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This forum is so useless

Checking back on the posts here from 2015 and 2017, pretty much nobody got anything right on this forum that wasn't already being communicated by upper management or widely known to anyone working at UPC. All there is on this forum is a bunch of "OMG... read more

Tuesday is the day!

Everyone is saying they pitched a bogus low severance package to the board who rejected it and now the date is pushed to Tuesday. We are so gawd dayum fawked!


5pm TODAY for 48 hours. Followed by 1hr Walkouts everyday at 12pm.

The good news

At least if UP is more efficient, we will see the savings with cheaper consumer goods.

Let the firings begin

Folks remember this we were all looking for jobs when we found this one. I’m a manager and I got seniority, please cut my job so I can show you what a real railroad screwing feels like.
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UPC - Douglas Cty Sheriffs

Having lunch with a few of my fellow department coworkers as sort of a last supper, and happened upon 5 Douglas County Sheriffs in the lobby, in full gear... vests, sidearms, etc...

Just the Beginning

When even railroads are laying off masses of people, you know the state of affairs in the nation cannot be good. I know we are deluged daily with "Everything is AWESOME!!" from the media, govt, and corporations, but the very fact they feel the need... read more
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So is this gonna happen or not

12:30 and nothing has happened. No info, everyone is quiet, and nothing has happened. When are we gonna hear anything?
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No news is good news

I'm taking the fact that nothing is happening so far as a good sign. We'd have known by now if today was going to be the big day. This makes me happy because frankly, just before weekend is a c-appy time to notify people they are being laid off. I... read more

Sad time in the company

Honest Abe here. Real shame when dreams turn into nightmares.
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Most likely next week

I know a lot of people are mentioning tomorrow as finally learning something, but I don't think we'll hear anything before next week. The third quarter earnings report is on October 24 and I'm assuming whatever announcement there are to come -... read more

Anticipation is worse than knowing

I'm starting to feel like this whole thing where we know we'll have layoffs but don't know exactly when, where and how many is worse than finding out I've been laid off. At least then I'd know where I stand and what my next step should be. Right now... read more


A walkout and work stoppage - 10/19 Friday at 10am Central, 9am Mountain, 8am Pacific. Get up and walk out for an hour. HDC / Operations / IT / Law / AVP's - Come together and protest or lose your job. Your boss is with you. Miss the meeting, park... read more

Restructung in the fiekd

Field Operations from superintendent on done have been told d day is coming , whether it’s 10% now 20% later etc HQ IS LIGHTENING THE LOAD MGM, REGIONS , head quarters etc . Get your head out of the sand either bring value or they will eliminate this... read more

No layoffs in 2018

Heard from a reliable source in HR that no layoffs are occurring in 2018. Company will be reorganizing into 2019 as it prepares for UP2020. As areas are evaluated, they will either change roles or be offered an out. UP is trying to do it right this... read more


The attacks here on Lance are an embarrassment. It’s a difficult time for us all and he’s doing what needs to be done for the long term health of the Company. I’m sure the decision was not taken lightly and we should at least acknowledge his candor... read more


Rumor is that MDSC may be dissolved and reps would be transferred to Loup

Right Size

You guys miss the big picture this is all about $$$. A salaried and benefit person cost too much contractors cheap. Thus is all about Wall Street stock jump. Ownership by internal employees is not and never be valued again. Read hunter Harrison’s... read more


Why does somebody keep copying comments and reposting them as topics?
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Info on buyout

Have heard Managers will be asked to give up seniority or go back to craft. Long pools shortened to lessen hotel stays. Buyout coming all before 10/25. MOPS going to terminal 4 on 3 off..... its all for the betterment of the company. Moved from an... read more
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Sorry, AVPs

Just confirmed with an anonymous EVP. Expectation is to eliminate or demote an 80% minimum of AVPs at Union Pacific. Rationale is that this is an unnecessary layer that adds cost and reduces agility and speed of the organization. Sad outcome for... read more

Focus on the politics at hand within the UPRR.

Drop the gov politics they don't control the UPRR business. UPRR is a gov all in it's own. I called them a communist government for a long time. I expected to be a lifer like others in my family. Probably never would I have quit on my own. They... read more

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What I’ve been told is Twin Cities, St Louis, Livonia (prob merge with Houston), Denver (merge with Utah), and Sunset (guess is split between San Antonio and LA SUs). Anyone knows more?
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