Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

UP not hiring

UP doesn’t have any external jobs posted for the first time in a while. Not even anything for the poor interns. Not even the 6 or 7 lawyer postings they usually have. They need to start hiring some dispatchers before they have to get the DJs... —  read more 


Did anyone ever get that "$1000" bonus? I just read an article saying they gave its 31000 employees a $1000 bonus, even furloughed employees that worked at least 30 days between March and now. I know I didn't get sh–hat I know of.

Another one bit the dust!

I've seen engines explode before, but this one is the worst I've seen so far. A UP engine in Utah blew up so badly that mangled everything with 4 feet of of the turbo. How no one was injured in that explosion is a miracle.

North Platte shop

Haven’t heard of any layoffs lately. So are we done with the target number of machinist to be furloughed. Will they ever call some if us brothers back to work. Has been slow lately then busy and then call OT. Does anyone else think we are safe now i... —  read more 

Back to back derailment.

Polk County Iowa with the 2nd large derailment in as many days. This one caused by a bridge collapse. Merry Christmas papa fritz hope ya like your psr gifts. Gotta feeling psr is gonna give ya alot of them this year.

Yard News?

I had heard the EB hump at N.Platte was closed but is now open again. What about some of the other yards? Proviso? Is Roseville hump open? I would think Hinkle and Pine Bluff are lost forever. What about your area yard? Any news on closings... —  read more 

Union Pacific Railroad

Union Pacific the largest railroad in America is one of the fewest jokes known to man. This company charges outrageous fees for shipping, most of the employees have either a GED or High School diploma, and earn 80,000 plus a year while a individual... —  read more 

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