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Am I the only one who thinks people in corporate don’t have FREAKING clue what they’re doing ? They are only good to tell you what’s changed for the millionth time , but won’t do the leg work with you. They make last minute adjustments for this... —  read more 

Layoffs are here.

Well, it was good while it lasted. UTI has furloughed a ton of people. These jobs will not come back. It was good they kept a bunch around while this whole thing olayed out but the end for them is here. Sorry folks.

Online Curriculum Last Ditch Effort

There is very little interaction between instructors and students in Google classroom, It wont be long before every student realizes that the online courses which are really hastily made videos are the only way for UTI to keep the money flowing. It's... —  read more 

We should all be grateful

"Seems like we should all be grateful we have jobs unlike so many who are losing them during this time. We won’t have a school (jobs!) if we don’t have revenue. Instead of whining, help! It’s for the students, not the VPs. If you hate your job - or... —  read more 

UTI Norwood Closing, Exton is Next, Then Sacramento

There is no way UTI will survive with the gigantic campuses they have now. Across the board at all of the campuses, student numbers are down. The student population at the Norwood campus is around 350 or so, NTI is at 1000 give or take. All of the... —  read more 

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UTI Wikipedia's Page Cleaned Up

Well, well, well. Looks like someone went on the UTI Wikipedia page and deleted the controversial history of UTI. The "Lawsuits, investigations, and sanctions" section was taken out on May 10 2019. I wonder if the person who deleted is a UTI employee... —  read more 

COVID-19 and UTI's lack of preparedness...

It's interesting how UTI is not taking the recommended steps to have employees work from home or closing any campuses. Does that mean they do not value the health and well being of their staff and/or students?

Organizational Restructure Needed

I herby do not consent to the release of the video I was forced to record for Universal Technical Institute. I was video recorded against my will and do not want UTI to use my subject matter expertise for profit or for any other purpose... —  read more 

Universal Technical Institute Announces Changes to Senior Leadership Team in Support of Company's Growth Strategy

"Universal Technical Institute, Inc. (UTI), the leading provider of transportation technician training, announced several changes to its senior leadership team to further support the company's transformation and profitable growth, while continuing to... —  read more 

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Coliseum bailing?


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How many more will leave?

Here at NTI by my count, we’ve had 10 instructors voluntarily leave this failing company in the last year. Most of them were here 10 years, some with over 15 years. When will executives get the message that this company is rotten to the core. How is... —  read more 

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Lab Grading Accuracy over Student Safety

This will be where I draw the line in the sand boys. I refuse to jeopardize the safety of my students to make sure every constructive response question is answered with a book answer key because everything in my lab environment can seriously injure... —  read more 

Community college vs UTI expensive tuition.

When I worked at UTI, there was an admissions pamphlet about why UTI is better than community college. One of the things I remember is that at UTI you graduate faster and don't waste your time having to take history, literature etc. I would like to... —  read more 

Going, going, gone.

I feel like I needed to start a new thread because I am starting to feel as if UTI management puppets are contaminating our posts and threads now. Is UTI that scared and intimidated by their own employees that instead of listening to us or trying to... —  read more 

Exiting the company

I'm sorry for all those unfortunate people that have been let go. It's going to be okay, I went through UTIs layoff a few years ago and made it just fine. I doubt the people who got let go would post here during their severance payout. When I... —  read more 

it's begun

hearing a few people let go across the company mostly jobs eliminated and to be picked up by someone else doing double or even triple duty.

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Now that we are aware of the changes in the severance packages, are the layoffs Thursday or Friday!?!

Upper management don't learn by their mistakes

It appears to me upper management don't learn by their mistakes. I see they have hired another financial officer. Problem is these people are not productive people. As long as I worked their they have always been top heavy. Instructors are treated... —  read more 

What happens in September?

I’ve heard that something is going to happen in September? There are so many rumors floating around. I’ve heard another big rif but not sure who or where? Anybody heard anything?



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Rif Updates?

so September is slowly creeping up. Any updates on the Rif or anything?

Eating Itself From Within

How do my students complete the lab assignments if you take my computers from my lab area? Am I supposed to allow my students to leave the lab environment to complete their lab assignments in the LRC? I hope you realize that I can’t be in two places... —  read more 

UTI Balance Sheet

Looks like a slow drain. Total assets down about 10 percent since 2016. (2016) $297.16M (2017) $274.10M (2018) $282.28M (March 2019) $260.34M Total equity down $24 million (2016) $136.61M (2017) $125.78M (2018) $126.65M (March 2019) $112.23M —  read more 

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Earnings call.

Not bad. They are only losing an average of 1.9 million a month. How long can they face these economic headwinds? I thought businesses were supposed to make money! Not piss it away. —  read more 

Signs your campus might be closing

My guess is by Summer. A good indicator for a given campus would be show rate, number of instructors not teaching, overall campus student count vs number of students they budgeted for, trying to lease existing space and not being able to, employees... —  read more 

You will take Mandatory Vacation!!! WTF!!!

Here we go again!!! You must take Vacation! It’s good for you! I’ll tell you what’s good for me! How about being able to take a vacation when I want! I’ve had more vacation requests denied because of lack of coverage, special events and more BS then... —  read more 

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Guaranteed Severance??

Does anyone know if a severance package is guaranteed? I know many employees are sticking around because of the rumor of the severance package but is there actually anything in writing or a contract that states you will get a severance after your... —  read more 

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