Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

What has changed?

People say this with wonder, ‘profit before employees’, as if it used to be different? Profit has always been more important than employees here at UP and I don’t think anything has changed there.

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G55 Achieved

Congrats to everyone on all their hard work! Today we achieved the magical 55% Operating Ratio. The investors appreciate all your sacrifices. Now get back to work! 50% is next.

Los Ángeles Mechanical

Has anyone heard any news regarding the return of furlough mechanical employees? Is so, how many per craft and why the return? Did they get a new contract or is it that Colton can’t handle the extra work that was taken away from Los Angeles?

Being a manager at UP

How good do you think their job is? Who would like to be a manager at UP? Despite the fact that many believe that managers in UP do nothing, I would not like to be a manager in this company even for a single day. I can’t wait to get out of here and... —  read more 

Is Vena gone yet?

I read that his time was up at he end of June. Well, June has come and gone now. Is he still around? Will the executive team announce he's leaving the company. I hope they do announce his departure. Him leaving I definitely want to see, but the... —  read more 


Is everything be else’s service unit imploding also? We can’t move a train by is without at least 1 revere. It seems everyone has been pushed to the limit


I believe truck drivers are the heart of the railroad. Without us how would materials and equipment get delivered. Always be safe a use the biggest strap-ons you have.

North Platte Recalls

So now that they called back electricians. When will us machinist get called back heard rumor was in the works of calling back quite a few. So no more layoffs expected in North Platte i see.

Another major derailment

PSR strikes again. Yesterday around 2pm the NPPR derailed in Ames Iowa taking out both main lines and spilling Hazmat while putting almost 30 cars on the ground . Locals had to be evacuated. I really hope the shareholders are ok.

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