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Every thread on this site is nothing more than to tear fellow workers down, belittle people, create strife, create divide/division. Very little info is steeped in reality or truth and when it is, it is already common knowledge.... you have no unknown... —  read more 

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Don't Jenks it

When will she reopen her doors to us poor, yet humble servants of the Railroad? Let's discuss, shall we? And........ GO!!!!

UP HR Is Now Conducting Push-Polls Here (?)

Apparently UP HR is now conducting push-polling on this message board. The question referenced is framed using the standard corporate double-speak, complete with vacuous allusions to "cultural engagement", and other such tripe. @UP HR: You know... —  read more 

North Platte shop safe?

Since Jenks shop isn't opening any time soon, is North Platte shop safe from layoffs. Just want to continue living life without worries. Want to buy a house if im sure I wont get laid off. I still have at least 30 guys under me, you think im high... —  read more 

Central Freight Lines readies for bankruptcy

Central Freight Lines, Inc., a Waco, TX based trucking company is readying for Chapter 11 bankruptcy according to sources close to upper management. Sources have confirmed the company needed to make it into the 2020 year in order to maximize its... —  read more 

We need to work together

There are a lot of posts on this site but none of it bothers up because it is mostly nonsense. And they delete any posts that mention any specific names. There's no point posting about striking. It will never happen. UP is a public trade company... —  read more 

RULA ended early. Layoffs to follow?

In a recent town hall Mr. Fritz stated if RULA isn't extended (which it's not), then they may have to look at making more permanent measures on a smaller scale. Cold Connect and HDC have already been significantly impacted. Lots of movement at... —  read more 

Big Train wreck down south

A big train wreck in Arizona today . I hate to say I told you so. But I told you so. You can't have a safe railroad without proper manpower . It's guaranteed to happen again

Burn baby burn

MOW is going to have plenty of work for months on end starting soon in Arizona


Jenks is officially closed for the rest of the year. Thank's Mo for the information now we can officially start looking for employment elsewhere. Been a good run guy's best of luck to you all that are left.

UPS gave UPRR 2 weeks to get it together

UPS is ready to cancel all business with Union Pacific. They have given Uncle Pete two weeks to remedy the situation or they are DONE. Precision Railroading is definitely the problem in my opinion. They can't get these trains on time when they have... —  read more 


Get your gloves and hard hats ready gentlemen, we’re all getting recalled back to work! Fritz says company is good to go even with the covid.

Rules and Agreements

Everyone continues to post all of those. At this point, if you have enough seniority to still be employed, you should realize that rules, laws, agreements, etc. do not apply to them. Promise whatever they wish, as long as there is no enforcement... —  read more 

WARN ACT - 60 day notice?

Does anyone have information regarding Warn Act notice? After reading into it, looks like the Warn Act is to provide employees a 60 day notice of termination (furlough). At our shop, we were given the notice and sent on our way. Was anyone given 60... —  read more 


Metra seeks injunction to maintain UP service | Metra https://metrarail.com/about-metra/newsroom/metra-seeks-injunction-maintain-service

1 Man Crews due To Covid

Omahas next move will be the push for single crew cabs due to the spread of Covid 19. The real question is when?


The attacks here on Lance are an embarrassment. It’s a difficult time for us all and he’s doing what needs to be done for the long term health of the Company. I’m sure the decision was not taken lightly and we should at least acknowledge his candor... —  read more 

Too much storage?

Because of PSR Union Pacific lost business, now they too much loco’s and flat cars in storage to handle shipping. In my opinion which means nothing but Union Pacific was the best without PSR, I wonder if they regret it?

Good guys wear Black

Looks like a winning combination, UP has acquired more business from the e commerce giant Amazon. On the surface this seems like an uplifting story for employees ,but like they say, "the devil is in the details". Now Im not one for conspiracy... —  read more 

Everyone Hired by UP should remember this

Well right now it's just stories and rumors about who stays and who goes! I will simply state I hate seeing anyone lose their job! The only person I would like to see go is up on the 19th floor of the glass palace in Omaha! Losing a job is very tough... —  read more 

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Health Insurance

I don’t think I’ll be going back to UP because my seniority is too low. I just started paying 950 a month for COBRA. My state doesn’t have expanded Medicaid and “he” is ending the ACA anyway “he” said so. Working people should start voting for our... —  read more 

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