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Warm up to work

Hey does anyone know where i can get a video of that warm up to work lady? I think her name was Lisa? Im sure there are some of you who know exactly what im talking about, she had that long brown curly hair tucked under that U.P hardhat, mom jeans... read more

FRA Crackdown

Has any other yards or mechanical units been getting hit? Multiple FRA guys all over global 2 and proviso this week. Talked to one when he asked about new hure furloughs, working conditions, derails, etc. Said they're noticing a lot of high risk... read more

We can’t get the work done on time

I’m a yard worker and a lot of people were hit by layoffs at my location. We are operating with the 60% of the capacity than we did before. Even though that’s the case, we’re still faced with the same amount of work and it is expected that we keep up... read more

Hinkle Layoffs - 195 let go


UP is losing its talent

Where did the talent go? Is there any talent left? Will they be hiring any new talent? Was there ever really any talent, just wondering.

Hinkle announcement good as gone

Union Pacific announces layoffs at Hinkle rail yard in Hermiston POSTED BY: JENNA KOCHENAUER MAY 21, 2019 Union Pacific plans to lay off nearly 200 positions at its Hinkle rail yard in Hermiston. According to a statement the railroad company released... read more

All the best are gone or leaving

Did you notice that all the best employees are either gone or leaving? No one wants to work for UP anymore - not unless they really, really have to. And the ones being brought in are really cheap - which translates to inexperienced, lazy and... read more

For me there's not gonna be a next time

Handed in my resignation. Managed to land a job at another railroad company. It was a hard process but at the end i payed off. I considered UP the company where I would reach my pension, but the time comes when one has to be honest with himself that... read more

Scrambled or Fried

So just last week i attended a leadership breakfast at the red roof inn confrence room. Anyway after cobbling together a breakfast that consisted of a make your own waffle station, off brand cereal, strawberry yoplait yougurt, some strange danish... read more

Is it just me?....

Why is it on the UP website every other day it seems an employee performed some sort of heroic act? And when they take the photo of said hero or heroes there all posted up tryin to look hard, like they a somebody? Plus if you read that monthly... read more

o- well

I been with the co. for 29 yrs, 15 yrs in mechanical. can't hold a job anywhere with up. good luck in the next 6 mos. guys. there is no hope. try the lottery.

Info About Cuts to MOW?

Anybody have info on when cuts will be made to MOW or which departments will be cut (track, bridge) in southern region?

Leaving the UP... best decision I have made

I was a fairly high ranking, director level, employee. I walked away for another opportunity and couldn’t be happier. There is life at the end of the tunnel. Compensation and retention stock wasn't worth the damage I was doing to myself and my... read more

June 1st

Major layoffs coming. All the way across the board. North platte, Kansas City, north Little Rock Roseville

Get the word out people!

I just wanted to remind people to submit their experiences at this said company to sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. It’s good to let people know what they are getting themselves into.

We will all get cut in one way or another

Call me pessimistic, but I think that we will all turn out to be victims of this process in the end. Weather we’ll get laid off, furloughed, or maybe we will get overworked to the breaking point, which will make us leave on our own. All and oll there... read more

News this site is intended for

This week multiple agreement jobs across the system were abolished and workers furloughed in B&B. IBEW and SMART mech employees were affected.

Just leave, leave, leave

Leave UP, lave the industry, leave this whole bloody mess behind. Do you really think there is another rail company out there waiting for you with open arms? Of course not. This industry has been using and then spitting out employees for decades... read more


What’s going on in Oregon?? Heard upper management from above still hanging around but already cut Hinkle

Can a furloughed person get laid off?

And if he can get laid off is that something that is done in practice? I haven’t seen that situation ever. I figure, if they wanted to cut someone they would do it right away instead of putting him on furlough.

Keep up the good work Lance

Your approval rating is down from 18% to 15% on Glassdoor just within the past month. I think you are really winning the employees over.

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