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Contact White House Easy To Do

I send message if U.P. gets any money for coronavirus they should be required to retain employees. Maybe if we flood them with messages something can be done. Better then doing nothing.

Progress report

Looking at the psr post on the website yesterday all the metrics are at goal but the worker productivity. In our current state of business around the country I fear only more layoffs are in our future. Hopefully the carloadings go up and the managers... —  read more 

USPS workers asking for hazard pay

In the meantime the postal service has been "distributing masks, gloves and cleaning and sanitizing products to more than 30,000 locations; adhering to official guidelines regarding social distancing; eliminated a requirement that customers must sign... —  read more 



IAM Union Abolished 12/31/2021

The next union to be abolished will be the IAM by the end of this year. The job of a machinist is nothing more than a parts changer and takes no skill whatsoever. In fact at a lot of points across the system their jobs are being contracted out and at... —  read more 

We’re Fortunate

9 Million more jobless claims in the past two weeks. That makes UP layoffs .0004% of that. Time to celebrate how fortunate those of us that are working are.

Vena at Jenks Shop today

I've been hearing there will be layoffs here next month. Jim Vena has been here this evening walking around the shop.

Bailey Yard

I read on a facebook trend someone saying they would close Bailey Yard. There is no possible way they would shut that down. We have best numbers in system and very busy working lots OT. Largest yard in system. No UP without NP.

COVID19 in Yuma...

Room quarantined at the hotel in Yuma...employee transported via ambulance. Company DID NOT inform his coworker on that trip or the crews that used the same locomotive at subsequent crew change points... Typical carrier response...hide hide... —  read more 

Foreman abolishments

Will this virus keep us from getting forloughed when some foreman come back to floor since they didnt make it to manager status. How many foreman actually coming back to floor hopefully not many. Doesnt this take effect april 1st

Why are Temperatures NOT being checked at the gates?

Why are we not making all employees enter our facilities through one gate and have our Nurse/Nurses check everyone's temp before allowing entrance? Not only are hospital's doing this, MANY other companies are doing it. Especially at a facility as... —  read more 

Post ID: @OP+14acyBWq

Congress learned their lesson from 2017.

Back then they passed a tax cut and companies like UP with record profits used the extra money for stock buybacks and laid off their employees. This recent bailout for big business specifies any company getting aid won’t do buybacks while on... —  read more 


Since when do we ship coal west through nebraska? Loaded coal bucket going west through maxwell.

The hunt for storage track has begun!

With Intermodal and Autos $hitting the bed, Energy headed into the tank, Industrial slowing at a more aggressive pace and Ag harvest too far away...we are now looking for every orifice or short line who can handle storing an undetermined amount of... —  read more 

Quit fighting one another

There are so many people on here who are so negative. It is getting old. Instead of talking about headquarters, hdc, subsidiaries, and field staff along with getting rid of all non-essential staff (whom some think they are), think about what some of... —  read more 

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