Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Pacific Corp.

Why did you apply for a job here?

I often wonder what I did wrong in my life to deserve to end up at Union Pacific. I knew before that the situation here is not good at all, but I thought people were exaggerating and it couldn’t be this bad. This is one big joke of a company from... —  read more 

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We Are One Locomotive

How does everyone feel about the new engine? Does it make you feel special inside? Would you rather be laid off if it saved enough money to pay for this new engine and symbol of unity?

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North Platte Shop

Im thinking our shop is done with layoffs. They might even call some of our guys back. North Platte had our backs and worked for us so we all still have jobs. Our manager is the best. #1 shop to be the safest in system.

Laying off over 28 points

Anyone know if over 28 attendance points gets you fired anymore? Several people at my location are going over and still working. Everyone is being overworked and the folks going over almost seem like they can’t wait to get fired.

Reaction when you quit?

I finally quit! UP has consumed my life. I thought they would be completely indifferent when I told them I'm quitting, because I am aware that they only see people as numbers, however, I think the manager was surprised. I even think he was angry... —  read more 

What a bunch of actors...

I don’t know if it’s more funny or tragic when they say “the company is in good shape”? I mean, I don't understand how they're not ashamed to tell us stories like that? They're just lying to themselves. I don't know who can still believe the things... —  read more 

If you decide to quit at UP do not give them any notice. They will walk you out the front door and fire you on the spot.

Instead quit when you’re ready and give them notice effective immediately. Sad it has come to this. You can’t be professional at an unethical company like UP. Give notice and they fire you. Don’t give notice and they’ll be mad they couldn’t fire... —  read more 

Was it worth it?

How many who have 20+ years with the RR have made sacrifices and in the end believed it was worth it? I don’t deny that the pay helped me provide for my family very well and when my son begins college next year he won’t have to worry about tuition... —  read more 

Would anybody stay?

If you were offered a decent severance package, not even anything spectacular but enough to create a safety net between jobs, would you take it? I think people are so fed up with all the cr-p here that everybody would jump at the opportunity. He-l... —  read more 


I was wondering if anyone has information on accumulative injury? I hurt my back a few years back and only got offered a t-shirt.

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