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Layoffs done?

It’s been quiet in our area. (IT)I believe we have met what Vena wants. Layoffs are done for us right? How come noone is saying anything or happy about that?

Cutting the workforce and keeping the management

I don’t agree with it but I can understand the logic of layoffs and what they want to do with the company with a lesser workforce. What I can’t understand is why, other than a few scapegoats, the managerial structure wasn’t really touched the... read more


I work for B.N. Just heard Vena will be at the B.N. yard in Denver then B.N. and group will visit 2 other sites. 36 street up yard and North yard Denver. I think we maybe taking over all off Denver and moffit in exchange for other site.


I have been told by several different higher up with Uncle Pete that the plan is to layoff until the RR fails. Then bring it back. Sounds like insider trading, cause your own stock to plumit, buy it back, fix your RR, sell then walk away

BNSF Job Postings

I have seen the postings on BNSF’s website drop from 60 open positions, all the way down to 13 over the last three months. Looks like they’re snatching up all the good talent that has left UP. Smart move, if you ask me.

More info on this?

Shop closure in North Platte. UPFE the end of the line. Car department is next. Where did this info come from? Any truth behind it?

What about attrition?

Isn’t it dangerous to thin the workforce to the bone in the situation where the workers that got to stay have a large degree of stress and bitterness within themselves? What happens when atrition hits and the workforce is already at the bare minimum?... read more

So long

I have been working for UP for 6 years and I will be resigning here shortly to begin another job. Executive management knows nothing about running a railroad and is just a puppet at the hands of wall street. They also killed two of our Co workers... read more

Any luck in finding new jobs?

I was wondering how job hunting was going for people who were laid off by UP in the past several months? Are you having any luck? If yes, what's the situation with your pay? Is it comparable to what you received here or did you have to take a pay... read more

Let the meltdown begin

Here on our piece of the Railroad we are having units breakdown ie traction motors catching fire etc etc. God help us all

Railroad union critical of UP’s streamlining, layoffs

The Railroad Workers United union has announced that it is challenging Union Pacific’s decision to streamline operations by laying off workers, including a number who are employed by the company in Pine Bluff. Precision Scheduled Railroading, as UP’s... read more
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Glad I was laid off

I mean this only to encourage. I was laid off in January. I have had 5 job offers all of which are similar or better paying with a better schedule. I was a Carman for 8 years and I don't have a degree. There are tons of jobs out there so don't think... read more

Indeed job reviews!

If a person wants to get the current state of working conditions at Union Pacific look no further than the review comments for UP on the Indeed job site. Very telling!

This will not end well for anybody

I wonder how long will it take Union Pacific leadership to realize that profit at all cost will end up destroying the company in the end. And then to realize that in that case there will be no profit at all for anybody, including them? One would... read more

Any managers on here

Most of our locations just got hit with another round of cuts. We had 4 machinist and 3 electricians. Our location isn't using our locomotives. We only have a few actually moving. With this being said, it looks like our yard may be shut down next... read more


Is anyone in Omaha willing to share what company they went to after UP, or what companies they are interviewing at? The same question goes for anyone you know leaving UP.

FRA and UP

Miracle of the Hudson pilot Sully talking about conflicts of interest between FAA and Boeing. Sounds like the relationship between the FRA and UP. FRA slacking on their job and the safety managers at UP are the same people responsible for production... read more

Please HELP Nebraska

Yes, this is a layoff page, but this is an emergency stituation. Nebraska is not a high population state so the media has largely ingored the enormity of the situation. Please, WE NEED HELP About 2/3 of the state is flooded, roads and bridges washed... read more

They achieved their goal

People have started quitting left and right. UP created work environment that is so bad that people are not even waiting to be laid off - they are running away from the toxicity and constant fear of losing a job unexpectedly on their own. Which, when... read more

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