Topics regarding layoffs at UPS

Topics regarding layoffs at UPS

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Will UPS offer another management buyout for operations employees? In 2018 and 2020 UPS offered management buyouts to non operational management employees. Management operations employees work long hours and many have died while working or shortly... —  read more 

Major layoffs at UPS

This is not a rumor… UPS will lay-off about 300 people in various Finance & Accounting positions in Louisville, Chicago, and Scranton. Employees will be let go between February and May. and Yes..that is true...but that 300 is only in one... —  read more 

Anyone happy working here?

My manager acts as if I should be grateful for having to do so much work. I’ll admit the pay is good, but I would happily agree to be paid less if only I had less stress. This is getting unbearable. I can’t help but wonder how can anyone be happy... —  read more 

Dublin ireland

There making people redundant in Ireland making drivers quit my BF comes home upset everyday tired bulling to make him quit van overloaded call in for help told to stay out on constant overtime as are his work mates lowly paid on 32k a year as a... —  read more 

CTO Changes

Bala Subamanium was just appointed to Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Digital Officer for UPS. I hope he has T provide services for UPS which would mean lots of new work! Good luck with that UPS... I feel bad for all the UPS... —  read more 

The End of MIP

My opinion only... MIP will be gone in a few years... The RSU changing to one year was the very first step in the process… After MIP ends, the management wants no additional burdens… 40% was step 2, they will finish this off with MIP being the... —  read more 

Bare minimum?

I wish I knew what it’s like to work while giving only a minimum of myself, and not ending the working day so tired that I can’t even get enough rest until the next day. A colleague advises me not to try too hard because layoffs are inevitable... —  read more 

Layoffs have started

People have been receiving notices for the past few days, not sure if it's going to continue after this week. As it was mentioned before, there's absolutely no reason for these cuts considering how well the company is doing right now. I can't imagine... —  read more 

Can we expect more?

Do we have any idea if more people will receive notifications about being laid off this month? From what I understand, the 143 that were previously notified by UPS are only the tip of the iceberg. I'm worried the worst is yet to come and many of us... —  read more 


UPS GBS is laying off 143 employee’s that were notified February 2020 as they send American jobs to Poland. This has been coming since the day I was hired. Jim Casey is turning in his grave as the money that made UPS capable of going global, buying... —  read more 

Temporary layoffs?

I was temporarily laid off by UPS last week. I don't know if I should worry or believe them when they say this is just temporary. Has anybody else been in a similar situation?

More UPS layoffs

At least 100 hundred IT employees from all over the country were laid off this week. They say they’ll open some of the jobs in Alpharetta, GA and laid off employees can apply for them (yes, apply for your own job) but who knows if they really will... —  read more 

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