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UPRR Strong

Look at all these rumors on this page! How many of these predictions have come true!? We as Union Pacific Employees need to coach each other up not bring people down with all these false rumors. Have the Curage to Care and pat each other on the back... read more

UP Propaganda

Looks like more Lies from UP. No specials agents lost jobs today and not much of any layoffs can be confirmed anywhere. Scare tactics once again.

Eight men layed off today in Green River, WY

It's a sad day today in Green River as eight young men informed that they no longer have a job. The UP is not what it used to be. Used to be about the unity of the workers with the company. Now it's the unity of the company with the shareholders.

Tuesday Jan 22 Layoffs

Does anyone have some real information on any layoffs today? I am asking for real information, not people joking or speculating please. Please respect those that may be having a life changing moment that they are not asking for.

El Paso Layoffs


Be ready, be alert

For those of you who may go: take home personal stuff today, remove personal info of the computer and take your contact info. ALSO have some one to call and somewhere to go right when you get let go. Its a lonely feeling to walk out of the building... read more

A Very Quick Poll - Who's Thinking of Leaving?

So, are you thinking about leaving UPRR right now? If so, upvote this post please. Tell us, what would stop you from leaving the company? Is the writing on the wall or is UPRR going to come back, stronger than ever? If you're thinking about staying... read more

BNSF is king of the mountain!!

The BN’s as of 1/11/19 is at 251,852 carloads!! Looks like we’ve got the next New England patriots ... the railroad is responsible for hauling freight just as much as it is for making money !!!

Heads up UPC

Office services has 200 bankers-boxes in a pile in the mailroom. RMCC organizing resources for Tue/Wed to assist with walk outs of released associates. It’s almost go time. Prepare for anything.

Courage to Care

Maybe changes are warranted to an extent. That is called evolving. The upper mggt does not care about their employees. The wreckage from the fatalities that occurred at Granite Wy in October is still sitting along the tracks. Why?? They pick up and... read more

Business Changes Needed

Union Pacific needs to change, I have worked there for 18 years. Promotions are all based on who your dad was, who your friends are, and how much you can drink on business trips. It has been rife with poor decisions made by people who cannot run a... read more

Buy a Parachute

In case you work for UP and see this, make sure you have your parachute packed. I personally have never met Mr. Vena, nor worked for him. However, I have worked for CN after he retired and his reputation was that of a man who swore, yelled, and was... read more

If my COO cusses me, I have the answer.

If he shows he is an A-hole to someone he knows nothing about, I will shake his hand and try to be sincere, saying I understand he is tormented by the demons he will surely spend eternity with and ask if I can pray he see the error of his way and... read more

Vena, not Vino

Rumor on the street is that Jim Vena was hired by Lance for 12 million for 2 years. Fritz told the Board that PSR will work knowing that it won't to save his own a--, hence this is where Jimmy comes in. "The Fall Guy " since he is a founding father... read more

North Platte Cuts.

Prompted for January 21st. Abolishing 17 yard jobs (34 people in transportation) 11 Remote jobs 6 Hostler pilot jobs, more to possibly come.

Jim Vena on a discouragement tour.

We heard UP’s new COO is going shop to shop looking at basic operations on the floor. From what people say his main focus is non producing workers, cussing people out and killing morale. Anyone see this going on yet? What’s the point? Get people to... read more

SMTO, SMOP, SMRCO’s will be cut & MOP’s.

It’s true, I am close friends with a high executive in Omaha. All SMTO, SMOP, SMRCO’s will all be getting severance. They have modeled a new org chart that doesn’t need these positions. They are also removing all MOP’s. Everyone in the field will... read more

Hinkle News

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32 at Colton and 8 at Dolores laid off

15 machinist, 15 electricians, and 2 f/o at Colton and 2 machinist, 4 electricians, and 2 f/o at Dolores laid off. Was told at Dolores abolishements to take place mid February

Nobody cares about these layoffs

There is exactly ZERO news coverage of the layoffs that have been happening at Union Pacific throughout the entire week. I can't find one single site talking about it. Everybody is talking about the earnings report, however, and how great the quarter... read more

Jumping ship!!

I’m hearing on the floor some of our employees making plans for other employment, not just low also higher seniority as well! Southern region, good luck to all of y’all leaving!

The minimum for the minimum

The company agreed to pay me an hourly wage, benefits and vacation in return I agreed to give them 40 hrs per week of my life of good honest work. The minimum for the minimum. Why would you go "above and beyond" that? This company could careless... read more

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