Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Palestine ,TX. news Courts sides with UPRR , they don't have to honor the contract with city of Palestine, TX., and Anderson county. It's a... —  read more 

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IBEW ratifies contract

LOL nice to see a fair and impartial ratification vote by ALL the members of IBEW. (Sarcasm implied) hard to find many articles on the members not receiving ballots. Hmmm very interesting to say the least!

Off for medical reasons

Several hundred people were unjustly sent home for medical reasons the last few years. Many are healthy and want to work at UP. Hey management are you listening ? Hope they will get an offer to come back to work.

You have choices !

If you feel the unions are not properly representing you’re best interest. You can become a union objector … You’re due’s will decrease significantly and you will pay because it’s a union shop to maintain you’re seniority . Look it up ! —  read more 

UP is a mistake

It's no secret that UP is a miserable place from which everyone wants to escape. Almost everyone knew what kind of company this is now, and despite that they still applied here. Why? I'd advise even those who don't have many options to bypass this... —  read more 

Utah Phillips

When the union's inspiration through the workers' blood shall run There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one For the Union makes us strong Solidarity forever, solidarity... —  read more 

The How matters

For the life of me I cannot figure out the purpose of these The How Matters for Agreement Professionals, training videos. The video says don't lie about your work, yet every single day management does it and requires that you do it. Can't spot and... —  read more 

So disappointing

Carmen always gets the brown end of the stick. Why can't we get sick days? 1 extra day off. Wow. 21% raise, 2 yr. contract, 14% immediately, $1000 yearly bonus. Backpay paid within month. Oh coocah ratcha medical is way up. Did the math. We are... —  read more 

Three day weekend!

We already don’t listen to management so why are we listening to the union? If you saved up your points don’t get shy now because the LU Army gave orders to go to work. Strikes come in many forms so enjoy a self help weekend!

What a joke!

Our unions are a fu----g joke! They know this stupid BS 3 days of unpaid sick time won’t fly once the votes are counted, but they went along with it to appease the president and give congress enough time to get their sh-t written so when time comes... —  read more 


"Absolutely wild how the most important story in the country right now is an impending strike of 125,000 railroad workers that will devastate supply chains and no one is covering it because it’d be virtually impossible to avoid that the unions are... —  read more 

Picket Line at Fritz home

Just picked up all our signs for the strike. Will be handing them out tomorrow with the strike schedule. Have 2 teams of 25 that will be picketing at Fritz home for 16 hours a day. Can't wait for Saturday

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