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West Colton callbacks

The WCT Car Department to recall some furloughed employees. Rumor has it 3 will be returning before end of next month. Vena had a secret visit last week and liked what he saw. Time to make the donuts

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Any other MOW crews with skeleton crews expected to do 3 gangs worth of work? I know where im at its two guys doing maintenance work and its all bad.

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Sick of co workers being lazy getting special treatment because of who they know, mngrs director clean house now get rid of the terrible employees that feel entitled cus of senority and friends with the union rep. Fire the bad employees not the good... —  read more 

Family Day 2020

If I'm furloughed can I still load up tha fam and hit that hot spot called family day? I'm betting this year's attendance will be RECORD BREAKING! S. Does anyone have the recipe for those hotdogs they make at the Jenks Shop? I've been... —  read more 

Curtain Call

So the final push is on to get those bonuses the glass palace residents want before they open those pretty golden parachutes and take their flying leaps from the burning spruce goose. What locations will be left in the aftermath of destruction the... —  read more 

North Platte East Hump

Today is the day our east hump is gone. Now im wondering when our layoffs will come after. I wonder what number mister Vena has in mind since he was just here over the weekend. Our union rep aint telling us nothing. Makes you think what they are... —  read more 

Fix the Unions!

OK, Here is how we do it. We need to change our approach to how we fight this company. We need to organize and consolidate the unions. Each hub has like 40 part time representives that collectively don't have a clue as to what they are doing. We... —  read more 


Heard this from within the headquarters walls, every manager better have there books and numbers correct because they will be auditing everyone. There's alot misuse of funds and spending.

Jenks Recall

Ok folks jenks called back what’s it looking like trying to get back what are they asking you to do? Try to keep answers clean without profanity use symbols if you absolutely feel like it needs profanity. Also let’s try to give good information that... —  read more 

North Platte vs Vena

So what ever happened to Vena being in North Platte. Must of been a rumor since post got deleted. Hey brothers from what i hear we are safe and busy even tho closing east hump. I guess will live day by say untill we figure out what is PRS. I think we... —  read more 

Ruthless managers

With the rumors of manager cuts or forced relocations, I’m sure everyone has noticed that the managers are being very cut throat. Things like trying to make other managers look bad or trying to get employees fired, just to put a feather in their... —  read more 


what’s the latest news on the cluster£uck that is jenks shop???? Hear they had their yearly auction wonder if they made enough money to offset the OTR increase to keep paying their “hard working” shareholders and upper management?

Massive Layoffs Coming soon

dont be fooled by the stock price. The shareholders will never be sastisfied and will just want more, its human nature. Keep a close eye on the numbers graph, they keep pushing the expection further and further when a goal is reached. PSR is not... —  read more 

Car Department

Inspections will now be done from home via ZOOM. Car department will be eviscerated by 90 percent by 2021. Only 4 Carmen per yard and they will sit in front of a monitor from home and inspect from digital video provided by inspection towers all... —  read more 

West Colton Weaklings

with a non existent union and fear for there job, the car department at WCT are nothing more than a bunch of beaten dogs. Weak, scared and stuck. But rest assured they still find the time to screw eachother out of overtime, backstab eachother, and... —  read more 

Who is Vena helping?

Nobody, probably is getting kickbacks from CN on the side. shooting down mass business and pushing goods to CN and FerroMex or forcing goods to ship through panam to the east because BNSF after mass callbacks and pulling all sotrage cant move enough... —  read more 

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