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Topics regarding layoffs at Valassis Communications Inc.

Lack of leadership

What’s with lack of leadership at Valassis? We have people who supposedly hold the position but seem to be afraid to step up to the task, not to mention take accountability. In my two years here I’ve repeatedly tried to give feedback but most of the... read more
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Valassis management needs to stop micromanaging EVERYTHING

Working at Valassis is mildly put a demanding job with unrealistic goals. The amount of tasks that we need to do on a day to day basis can become overwhelming, especially given the amount of hours we are given to work with. Working here will make you... read more
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Operating costs

We have to drop operating costs in order to achieve targets - easiest way to do this is to let people go.

Valassis cuts often

Keep that in mind, downsizing can happen any moment, without notice - often people do not have clue things are planned at Valassis and you end up being unprepared. Be ready, Valassis certainly is...
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Harland Clarke Acquisition

I thought Valassis was acquired by Harland Clarke? I live in Livonia, and this was announced locally last year?
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