Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.


How are they running equipment around system.? Other places let us know in north platte they are blowing out work to get locomotives out of shop. We don't have enough people at all 2.5 crews on 3rd and 2 on 2nd days if we farm out 5 crews maybee 6 ... — read more 

Open Doors

What’s being done about all the open doors on container trains? Trains travel the entire system from origin to destination with co tai er doors open. Merchandise falling out or attracting thieves. Trains can’t be stopped because of velocity. ... — read more 

Everyday is a gamble

Which yard do we want to shut down today? Let's go over the numbers with Vena. Focus on Western depots. California costs too much money. Which port do we close? Intermodel down? Can LA pickup Norcals work? What's it gonna be?

Running on fumes

Northplatte is running 2.5 machinist crews after farm outs today we have a shop full of locomotives on midnights if there lucky 2 to 3 crews after they farm out jv and his goons are saying absolutely no overtime they act like they care but they don't... — read more 

Start quiet quitting

If you think you shouldn't and UP deserves better, you're not very smart (I'd use another word but I want this post to stay up). Just start doing the bare minimum. Exactly what you're being paid for. And considering how little we're paid, that... — read more 


I guess the 35% reduction post caught UP’s attention so they had it removed. Someone in headquarters doesn’t like us having the inside scoop as to what they are wanting to do. Keep an eye out for weird acting management the next several weeks. To... — read more 

Attention all carmen

For years we let them cut our jobs. Continue working with the minimum. Call off work because we are tired. Some out on stress, medical. No one is replaced to do the work. Yet the job still gets done. That just shows Vena he can cut even more or even... — read more 

smoking policy

Does U.P. still have smoking policy.Seems like since most of higher UPS smoke policy is not enforced. I guess this will be next way to ✂️ cut number of agreement employees since hardly no one took early out.

Well fellas

Mechanical seems to be the craft Veena wants to be part of the past. So I've gotten my resume updated. Applied at several rr outfits. No one is hiring. We only have enough experience to work at Rapid Oil Change franchises. Sam's Club as a stocker. I... — read more 

Why keep hiring

Why do they keep hiring? I’m sure it probably a d-mb question, but unfortunately I think logically and there isn’t any logic that I can think of to this. Can’t keep the ones they got now marked up and want to hire more. In the end people will get... — read more 

They're not what they seem

Be careful of newly hired management at you facility. If they didn't move up within your facility, then they probably came from Omaha. UP has been known to scout out locations before bringing down the hammer. Do you have someone you've never seen... — read more 

Early leave

We had 3 retirements 2 quit and 1 about to be fired or sign away rights at north platte how about other places expecting within a few weeks now that the early authorizations at the end now

Lack of efficiency

The current motto of efficiency is about to change. With near future changes to have some Engineering managers and Signal managers to expand some of the territories to eliminate a manager in the middle just seems ludicrous. They are looking at not... — read more 

Attendance Policy

I have a two part question How many paid sick days did we get, ive heard 4 total is that true?? ARE YOU READY FOR THE FOOTBALL!!! THE 9ERS AND THE CHIEFS ARE COMIN OVER TONIGHT AND AWWLL MY ROWDY FRIENDS ARE COMIN OVER TONIGHT! OH... — read more 

Real mech cuts

So far I know Denver, Elko and Eugene all lost mech employees. Is there any news of more coming or what’s coming next? This company is so tight lip when it comes to up and coming events. I just want to know if I should be planning on finding other... — read more 

March Layoffs

Huge layoff are in the works to hit everyone from top to bottom system wide. Before the 1st quarter report comes out, the UP will be cut again just like in 2019/2020. No way around this one. This will be considered first wave of layoffs 2024. More to... — read more 

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