Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

How does a PIP work?

Could you all give me some advice regarding PIPs and how they work? After over a decade of being considered an exemplary employee with multiple EE ratings, I find myself struggling with the sales metric this year, mainly due to all the service and... —  read more 

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Director roles at risk

word on the street is all director roles are being reviewed and determine necessity. Some director roles are not needed and may be brought to individual contributor especially if over many LEAD positions. more reason to think twice about how USAA... —  read more 

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I'm so tired of RTO

Every day I come into the office is a huge waste of my time and energy. It's destroying my mental health and my ability to work. Having to block out 3 conversations while trying to focus is driving me insane

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Managed by narcissists

In my experience, If they have more power than you, they will not stop until they’re successful in their campaign. You may also go through the horrible process of questioning your own reality, wondering why your version of events is different. Then... —  read more 

Strange times

Supposedly there are outsourced 3p aml detection analysts that need full reviews of their alerts. Who is doing the reviews? Ftes. Ftes that ned to take time away from their work to help. Why? Why pay 3ps way less, lets say 50k with basic... —  read more 

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Attention Employees

We take all Pulse feedback seriously and encourage you take better advantage to share with leaders any inefficiencies or opportunities to streamline our business lines. The freedom of a forum like this may feel liberating, but it is not appropriate... —  read more 

Third Party Contractors

More insurance business is being farmed out to the third party companies that have been part of our reality for a few years now. This includes the contractors now becoming Helpline agents. And Umbrella policies are being handed to them. And... —  read more 

Remote back in action

Seems like Pulse did its thing leadership is desperate for ratings to go back up and now saying Positions can be remote please apply if you see a hybrid role. Leaders freaking out about Pulse ! Witty was desperate for folks to pull it up and complete... —  read more 

This Is A Joke, Right? "Persistent inflation, continued supply chain and labor disruptions, volatile equity markets, and rising interest rates created one of the most difficult operating environments in decades and... —  read more 

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