Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Back to CN with Vena?! Maybe…

CN activist investor TCI Fund Management trying to rally shareholders of a plan to kick out current CEO JJ Ruest and replace with former CN exec Jim Vena. Also proposes to replace board members and install former UP CFO Rob Knight along with other... —  read more 

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Fritz and his Snow Leopard

A person who attended a Fritz lunchbox talk or whatever the he-l he calls it shared that he spent some time bragging about how he paid for the rights to name a snow leopard at the Henry Doorly Zoo. In fact, he can tell them to bring the snow leopard... —  read more 

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Standard of Work

The company will have you believe that "Standard of Work" is to prevent injuries and its good to have a way for everyone to know how to do something. This use to be call an apprenticeship. The only reason the company wants a detailed description of... —  read more 

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Fourloughed X times

I apologize if this is perhaps off-topic because I see that vaccine mandate is currently in focus.__I didn’t come to UP that long ago and yesterday I learned from a colleague that he had been furloughed five times over the years. I couldn't believe... —  read more 

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When the $hitty contract finally rolls around and you see the peanuts they're giving you and the conditions they have forced on you the past 2-3 years, try growing a pair of ba--s and finally vote it down. They take and take and take and then throw... —  read more 

Yard Status?

I needed a little research information about a few yards for an article/project and have not been able to find this out. Thought a few people might help our. Are the humps still closed, opened or what is the status of : Kansas City, Chicago-Proviso... —  read more 

Rule compliant

What used to take me 1 hour will now take me 4+ hours for pick ups and set outs. I have to be 100% rule compliant. This post made me laugh, but it really is like this. I have nothing against the rules. I'm just worried about the rules that are... —  read more 

What if?

What if the carrier WANTS a sizeable (especially trainmen) to become medically disabled very quickly? That way the carrier can begin with single man crews practically over night. All the while blaming the non vaxxers.

'Business as usual'

Do many still really think that after all those who refuse the vaccine and leave UP, this will continue to be 'business as usual' as someone here said? I am not optimistic that it will ever be 'business as usual' again and I think more and more that... —  read more 

The Railroad Retirement scam

Look at last years COLA increases for the pension. Tier 2 is only .4%. It shrinks with inflation each and every year. Biden is borrowing from your hard work to pay for refugees and lazy people. Tier I Benefit 1.3% Tier II Benefit 0.4%

I can't figure them out

You can't tell me that the management's behavior is normal or justified by the end results. They continue to willingly destroy the workforce for no reason. What do they gain out of it? I'm not even talking about cuts, but everything else they've done... —  read more 

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