Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.


As a welder i dont think i get credit on how hard i work for this company just to get layed off. I feel greatful that i have 12,000 of other income coming in but i wish other co-workers would show me some more appreciation for what i do for this... —  read more 

Covid 2nd wave 1 k bonus

Only reason 1k bonus , this second wave of Covid is real and ravaging tey. They also recalled furloughed folks as a buffer. Next man standing . Courage to Care less about employees reigns!!! Let’s move freight vs health concern! Omaha kingdom... —  read more 

Valued Management

Lance just patted himself on the back announcing via UPonline that all agreement employees were receiving a $1000 bonus for working during the pandemic. I do not disagree with the decision. However, what did the non-agreement front line people get... —  read more 

Happy Veterans Day

I would like to wish Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans and reservists working for Union Pacific! I appreciate all veterans, and especially those of the Vietnam War era. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was treated very well upon my return... —  read more 

Work / Train Service

Sadly co-workers are coming to work in Train Service with symptoms but are afraid to stay home because of the horrible attendance policy that was implemented. You could be terminated for taking very little time off. I sure hope for every ones sake... —  read more 


Multiple Coronavirus outbreaks are happening all over the Railroad. If you feel Union Pacific Railroad isn’t doing what they are supposed to be doing, turn them into your state health officials. We are going to have to protect ourselves because no... —  read more 


Well there goes another post pulled from the site because it talked about something they didn’t approve of. Apparently talking about the election is a no no now too

More Cuts?

Well seeing as Desoto and Jenks are getting opened back up is this a sign things are going to get better? Or are they just waiting to drop more after the first of the year?

Former manager

I have 10 years railroad experience. Mostly at another railroad. After 2 years at UP I left willingly. Took a job elsewhere as a manager. I was making 6 figures as a manager at UP. I was willing to take a pay cut to get out of there and I did. A... —  read more 

Stocks are down

Here comes the next wave of large amount of cuts. This time lance go get the execs, superintendents, and lower management. That's were you cut costs to drive your stocks up. plus they are not value added.

Pandemic Ending Exodus

After this pandemic is over I'm expecting a mass exodus from UP. If you live anywhere near a big city where opportunities are everywhere, why would you continue to work for a place that treats its employees like this? Move on. They've moved on from... —  read more 

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