Topics regarding layoffs at Valspar Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Valspar Corp.

RIF in Chicago office

There was a RIF in the Chicago office two weeks ago. Target seemed to be 10% of the workforce. They trimmed around the edges but didn't say exactly how many were let go. Cited: a difficult year financially. This may be just a start given the recent... — read more 

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Former Manager

Culture has changed. More cut-throat and less caring. It's a valid business choice, just really happy I'm not there anymore. It became a very unpleasant place to work. Lay offs, yes, but lots of good people leaving on their own too. Good time to be a... — read more 

Dik Tu Kala

Cuts so far: 6% of 400+ folks in Minneapolis - boils down to 0.2% total worldwide workforce which is around 10K

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