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Gentlemen if Union Pacific offers early retirement packages take it. To get 100% tier 1 at 15-20 yrs service is heaven.

North Platte Shop

We been having lots overtime and pulling some units out of storage. Any chances layoffs are over and shop will call some us machinist back to work? Need to make some overtime money to recover. Any one hear any rumors on call backs or layoffs done?

UP Headquarters scouting out Texas

This has been going around for awhile now, but they are actively considering it. This also allows UP to easily leave a lot of people high and dry. . . no need to layoff. they can just quit.

Highball Inferno

Imagine if Airline Mechanics and Inspectors had the same work ethic as the Car Department, would you want to fly? Or maybe a Train doesnt really need inspecting. I mean there not dangerous are they? Whats the worse that could happen? Maybe UP... —  read more 

Grand opening

Jenks to start opening August 1st. Ilp has been installed. Jobs will be combined. Welcome to 2020 biches......

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HDC Layoffs

I heard 42 dispatchers and coridor managers got walked out of the HDC today. Anyone else heard anything? With all these close calls latetly how can they cut down on dispatchers even more?

Paycut update

Well fellow managers looks like their going to extend our pay cuts through the rest of the 2020.

Union Pacific is hiring

Manager's starting pay: $38k salary with 12 weeks off no pay per year. Ask the current manager's they'll tell you how great it is.... Kind of embarrassing if you ask me. A laborer making more money than a manager.


Does anyone else get a good laugh when you are preached to about ethics when you log onto the company web site? I’m pretty sure everything that is happening at this company is like the furthest thing from high ethical standards. I’m pretty sure upper... —  read more 


Does anyone know why Vena is in commuter today ?

Grape Vine

Any word on the Palestine Car Shop? It's the last open car overhaul facility on the UP system. We are all wondering if there is life after they close her down. The court date is set for next February. Pls give any and all input. Inquiring minds... —  read more 

UPS contract at risk

Well good job Fritz and Vena! UPS had a meeting with Union Pacific saying that we are at risk of losing their business. That is our biggest customer. When is Fritz and Vena gonna be put out on their asses so we can get back to business instead of... —  read more 

Going back soon?

There is alot of guys between you it's tough to say if they will get back to you. Even when jenks reopens it's tough to say the 78 machinist will even get called back, even the electricians will be tough if they call them all back. They will open... —  read more 

North Little Rock Jenks Shop.

Anyone heard anything good about our shop? Please try to be as honest as you can . Sure do miss working with the ole crew at service track. I've been furloughed one year June 16 2019 for me. And having trouble finding anything that comes close to... —  read more 

Over 80 managers let go.

CSX just pushed out 86 managers. This company is going down the way side. What the heck we goina do? Oops! Wrong post. This is UP! Sorry fellas. I'll go to CSX and vent there. I guess all the railroads are the same–THEY S—!

North Platte

Since we are working lots overtime again in North Platte. Do you guys think its safe to buy a house now. I would think they will not be laying off anymore since we are needed. Whatever happened to shop being screened for layoffs. Sorry but dont see... —  read more 


I wish you guys that hate it so much would quit. I love it there but I’m stuck at home laid off. I miss you UP. Hopefully I get called back soon!

Rail news

I thought it was a great news column that said a railroad actually helped a lot of people by delivering food, helping families out hit with covid-19, and making sure their employees were ok financially during the pandemic. Just when I was proud of UP... —  read more 

No Excuses, No Mercey

The fighting and bickering between Management and Agreement is starting to wear itself thin. Even the animosity between crafts is getting old. Enough is enough. We all habe a job to do, working towards the same goal, yes some are paid more than... —  read more 

Enough is Enough

I stand today before all of you and pledge that I will no longer let myself be part of the toxic atmosphere of U.P. Im making a change. Im going to treat others with respect even if its not reciprocated. I will stay positive, give 100 percent... —  read more 

Cameron S. Was just hired by Omnitrax.

Talk about a fall from grace! How embarrassing for him! One would think he would have been let go with a pile of cash therefore never needing to work again. He probably used to make fun of people that worked at short lines. I noticed all the rejects... —  read more 

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