Topics regarding layoffs at Unisys Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Unisys Corp.

The skivvy

There's no need for layoffs everybody's just freaking leaving!! your underpaid your overworked and a mishap of communication is everywhere oh yeah did I forget. As I was told when I first got here do your first year and get the he-l out because this... —  read more 


What's the criteria for cutting people? Who's the brilliant mastermind who decides who's gonna get kicked to the curb? I'd like a word or two with him. This makes no fu----g sense! You are getting rid of the best people! Do you have any idea what... —  read more 

Groundhogs Day

The groundhog saw its shadow. I guess we should expect a few more months of layoffs. This is the sh–tiest place I’ve ever worked. I hope I make the cut list.

2020 "Year of Transition"

What do you think 2020 will bring, given the recent selloff of Unisys Federal? Since starting here, I've been told they're the most profitable part of the business. The sale seems shortsighted. Field services has been playing catchup ever since the... —  read more 

More field services layoffs

We had a couple of HPE-side field techs cut from our team this past Thursday. We were all in shock, as the workload was already beyond capacity that our area could handle. Techs are out all night covering availability and opt out of working their... —  read more 

Nothing has changed

It appears nothing has changed from ten years ago when I got laid off. I was a line manager trying to get the job done with less every month and every month another person was on the line. It didn't matter if the tech was your best employee. It's was... —  read more 

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Whatever you do

Don’t share any plans to seek employment elsewhere with anyone that you know in the company. Chances are word will get around and people will kiss up and share information with your management. The next thing you know they will find any opportunity... —  read more 

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Say one thing, do another

I wonder how the many layoffs we've been having fit into this narrative... "Unisys is doubling down on retaining its employees as the talent war squeezes companies looking for tech workers, CEO Peter Altabef told investors during a second-quarter... —  read more 

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Anonymous John

About 50 people laid off yesterday at SLC location. One manager. Rumour sources warned that RIF was imminent days prior to event. Same sources claiming even bigger RIF coming in October.

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2015 Layoffs @ Unisys

On May 5, 2015 about 70 people were let go from the Roseville Development center. On June 3rd, the informal Layoff Support group met at the Food Court at the Rosedale mall to swap stories and info.

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