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Let’s all try to get on the same page

Hey let’s try to use this page to benefit those of us left as agreement workers advantage if anyone sees or hears shady $hit going down at their location share it here no matter what craft you might be. In the end we all are here to get a paycheck... —  read more 

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Let’s strike boys


You should lose your union card if you become managment

It is time the crafts started circling the wagons on traitors and wana be upper managers. Also, if you were a foreman that threw your people under the bus, union folks should be looking to get your arse fired ASAP. The weak link have got to go.


I wouldn't put it past BNSF to pick up Hinkle because as was mentioned it's in a prime area and could really help their Company. I think that's the core issue with the UP and their coming late to the party approach on PSR. Their major hubs are... —  read more 


Got my bonus and stock Monday morning. Walked out Monday afternoon. Started new job Tuesday with a 40% raise. So long s—ers! Run as fast as you can from the sinking ship!

Newly revised attendance policy

Just sent out a new attendance chart for tey etc. very punitive to road crews based on a pt system. Extra boards , yrd crews etc. Just gave another reason for the new guys to jump ship and for new hires not to come on board.

1 Man Crew

On UP Website and Union confirmation. Conductots on trains will be a thing of the past sooner than later. Prepare yourselves accordingly. This is not rumor nor hyperbole.


Why is there such a division between the managers and union employees? Seriously, several managers are going through the same thing as union personnel. Not every manager is a jerk who is after people to promote themselves. Quit generalizing. There... —  read more 

NLR has snitches??

Rumor has come down that the guys pulled from service was a direct connection with the couple of jock straps running up stairs to the director whining.. The entire shop is leaning toward 3 individuals responsible for this!!

Old Agreements useless

Let the changes begin This round is going to be interesting what the union gives up!! FEDERAL COURT REQUIRES NEGOTIATIONS OVER TRAIN CREW STAFFING ARLINGTON, VA (Feb. 13, 2020) – The National Railway Labor Conference announced today that a... —  read more 

What’s the new rumors

So apparently there wasn’t enough takers for the new manager positions they created, hearing rumors of possible callbacks, overtime getting called like crazy, shop closures or yard closures, share what you’ve heard keep the bull$hit to a minimum

North Platte

At Bailey Yard, about 80 foremen jobs are going to be eliminated, replaced by half as many managers, part of the 3,000 job cuts that Union Pacific plans to make this year across its system. Company officials announced their plan to cut jobs and... —  read more 


There is a company taking maintenance and welding activity in California,Oregon and Arizona names Loram. This is a true statement.

A few words on UP manager qualifications

There may be more people in management at UP with degrees from known diploma mills and other inflated credentials than at any other company of equivalent size and value. Here's a quick guide to determining if your manager's qualifications are... —  read more 

Overtime and layoffs

So what locations are still calling overtime, any more layoffs rumblings beside the foreman and foreman general positions going away in April.


Where’s Vena? Haven’t heard him in a while. Besides the foreman cuts about to happen and them closing the Hump at Davidson yard it’s been quiet. Is the end near? Can we relax and not have to worry about having a job next week?

ARASA supervisors eliminated

All ARASA supervisors will be eliminated throughout the system, over 500 jobs affected. Shift Managers will run the crew.

Wall Street starting to get reality

Excerpt today from A Wall Street Analyst today Manpower UPRR Compensation and benefits expense was $1.0 billion, down 18% Y/Y. At 34% of total operating costs, compensation and benefits was Union Pacific's largest expense item. The company has... —  read more 

What’s new

Managers being shipped to new locations, layoff rumors, locomotives being pulled out of storage share anything you’ve heard or seen here try to keep the bull$hit to a minimum folks

Time to go

After almost 10 years, today is my last day working for this company. They just don’t know it is my last day. They wouldn’t give me a two week notice, why should I give them one?

Has anyone noticed?

We used to be an old Southern Pacific shop for over a century. Union Pacific clearly stated when they took over that they purchased the track rights and nothing more. Best I can remember, the Surface Transportation Board forced them to keep shop and... —  read more 

West Colton 4 life

Whats the latest on the WCT? Seems like they have raised the bar as far as producing. Some might even say there untouchable. But whats really going on?


Does U.P. run any locals anymore?

IRS Tax Refund

Does anyone have any updates on the IRS tax refund? Up says it’s on the IRS and won’t answer any questions related to the refund. It was supposed to be paid out by now????

Hiring train crews

Actively trying to eliminate us and yet UP just posted openings for train crew In Rawlins, Green River and St Paul. Maybe things are on the up and up. Probably not. But a guy can dream right?

So what's going on with the foreman jobs.

Was a locomotive foreman for 27 years and have recently retired and can't believe the union are allowing this dismantling of the arasa union . What the F are you thinking. This could be beginning of the end. STRIKE !!!!!

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