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Earnings call.

Not bad. They are only losing an average of 1.9 million a month. How long can they face these economic headwinds? I thought businesses were supposed to make money! Not piss it away.

Signs your campus might be closing

My guess is by Summer. A good indicator for a given campus would be show rate, number of instructors not teaching, overall campus student count vs number of students they budgeted for, trying to lease existing space and not being able to, employees... read more

Guaranteed Severance??

Does anyone know if a severance package is guaranteed? I know many employees are sticking around because of the rumor of the severance package but is there actually anything in writing or a contract that states you will get a severance after your... read more

You will take Mandatory Vacation!!! WTF!!!

Here we go again!!! You must take Vacation! It’s good for you! I’ll tell you what’s good for me! How about being able to take a vacation when I want! I’ve had more vacation requests denied because of lack of coverage, special events and more BS then... read more
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I think it's going to get worse.

Cutting uniform service from Cintas but not cutting any of the useless positions at Home Office? UTI's management at it's best. Throw spaghetti at the wall and see what will stick. They are better off rolling dice.

the real mission of UTI

changing lives. one executives bonus at a time. their wealth built on the backs of defrauded students, government loans, and employees.

Managment Never Cared

Management at the top never cared, If they did, they would have fixed their severely outdated curriculum years ago. Very little if any overhead cam info in course 101, Electric fans are on most cars today course 101, No timing belt replacement course... read more

Time to admit defeat

At what point does Kim McWaters reign as CEO come to an end? Was her appointment to CEO some sort of experiment that a male dominated industry can be run by a women? She methodically removed anyone from senior management that was from the... read more

A good view on things

Long term employee until recently. I have seen many employees come and go at our campus. From financial aid to student services to instructors, education managers, admissions, directors even campus presidents. Some of those leaving left of their own... read more

UTI Norwood Closing, Exton is Next, Then Sacramento

There is no way UTI will survive with the gigantic campuses they have now. Across the board at all of the campuses, student numbers are down. The student population at the Norwood campus is around 350 or so, NTI is at 1000 give or take. All of the... read more

And so the Titanic starts to break apart

Goodbye to Norwood. Last class registration March 19th and done. Doors close Fall 2020. Hey hey hey goodbye.... I smell karma at its best. Hope management can find another job, dbags. Norwood's savior president FAIL!

More losses, less cash...campus closings and layoffs

"Operating loss was $35.3 million compared to an operating loss of $1.8 million for the prior year period." "Our cash position, including investments at year end June 30, 2018, remained strong at $58.1 million compared to $97.9 million at September... read more
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"Ford is invested in building a pipeline of qualified technicians by encouraging schools such as UTI-Bloomfield to include FACT," said Dave Johnson, Ford Motor Company's global director, Service Engineering Operations . "As an added action, Ford... read more
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Targeting high school students

"High school student starts grew 13.6% percent, reflecting a 390-basis point improvement in the show rate, compared to the prior year fourth quarter."... read more
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Enrollment close to stabilizing?

Lower student population levels as we began 2018 and fewer new student starts during the period resulted in a decline of 5.2% in our average undergraduate full-time student enrollment to 10,380 students for the nine months ended June 30, 2018. We... read more
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Company health survey

So we have a all staff meeting with someone from the home office to go over the Company Health Survey we did a while back. Can’t wait to see how the polish this turd


Home office lease is up this year.... does anyone know what the plans are? I'm assuming they wont stay in Scottsdale because of the cost. Any info on where they might move Home Office?

Dismal enrollment numbers

Dismal numbers. UTI is truly on life support. I can't imagine how unbearable it must be to be a UTI rep and a financial aid advisor. The pressure must be extreme. Reps enrolling students, and financial aid advisors pressured into acting like... read more

Doing away with health insurance and retirement

Wow, are the top execs planning on doing away with health insurance and retirement? If so, that is extremely sad. I for one and glad I left before all this went down. Out of Rancho and I couldn't be happier. I think my last day of work there was one... read more

Our campus just saved $390,000 dollars!

Our campus is finding ways to cut expenses. It was decided to stop buying the lens wipes for the safety glasses, you know the safety glasses that are required by everyone in lab. We'll be saving sixty five dollars a month, times twelve months equals... read more

Fewer students but the bonuses keep getting paid

So here we are another loosing quarter, fewer students , empty classrooms and building a new campus. Since 2010 we've gone from 18600 students to 10900 at the end of 2017. That's a loss of 1100 students a year, and I don't even have a business degree... read more

Leadership at UTI lacks any morals

Expecting lower enrollment for 2018 and still spending 11 million dollars on a new campus. What in the hell is wrong with these people? Kim McWaters and her bunch of dopes have ruined this company. But we can rest easy knowing all of the senior team... read more

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