Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

RR Police

In the 80's there were 40 RR bulls in my terminal. They worked O/T arrested people daily for stealing, vandalism, and removed alot of trespassers daily. Somewhere almost 10 years ago there was only 5 of em. Today I think there are only 3. Now they... —  read more 

17 years of service lost!

I recently got suspended pending an investigation we all know what that means ! After 17 years , I did my best , no longer feel angry or bitter! I made my peace and forgive those who put me in this situation! Sleep deprivation is not a joke and I... —  read more 

New work truck PLEASE!??!!!

Multi billion dollar company bragging about all these record profits, yet my work group drives around in these piece of sh-t chilli wagons. Trucks constantly breaking down weekly. 10 years of the same sh-t. Most trucks have well over 200,000 miles... —  read more 

Ideal employee for UP

Yesterday was one of those days when it was no longer clear to me what UP wanted from me. Maximum workload, work-life balance non-existent, pay disappointing etc. I'm not complaining because anyone can leave if they want. I do my work and keep... —  read more 

Just got hired!

I just accepted a position as a apprentice freight car repair. I quit my job for this. I was making 90 thousand a year plus bonuses and worked 4 10s. Did I make a mistake?

End of train hiding

Been hearing from some that ptc won’t keep a train from hitting the rear of the train in front of them . They say if you doing 20 mph or less, ptc on second train will let them get too close to rear of train in front of them. Has anyone... —  read more 

Tolerance has its limits

Suddenly a barrage of criticism as if I was the worst UP employee ever. It's not a problem for me to take criticism for something that is really badly done, but when I work more than ever, then I'm really not willing to tolerate criticism that has... —  read more 

Is there life after UP?

I never saw it coming, one minute im throwing barbecues for my familia and paying for everything, telling them "there money's no good here", and just as fast as I flipped the Carne on the grill, I was laid off. Now I have a Kings Ranch truck I cant... —  read more 

20 years

I have 20 working in another craft and now I see they are hiring train crew in my location finally. Couple questions 1 can train crew be bumped to farther away spots to work and 2 is it really worth it to switch after all this time

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Developing new skills

I'll be honest, I can't find a better job because I don't have enough skills. I stagnated here because I only thought about paying the bills and less about growing a skillset that would help me get out of here one day. Now I would like to make up... —  read more 

The worst company ever

I made the mistake of joining recently. Everyone I've come in contact with is rude. Everyone. Nobody wants to offer help or assist you, even if they are the ones who gave you the task and did not provide you with enough information on how to do it. I... —  read more 

Buyout rumors flying.

Buyout rumors are flying in the Southern region. They say UP has a diversity problem that is causing concern to shareholders. Buyout the old guys with 5 weeks vacation, hire the diverse group they need? Makes sense. Any thoughts?

Psr results

What needs to happen to improve the psr scorecard they post every two weeks. Seems like we’re down on everything we measure except employee productivity. I see in the field our locomotives are getting worse and worse. This winter is gonna be... —  read more 

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