Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Jalali new EVP

23 years at Walmart, 3 years on the railroad. Sends a very clear signal . . . there is nothing special about institutional knowledge on the railroad. First start i suggest Mr. Jalali, fire every executive, get rid of their pension liabilities and... —  read more 

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This will not work

They really need to change the attendance policy to make it easier for people with illnesses to go to the doctor and take care of their health. If they want to keep any employees that have any sort of marketable skills at all. UP is operating in the... —  read more 

2014 date conductor

2014 date con here, if borrow out to LA service unit, how much work can I get on the Golden pool short pool, from Dolores to E.LA? To west Colton and how much Z or I trains patching you older guys? Will I get call on my rest? 12 hour days? 5 days a... —  read more 

The boss vacation policy.

Boss said I only could take 1 week at a time . Me being a more senior union member, this don’t make sense to me . Other nearby men can work my area during my time off. Any suggestions ? I wanted 2 weeks off. I put my request in 1/2/23 and he still... —  read more 

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Sick days

Did we have to pay our out of our own check our sick days. Said i had a -24 hour adjustment on my paystub which took $950 out of my check. The 3 sick days we were awarded in April? Anybody have any insight on this?

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