays ?

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