Topics regarding layoffs at United Technologies Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at United Technologies Corp.

Covid 19 at Union WV plant

At least 6 cases confirmed. Word is they are shutting the plant down for two weeks. That part isn't solid yet. The existence of Covid cases at the Union Wv plant and people leaving today for an unknown period of time is.

Windsor locks

When is this sh-- hole closing down? I heard once that the techs would never ride in a plane with a fuel controller they manufacture i.e Airbus NEO A320.

Reconsider Layoffs?

Gimme a break. This has never worked. Now Peters is asking that cuts are reconsidered but we know it'll not work...

Engineering Levels at P&W

Could someone within UTC confirm if at P&W a Staff Engineer is lower than a Principal Engineer? This is what I'm imagining, just want to confirm: Engineer I Engineer II Engineer III Sr. Engineer (~5 yrs exp) Staff Engineer (~10 yrs exp) Principal... —  read more 

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Plant closing

Just announced today UTC will be closing their Chula Vista CA. manufacturing plant by year end 2020. leaving the distribution center in building 61 and adman in building 107 just north of G st. This will affect hundreds of union and salary employees.

Crappy industrial company

United Technologies cheated on me by laying me off before the Thanksgiving holidays, was not compensated for my holiday pay earned the entire year. Now they are trying to break up the company using accounting shell game? Many divisions are getting to... —  read more 

More Plant Closure

Goodrich Corporation d/b/a UTC Aerospace Systems has filed an official WARN Notice with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, notifying the agency of a permanent closure which is effective june 29, 2018. The total number of... —  read more 

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